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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Bullionaire in Today I Received   
    The great captain voyaged his way through my letterbox today. I don't think my love for this coin will End, eavour!

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Shinus73 in Today I Received   
    Actually from a week or so ago, but worth a late entry.

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to terakris in Today I Received   
    Gold bear to join the silver one.

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to MrGeorge in Today I Received   
    Another one in the pension pot. 

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received   
    Received this yesterday.  Thanks to all who offered sound buying advice to me.  Beautiful coin.

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to JCRJM in Today I Received   
    Got to say the royal mint upped the packaging for this one. Came in a box with all the little foam cushions. Looks great  

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Gildeon in Today I Received   
    High Relief Kangaroo 2014. Recently discovered high relief proofs and find them really interesting.

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Zlattata in Today I Received   
    Just bought this 12.2 oz bar during this huge silver price dip, hope it ends up being a good investment!

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Provvidenza in Today I Received   
    925 Silver 50% below spot ☺️
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    CadmiumGreen reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    1932 Indian Head Ten Dollars for my little "half oz or there abouts" collection.

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Oystonout in Today I Received   
    2oz Lunar 2 Monkey - Been after one for a while and great price also

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to MickB in Today I Received   
    A 1925 sovereign from Sharps Pixley and 3 x silver Bitcoin rounds from Arshi arrived today. Cheers @arshimo2012 

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to PansPurse in Today I Received   
    Not precious but got something interesting in my change today:

    Then bartered this one from a colleague:

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    Second pickup was a 2014 Gold Buffalo.
    The depth of strike on this coin has to be seen in the flesh!
    Turned into an expensive Sunday!

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Gordon in Today I Received   
    I just got this today. A 1820 gold half sovereign coin with a mintage of just 35,000. Any guesses on what it might grade ?

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    First of two coins purchased from respected forum member @Paul
    1924 $20 Dollar St Gaudens. It is safe to say this coin has blown me away!
    Paul is a top fella to deal with.

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to KevinJam in Today I Received   
    Hello, addition to my Chinese panda collection just arrived from a US eBay seller. 

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to terakris in Today I Received   
    Todays visit from paddington:

    Much nicer IRL than compared to the pictures. What did make me laugh was getting in early means you get the last packaged ones, so despite being one of the first I would imagine I have the pleasure of certificate numbers all in the 40k's .... did make me laugh out loud!
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    CadmiumGreen reacted to JunkBond in Today I Received   
    1852 Half Sovereign. Lovely obverse, bit of a scratch on the reverse but pricey nicey. 
    Ebay seller turned out to be a local coin collector and delivered it to me last night. Lovely chap, we chatted for ages, much to the wife's annoyance!

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to richatthecroft in Good investment or not?   
    Thank you to all who have replied/reacted to this thread, you have helped me out with my decision making here.  I bought the Half Sovereign😀. 
    Thanks to @Roy and @KevinJam as always, for sound advice and support.
    Thanks @SILVERFINGER.  I kind of changed the question to it being about my indecision, so no misunderstanding.   Your advice of not rushing in and perhaps regretting the decision was taken on board, and I took a couple of hours shut eye this afternoon before my night shift, and the rest allowed me to be more divisive.  Thank you. 
     As you say Roy, it will be a damn fine addition to my collection.  The extremely favourable counter offer of £270+ £7 special delivery postage by the eBay seller, in response to my ridiculously low initial offer will make this purchase over time, a sound decision.   Taking it down a further fiver with a Nectar voucher to £272 makes it even better😉
    I am in no doubt, that without the help of this Forum, I wouldn't be where I am now in my investment journey in such a short space of time.  
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    CadmiumGreen reacted to Amazing in Today I Received   
    This just arrived in the mailbox. Bought it off pmsforsale.


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    CadmiumGreen got a reaction from Silvergun in Today I Received   
    Also received some gold...
    Added a first to the gold sovereign collection. An 1866 Sydney Branch Mint Queen Victoria Australia One Sov.

    An 1887 Jubilee Head (London Mint) Gold Sovereign from an eBay auction...
    And a “lucky dip” 1957 Gold Sovereign from APMEX.
    Overall a good spread of sovs added to the collection!
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    CadmiumGreen reacted to BoredGit in Today I Received   
    My first 1/4oz gold Britannia. I have quite a few 1oz gold coins, but this is my first fractional coin.
    I quite like it. Not as much as the full Britannia, but it's still nice, and still gold!

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    CadmiumGreen got a reaction from swAgger in Today I Received   
    2017 Palau “Great Micromosaic Passion” Series Birth Of Venus 3 Oz Silver $20 Coin. This coin features more than 5,000 minted tiles thanks to the Smartminting technology and comes in a mosaic tile shaped case, along with the Certificate of Authenticity. Limited mintage of only 499 pieces. Really like this design!

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    CadmiumGreen reacted to CosmikDebris in Today I Received   
    Recent acquisitions from Baird & Co and Hatton Garden Metals.