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  1. Mildred

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    What do we think about the fact they raised 50M $ without even going public?
  2. Mildred

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    "there are only ~400 holders" is not a fact Martlet "there are ~400 holders" is a fact "only" is just you 😀
  3. Mildred

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    I really appreciate the K-newsletter, lot of substantial infos. Waiting eagerly for No. 3... Amen to that! (ooops 😧... busted...)
  4. Mildred

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    @Martlet, a typo is unintentional. You are saying that an E*trade employee, while writing to a E*trade client, put down unintentionally a full stop in the middle of a sentence and then unintentionally started the following word with a capital letter @Bumble, the point of the silverseek article was that that notification was a surprise to the E*trade client. If it is part of E*trade's terms of service that clients close their position in advance of the completion date, then why the surprise. Anyway, the possibility of a brokerage allowing its clients to trade futures but with a general provision preventing them from taking delivery, that's something new to me. Who knew
  5. Mildred

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    Mon Aug 27 05:05:16 2018 Attention Brokerage Customer Your account currently has position(s) in September Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum and/ or Palladium Futures. FYI, this product is a physically settled contract. To prevent any possible deliveries. All accounts with positions(s) in September Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum and/ or Palladium Futures must be flat or short by 3:30 PM CT Thursday August 30th. If your account has long position(s) in September Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum and/ or Palladium Futures after 3:30 PM CT on Thursday August 30th, long positions will be immediately liquidated and all working orders will be cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact E*TRADE Customer Service at [877-553-8887] https://www.silverdoctors.com/silver/silver-news/silver-price-alert-brand-new-evidence-the-most-epic-short-squeeze-could-be-imminent/ I don't know what to make out of this. I don't think the email is an hoax, but one cannot overlook that "To prevent any possible deliveries." is not a sentence 😕 If the generality of E*Trade account holders had received this email, this could be important. Anyway, at least interesting to know that compared to the last 10 years margin requirements at the comex are that low. Their increase would probably trigger a major buy-back by the so called big speculators
  6. "MSM has succeeded in spreading around the idea that traditional christianity is…" Just specifying: What MSM has succeeded to is destroying the traditional form of christianity, the "religious" one. That's the reason why I wrote that your crusade against religions is unwittingly a useful tool to them. But MSM are all for what is called post modern christianity. Just look at how they treat Francis, one of the worst popes in church history, and I'm not talking about the pedophilia story. They made a rock star out of this fake pope. MSM support and encourage the spreading of a fluid, post modern christianity, one in which there is no more truth but only opinion, where love means some kind of feeling, where christian morals got reduced to human rights & democracy, with a sprinkle of ecology. A subjective kind of christianity, where everybody feels free to create his religious/philosophical mix according to his mood
  7. Statements like this are normally used by non-religious people within a discussion with religious ones in order to gain some kind of intellectual high ground. Ok, let’s debate on this issue, but let’s not forget that my mind is open and yours is not. Quite arrogant isn’t it Anyway, answering profane questions through scripture and/or church authority is the quintessence of fanatism or fundamentalism. What you are implying is that religious people are essentially fanatics or fundamentalists. On fundamental, existential issues, Christians seek and find answers in the bible. (Even if they say that they don’t follow the church, indirectly they do, because the bible comes from the church. It was originated within the church, it was recognized as god’s word by the church etc.) So, what your statement implies is that christians are essentially fanatics or fundamentalists. Quite offensive if you ask me. A thought experiment. Think about it. We are in the 50s. Here are not only the current members but also their grandparents. „Ok, let’s debate on this issue, but let’s not forget that my mind is open to facts and reason while yours, being you a religious person, is not.“ Don’t you think that someone, and I’m thinking particularly about some grandma, had stood up with something along the lines of „Calm down, son“? Nobody here stood up. What happened? Why this difference between grandparents and grandchildren, even those who call themselves christian? Imho, we are afraid of being accused of fanatism. MSM has succeeded in spreading around the idea that traditional christianity is fundamentally a bad thing, an obstacle to science and open-mindedness etc. How many times you hear someone saying I’m christian… only to hear him quickly add some defensive, self justifying …but… Christians without buts are so used to get harassed that we have developed some kind of self-defense mechanism in order to don’t feel touched when someone insinuate that we are ultimately fanatics. Second, unlike some of our grandparents, we don’t feel our religion, e.g. christianity, as part of ourselves, as an element shaping ourselves, shaping our mind and our hart. We have become christians light He’s talking about religion? About christianity? Well, he’s talking about theories, about ideas. He isn’t talking about me. Christians light, insipid like Diet Coke
  8. Mildred

