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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Apart from my foundation of Britannia’s I was collecting everything with silver in it from old pennies to old fillings I had from my youth L.O.L But now I’m concentrating on Koalas kooks pandas and my Q.Bs range of
    2.Oz 10 Oz And 1 Oz PROOFS but still as a bit new to all this I’m finding it really hard to sell anything as I don’t buy anything that I don’t like I’m also at the moment considering changing to gold as I’m sick of the. VAT on silver

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  1. Atkins1888


    Yea I know I was daft enough to fall for all the hype and B S that came along with that one myself unfortunately And the proof Rwanda nautical series The Santa Maria as m well as ther luner rooster ended up with 5 of each to sell on everywear was sold out you tube was on every Chanel to do with coins the BU I paid twenty odd quid for each but the proof one Jesus if the wife ever sees that bank statement ohh naw I wouldn’t last the night £145
  2. Atkins1888


    D Oesnt sound that bad to be honest I was expecting it to be about double that at least
  3. Atkins1888


    Can I ask Howe much it cost you .??
  4. Atkins1888


    I only have a handful at the moment I have 1991 -93–95-96-99-2000 now all I hear in my head is fill in the gaps and then it will be do a date run ect ect
  5. Atkins1888


    @richatthecroft. All interesting stuff I think the link above might be a bit of it took me to a 1oz Britannia but if you where talking about the silver proof one pound coins at the bottom I have a thing for them aswell on Friday ATKINSONS again funnily enough I paid £65 for 3 one pound proofs I just like them Simples SORRY NOT THE LINK ABOVE THE ONE ABOUT YOU LATEST PURCHASE. ,,!!
  6. Atkins1888


    I still don’t think I done too bad I think I remember it being about £18.50 each I paid for the coins if I put it on auction on e-bay I would end up with about £26 if I was lucky me end e bey don’t seem to get along when I’m selling things
  7. Atkins1888


    Hi @richatthecroftI very much started doing exactly what you said I was a rabbit on hormone enhancements about this time last year and I think I have. A rather nice collection of coins from all over the world I even got to the point at one stage of ordering so many different coins from different sellers I have for example 5 Big Bens and 1toweer bridge and probably because the photo had beeen taken at a different angle I’m just about to put a list up shortly of the doubles I have other than my Britannia’s how long ago was this anyway I know it was last year I meant more like what mths it was in then the tip of the hype ..?
  8. Atkins1888


    Oh sorry didn’t even realise that’s wear I was where am I now lol
  9. Hi I was constantly searching for one of these I lost out on e-bay or where of really bad quality. quite a few wks ago I had ordered 4coins from ATKINSONS (no relation) I had basically purchased them to well just as weight as these ones where from the seconds bin (sort of thing ) can’t remem what they call it so as it turns out guess what was in it ? = ONE KANGAROO TWO BRITS AND ONE BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES (FALKLAND ISLANDS 2017) so my extremely long winded question is what are they worth i this condition ( will try my best to upload a pict I’ve only done it once on hear don’t know how but I did the frosting background is I bit dull compared to other pop joy coins that I have on the obverse side there are a few marks on the lettering specially on the word islands and o the very outer rim wich I think with a bit more T.L.C would be ok on the reverse side again the frosting looks a bit dark a small mark on the letter E on THE And W on WAVES and again on the very outer rim one or two little marks To be honest nothing that catches the eyes I does look a bit dirty on the obverse but over all I would say it’s in pretty good condition so does anyone have more INFO. On this coin what would you do sell it for whatever it’s worth. ? or perhaps keep it to see if it goes up in value over time I don’t know anything about error coins apart from a little on this one do they increase or decrease in value over time ? Is it best to sell when it’s hot or what LOL ??
  10. Atkins1888

    for sale 1/4 oz Gold Queens beasts boxes

    Thanks alun I was more wanting to know about the one with a centrepiece ps. I didn’t see the bit that said to pm you sorry about that
  11. Atkins1888

    for sale 1/4 oz Gold Queens beasts boxes

    Hi do you make thes yourself to order as I’m looking for one to hold a set of 2oz of Qb’s With a 10 Oz centre piece. and also a separate QB’s 1oz proof set
  12. Aw there’s absolutely no need to talk up the items you have for sale They have to be some of thee most beautiful pieces of crafted metals I have come across. some people say a piece of silver is just the same as any other piece of silver But in this instance I would most definitely have to respectfully disagree with that comment as you will know because you also have the pleasure of owning some for now eh kamakazzi Will that be ok Did we discuss my 25% commission ah well never mind we can sort out contracts later just forward using PPFF or CASH will do at a push if I really need to HAHA 😂 L.O.L
  13. Thanks kamikaze all ready have it and the next one and funnily enough that’s something that I’ve been considering doing for a wee while now I just can’t make up my mind about gold
  14. Hi kamikaze I’m kind of new on hear so I don’t if you would know this or not But I’m sure the 2016 Canadian puma is the first coin in the Canadian wildlife series so without being a nosey Gitt I obviously don’t wwhy you’re selling but it might be worth keeeping a hold. Of that one for a wee while longer and see Howe the rest of series does you just never know ?