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    Began stacking 1 oz gold Krugerrands and bullion gold Sovereigns. Added the Rwandan Lunar series 1 oz gold Year of the Rooster and Year of the Dog as Collector pieces. Continued with a small stack of 1 oz and 1/2 oz gold Krugerrands and 1 oz gold Canadian Maples. From there I really came to enjoy the numismatic aspect and history of the gold Sovereign. Having grown a variety of Sovereign collection from the first modern Sovereign from 1817 to the current 2017 rendition of that Sovereign into the 2018 proof. I started adding the 1/4 oz gold Queen’s Beast series and a 1/4 oz gold Britannia. I have a small collection of silver, mostly proof coins to minimally tip the silver to gold ratio.

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  1. Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  2. I did break down and picked up an extra one from @TheCoinConnection, however only after it had already gone up to £575. All after, a thus far, successful purchase from The Royal Mint. These two will accompany my two Celebration Vics...and I don’t have plans for them going anywhere any time soon...make me a collector?? Might be curious if The Royal Mint has any possible preferential allocations for a number of online orders from outside the UK, as I am fairly certain there were others from TSF ordering the same time I did and weren’t able to purchase one. I really don’t think I was that quick with a groggy head at 0200 in the morning.
  3. Ah yes, thank you! That is a way to get two! Good luck @fehk2001!
  4. Who had time to put in a discount code? I barely had enough time to confirm my payment to be used through my cell.😅
  5. Well, that was fun... Back to bed... Adrenaline wearing off - check Bathroom break, ‘cause I’m getting to dang old - check Computer screen saved with confirmation that I ordered the dang thing for the record if I need to call The Royal Mint up and complain at them if they cancel my order - check ...Have a great work day all...talk with you later today. Good night!
  6. I think I got it...received the Confirmation Page in Checkout...no email yet. It is showing in Open Orders...I think we are good.
  7. Assuming it is just a refresh on the link they sent us in the email yesterday. ** Why do I feel like a wacko sitting in the dark, constantly hitting the refresh on my laptop???
  8. I am still that sort of numb awake...let’s see if I can get this ordered properly.🥺
  9. Waaaay to early for this....I hate broken sleep.
  10. James, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  11. Sincerest apologies for late response...Reserving previous year’s #92 please!
  12. While you are enjoying...I will be coveting. 😊 Most beautiful collection of desirable Britannia’s!