    Kinesis Gold and Silver currency

    From GATA A senior Russian lawmaker has suggested that Moscow should turn to cryptocurrency backed by gold for payments in Russian arms exports to evade financial sanctions from the West. ... Pointedly, the lawmaker called on the government to switch to a cryptocurrency as a means of avoiding U.S. dollar-based commerce and dependence on the global interbanking system operated by SWIFT, an organization that has been influenced by U.S. interests in the past. It looks like there is a job vacancy for Kinesis in Moscow 😀
  9. The scenario you are describing is the one in which there are non-religious persons, who seek answers through experience and reason, and religious persons, who seek answers through scriptures and/or religious authority. First off, what you are implying is that within religion there is no place for experience and reason. Your notion of religion is what we call fideism. Maybe you could start questioning this notion of yours? But my point is another one. What you are hinting to is the classic issue of the relation between science and religion. Schould we seek truth through science or religion? This is the point of departure of your reasoning sixgun. Your answer: non-religious people choose science (experience+reason), religious people choose religion (scripture and/or church authority). Schould we seek truth through science or religion? This is a fake question sixgun. The premise of your whole reasoning on this issue is wrong. There is no such question. There is no situation in which such a question legitimately arises. There are issues which pertain to science, and religion has no saying in them, and there are issues which pertain to religion, and science has no saying in them. If you spent some time with what got produced on this issue in Oxford and Cambridge during what you call Dark Ages, you’d see how far your countrymen - whom you should be very proud about - went, what efforts they put into and what brilliant results they achieved in separating the realm of science and that or religion. They put down the philosophical foundations for what later will be called modern scientific revolution.
  10. Maybe there is not only this world, this dimension sixgun. Your statements are based only in your experience of this world. Who told you that there isn’t another dimension, in which what in this world is worthless, is, or at least, under certain circumstances, could be valuable? You are making universal statements as if you knew the whole universe. Be humble sixgun I’ll fix your statement for you „A dead body is worthless in this world of ours“. Please note that this statement is still wrong: think about the efforts made to recover dead bodies. Why don’t you go and tell the relatives that such efforts are unreasonable given that a dead body is worthless? What is your understanding of the concept "worth"? Can't you see your fallacy? You are arbitrarily restricting the meaning of "worth" to something like materialistic valuable, functionally useful. You are modifying the meaning of "worth" in order to make your statement acceptable. „A dead body is worthless in this world of ours“ is still wrong, but at least it doesn't include this (another) fallacy of yours, claiming that a statement is universally valid whereas - as far as you can know - it is valid only for a part of the universe, namely ours. I’m not saying that in other dimensions, what in our dimension is a corpse is valuable. This statement would belong to religion (e.g. the resurrection of the bodies etc.) I’m saying that you can’t say anything about other dimensions as long as you weren’t there. Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent, sixgun That was L. Wittgenstein, by the way, not Isaiah ?
  11. I’m not in the business of taking prisoners either. Just kidding. I wanted to know for once how does it feel putting down one of these cool lines. People like you are open to the universe and everything in it, religious people follow church and scriptures. You are open minded, we are closed minded. This thesis became widespread firstly in the 19th century among atheists and materialists. Before them, the freemasons, despite being, like you, against churches and religions, were deists, so they didn’t used it. Religious people are closed minded, unreligious people are open minded. Religion is by its very nature against science. A means for social control, as you define it. Religious people cannot be scientists. In the past, they used this thesis of yours in order to discriminate and push out christians from Universities and the academies. Think about marxism, about what happened in the marxists societies. Ironic, isn’t it, sixgun. The silverforum’s archenemy of cultural marxism using a basic tenet of marxism’s weltanschauung Religious people are closed minded, unreligious people are open minded. This is of course an idiocy, just look at science history, how many scientists have been religious people. Nevertheless, if you look for example an the Nobel Theatre and their choices, you can spot the hidden policy to give the Prize to non-religious people. So, it seems that this notion of yours is still strong among some elites. Since you are open to the universe and everything in it and I'm not, I'd really interested in your opinion about what demons say. I hope you’ll find the time one day to read some exorcist’s report
