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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Apart from my foundation of Britannia’s I was collecting everything with silver in it from old pennies to old fillings I had from my youth L.O.L But now I’m concentrating on Koalas kooks pandas and my Q.Bs range of
    2.Oz 10 Oz And 1 Oz PROOFS but still as a bit new to all this I’m finding it really hard to sell anything as I don’t buy anything that I don’t like I’m also at the moment considering changing to gold as I’m sick of the. VAT on silver

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  1. @Pritchard hi could you let me know if your 2008 proof Britannia is still available if so could you tell me do you think the finger prints etc. is something NGC could sort out with conversation to give it a new lease of life and is there any chance of a couple more photos of both sides many thanks in advance your @atkins1888
  2. @LAsilver hi there sorry if you haven't had a reply from me I have been busy as hell over the last six months or so selling stuff or should I say getting robed blind over on e-bay the two coins that you seemed interested in the first in the series the santa maria has been sold but I do still have the H.M.S ENDEVOUR is STILL AVAILABLE to be honest I personally think its the better of the two anyway (totally unbuiest ) lol if you are interested then get in touch im open to offers the best way to get a hold of me is to e mail me paul979902@icloud.com just title your e-mail H.M.S endeavour or with your user name on hear BUT PLS BEAR IN MIND THAT THIS SEIRES HAS ONLY BEEN GOING UP IN PRICE SO NO SILLY OFFERS LIKE £50 I WOULD ALSO ADD THAT THINK THIS COIN WOULD GET A GOOD GRADING IF YOU CHOSE TO DO SO anyway need to go and walk the dog then its noddy land for me hope to hear back from you soon yours sincerely paul
  3. I know I might be a bit late in joining in on this but water purifiers eh isn’t SILVER one of the oldest water purifiers known to mankind or are you meaning like radiation or something along those lines ?
  4. The best place.to. Actually look for info is on face book groups there are loads over hear most are shite but some good ones aswell but I think you would get a better price on E-Bay and like one of the other members said there is a lot of pure copper there (no idea if it’s valuable or not) if I remember anything else I will let you know
  5. HI I DO A BIT OF COLLECTING COINS FOR THE UK OLD AND NEW SO HEARS WHAT I WOULD SAY THEY COULD BE WORTH 1/2p REALLY OLD ONE IM NOT TO SURE OF BUT MAYBE 50p UPTO £2 THE SMALL 1/2p regular price is about. £1// 1p and the 2p are face value / the. 20p FV But look for no date error. NOW THE GOOD BIT WELL HOPEFULLY ANYWAY THE TWO OLD. 10p +5p wich did have one difrent 10p saw it on E-Bay just a couple wks back going for £15 / the old round pund coins banks Don’t take them anymore but as Farr as I know some smaller branches or smaller banks might charities accept them or sell them FV. Upto £3 each And as for old new ect before 1971 is the old system of I think Was £s shillings and ??? , 1971 and later is new money also look for your coppers for.ones that say new pence after 1983 (error) SO THERE YOU COULD HAVE A FEW QUIDS WORTH I WOULD TAKE OUT THE CIRCULATION COINS AND PUT THE REST ON E-Bay maybe ask £25 for the Lott BUT PLEASE REMEMBER THAT THESE ARE TOP END PRICES HOPE THIS HELPS A BIT ALL THE BEST ...".Atkins1888
  6. Bump ok guys you’s win open to offers remember THES are 1st & 2nd in a smash hit of a series this is definitely the last opportunity after this they go in my safe for the next 5yrs when you won’t be able to get these for love nor money there are only 999 others out there of each one open to any reasonable offer or exchange for gold
  7. PRICE CUT GUYS DONT LET THEM SLIP PASSED YOU BOTH RAPIDLY RISING IN PRICE EXSEPT OF COURSE MINE AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE GRAND KIDS PLAYING WITH THEM OOPS SHOULD HAVE SAID LOOKING AT THEM LOL final offer £265 both coins are excellent examples of proof coins with fantastic designs of both ships the H.M.S. Santa Maria /compass rose. and H.M.S. Endeavour -compass rose both coins are boxed but not matching as there wasn’t any when purchased they do of course both have C.O.A’S BOTH COINS HAVE NEVER BEEN TOUCHED NOT EVEN WITH GLOVES ON
  8. Hello and a very warmish welcome from up the A9 in the highlands I’m much the same as yourself I started out stacking/ collecting about April 2017 kind of stumbled upon it by Acident always thought this stuff was for the super rich and not mear mortals like myself who only have the one mansion to live in I have made many many silly mistakes but you will find the answer to any questions you may have from fellow members on hear best wishes Atkins1888
  9. *****PRICE CUT £20 of NOW ONLY £280 ****££££ SALE ONLY £280 FOR SALE x 2 nautical ounce proof edition No’s 1 & 2 with C.O.A’S £300 or would consider swapping for gold half sovereigns the newer the better but open to offers Many Thanks for looking guys A.O.O.S
  11. Yea I know I was daft enough to fall for all the hype and B S that came along with that one myself unfortunately And the proof Rwanda nautical series The Santa Maria as m well as ther luner rooster ended up with 5 of each to sell on everywear was sold out you tube was on every Chanel to do with coins the BU I paid twenty odd quid for each but the proof one Jesus if the wife ever sees that bank statement ohh naw I wouldn’t last the night £145
  12. D Oesnt sound that bad to be honest I was expecting it to be about double that at least