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  1. I was just about to write a massive essay on GSR but now I don’t.😀
  2. If you playing the long game then play the gold/silver ratio.
  3. I can’t even buy them, damn you APMEX!
  4. When we do leave it will be a 10 year withdrawal, and the voters will then vote again on joining the eu rofl.
  5. I’ve got some 1oz £35 plus postage.
  6. Silverclown

    2020 panda

    That coin could be the coin to have next year.
  7. Just got my delivery from BYB cheers mate!
  8. Silverclown


    European mint but you would have to factor in the cost of delivery. Forum is a good place to get cheap coins I wouldn’t pay over 2 pounds over spot on most coins sometimes it’s hard to find a deal but they are there. if you like eagles buy them, you have to enjoy what your doing.
  9. Silverclown


    If you can buy pre-owned vat has already been paid so you don’t have to pay it again.(I think) the cheapest coins are kangaroos or owls most of the time it’s owls.
  10. There should be another referendum but put into law that everyone of legal age has to vote. This is the only way of sorting this out.
  11. Silverclown


    Where you from?
  12. I remember watching something about there was a deal after the collapse of the Soviet Union that nato wouldn’t take any of the Warsaw Pact countries. nato didn’t keeps its part of the deal.