  12. = the gnostic theological dualism: the god of the old testament, jealous, revengeful, bribing and threatening, and the god of the new testament, compassionate, loving, merciful etc. Sixgun, this dualism, the anthropological one (spirit/body), the manichean conception (spirit = good; body = matter = bad), the secret knowledge, the alleged persecution through the church for fear of the secret knowledge... In your search for true knowledge you show to have absorbed an awful lot of (neo)gnostic ideas, and now you are unwittingly echoing it English is the only language that I know where the "timor" of timor dei gets translated with "fear" as in "god fearing", as a description of a character feature. I don't know of any languages beside english where religious persons are called god fearing persons
  13. The fact that I’m greede, even if true, isn’t important here. We are discussing about our attitutedes as true seekers, not about who is the better person between us. I understand that using virtue-words you and some other member freaked out and took it as some kind of name calling. Virtue-words originally (Aristotle) were just technical words which described attitudes, and can still be used this way. The difference between you and me is that you described features of my attitude (afraid of the true, blindly following scriptures/church etc.) but didn’t use a technical word to define these features, whereas I did. I’m sure, we could find technical words (in this case they would be vices-words) to define the features of my attitude that you mentioned. I would take no offense because I’d understand that you are using them in a technical way, you are not name calling me, you are not moralizing or being judgemental. So, if you take offence at me using such technical words, there you go: You think that my true seeking attitude is the one of a person who, among others, a) is afraid of the true and b) blindly follows scriptures/church, while I think of your true seeking attitude as the one of a person who a) hasn’t the awareness of sufficiency; b) is too proud or confident about himself or his abilities; c) has no moderation in the indulgence of the appetites or passions. Are we good now?
  14. First off, until now, during this conversation, I never argued out of the Bible or out of the Church's teaching, I hope you noted it, so what I believe and what I don't believe shouldn't concern you. Second off, you are insinuating, without any evidence, that other than you, whose truth "comes from universe and everything in it", I - like the classic fanatic - would believe what scriptures and church say even if they'd contradict reason and experience. Beside the fact that this insinuation of yours is quite offensive, who told you that sixgun? Maybe one day you'll free yourself of your prejudices then you need glasses. I mentioned the bible, the genesis passage, as an interesting point, to push our conversation further, as in "... what you say remember me of that passage..." Sixgun, you think that I'm a religious person isn't it That someone would engage your statements about religions/christianity on a rational basis, not because they contradict religion but because they contradict reason and experience, this is something you can't even imagine, isn't it sixgun sixgun, this whole story started after I noted how you keep on bad talking religions. Probably you haven’t realized it yet but when you talk about religions you are not talking just about ideas but about people, about their lives, their character etc. When you bad talk religions you bad talk willy-nilly those who belong to them, those who believe in them. I have no problem in the umpteen guy criticizing religions or churches, I’m used to it, but I sense some hypocrisy in you being judgemental over them and then accusing them of being judgemental over you. Since you are a kind person you don’t say brainwashed, you say slaves of a doctrine, but what your statements about religions imply about those who believe and practice them is nothing nice. (Maybe here and there you didn’t simply imply but formulated it more explicitly. I won’t try to search back the lines) I sense some hypocrisy when you complain about me throwing stones at you after you keep on bad talking religions/christianity. Secondly, you play the victim because of these remarks about your attitude lacking some characteristics, which traditionally we call virtues (and I see, my "Please note, I’m not blaming, I'm not moralizing. I'm just trying to describe, to analyse your attitude" got quite unnoticed). It’s funny because I think I’ve read you, and others, making remarks about the behaviour, the attitude, the character itself of the religious people, of the god fearings, the churchgoers etc. So, just as in your eyes i’m, among others, a slave of a doctrine, in my eyes your attitude as a truth seeker lacks contentment, modesty and temperance (feel free to prove me wrong) Live with that and please stop playing the victim game
  15. I see, in your philosophical quest it's not that you took in some neo-gnosticism, as I previously suggested, ... you caned it! ?