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  1. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  2. Cor, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  3. Adam, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  4. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  5. Received some quite beautiful coins...An elegant 1908 $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle BU bought as a random pick up. Also an awesome lucky dip 2011 Gold Sovereign BU...looks absolutely near flawless for a MS. Lastly, a couple 2019 South Africa 1 oz Silver Big Five Elephant BU a brilliant new release from The South African Mints latest series.
  6. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  7. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  8. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  9. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!...Also from the US!
  10. Andrew, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  11. Thank you! You and your 1839 Shield Sov really made my day! 😄
  12. @sg86, Absolutely stunning! Beautiful addition to your collection! Any photos of the reverse, please?
  13. Decided to pick up a couple of these in silver BU at this time...pretty much spent my allotment on other gold procurements for the next couple of months...even though this platinum beauty would be a nice addition.
  14. Bouillon... JUNK FOOD... Sorry @sovereignsteve, @fehk2001 made me do it. 😋
  15. Went from old gold to receiving what I believe is fake gold. Received a Saudi Arabia Gold Guinea, new fake variety, as it isn’t like the other genuine examples I have seen. This recent example explicitly states “24” “CT” on the obverse, and looks to be missing the first character in the script if reading from right to left on the reverse. Also, the weight and size measurements are not accurate to the genuine 1950/1957 Saudi Gold guineas... 7.00 grams total weight, 21.88 mm diameter and approx 1.23 mm thickness. I have a voice mail in to Billion Exchanges as I had ordered this from their recent availabilities of Saudi Arabia Gold One Guinea AU/BU (Random,1950 or 1957). Closer inspection given the wear of the detail and in consult with @augur (Thank you @augur for the review and advice!), these two are also copies of Saudi Gold Guineas...now I have a solid collection of Saudi Gold Guinea copies!😁
  16. And back from more work travel with the latest received. Primary theme here is old gold...went with some Numismatic varieties given the rise in gold prices. A great pick up from @gold. He is an excellent seller of this, I would go as far to say, almost EF 1818 George III Gold Half Sovereign, at a very reasonable price. Also, a VF 1793 George III Gold Spade Guinea. This is my first Guinea and I am really enjoying these old milled coins. Coming back to the twentieth century, a beautiful lucky dip 1979 Gold Sovereign BU. And we also received a gorgeous 1997 1/4 oz Gold Britannia Proof. Lastly, picked up five of the latest 2019 China 1 oz Silver Long-Whiskered Dragon Dollar Restrike (PU)...one of which is already spoken for by @kewlbeenz!
  17. Even from over here it is overtly obvious...hey everyone, @HighlandTiger is going to be “Back Boris”! 😊
  18. The South Africa Big Five Series is starting to grow on me...especially this years elephant.
  19. Had a couple of jet boats out in the Med during 9/11...didn’t necessarily own them but also had some memorable experiences with a few friends...Regrettably, had to turn them back in when I transferred out of the unit. My detachment of two Mark V Special Operations Craft (SOC) so many years ago!
  20. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  21. It really has gotten a lot better...I have the Theme selected to “IPS test”. This is at least selectable at the bottom of the site while on mobile. The burgundy banners show up as dark grey...Now just need to roll off the “CLOSED & Awaiting draw...” announcement.😁