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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Began stacking 1 oz gold Krugerrands and bullion gold Sovereigns. Added the Rwandan Lunar series 1 oz gold Year of the Rooster and Year of the Dog as Collector pieces. Continued with a small stack of 1 oz and 1/2 oz gold Krugerrands and 1 oz gold Canadian Maples. From there I really came to enjoy the numismatic aspect and history of the gold Sovereign. Having grown a variety of Sovereign collection from the first modern Sovereign from 1817 to the current 2017 rendition of that Sovereign into the 2018 proof. I started adding the 1/4 oz gold Queen’s Beast series and a 1/4 oz gold Britannia. I have a small collection of silver, mostly proof coins to minimally tip the silver to gold ratio.

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  1. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    😂, @Xander, yeah, I was assuming that was the reference for the UK Wales!😀...ours gets to be 3/1 cows per person...sometimes pigs. 😁
  2. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    @Xander, it would be cows in that part of the country, not sheep!😉😁
  3. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    Correct! It is a 180 from the Asian Pacific! I enjoyed my time in Japan and all the countries in the region, but not to the degree of retiring there...I need my season changes, trees and forested lakes...hopefully with a traditional, well appointed log cabin in the future!
  4. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    Yep! I was somewhat disappointed when I looked up as well...I was expecting to see 8 bars and 6 churches with a typical small town population of less than 100...got the population right, just no bars and churches!!
  5. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    So true! North Dakota has a total area of 183,843 km^2 with a population density of 3.83/km^2 compared with UK’s total area of 242,495 km^2 and a population density of 270.7/km^2...definitely equates to vast parts of ND are barely inhabited, which also extends to the US writ large. 😁
  6. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    @Roy, definitely agree with getting a lot for your money! If I may recommend, please look at the Fargo area, and the towns/cities going west along the I-94 (main east-west highway) out to Bismarck, the state capitol. Fargo is a developing city, with an airport, and the other major state university, North Dakota State University...Who have good rivalries with UND. Needless to say, I did not matriculate at either university.😁 Also, for full disclosure, I personally am looking at retiring in the Minnesota area, twin cities (Minneapolis/St.Paul) or areas up into the north east. The twin cities have a unique atmosphere about them, a mix of big city, small town attitude, with an eye for the arts...it has just a different inviting aura about it that is hard to explain. @Lr103, totally agree with the Fighting Sioux’s sports program, especially hockey!
  7. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    @Roy, no worries...Wales...hadn’t heard of the town of Wales before...looked on Google maps and it is well and truly in the middle of farming country (read “nowhere” 😁). Looks like Wales is a grain elevator hub between the outlying farms. Not a lot of infrastructure, but would expect a bit of tractor-trailer grain haulers coming in and out during harvesting season. Nearest town with a little more amenities, and I am probably meaning mimimum, would be about 25 minute drive to Langdon. Nearest “large” city is Devils Lake, a little over an hours drive. It is a good summer vacation spot on the lake for fishing. At least you wouldn’t face much traffic. Closest airport will be in and out of Grand Forks and about 2 and a quarter hours away. Grand Forks is well known for one of the states best universities, University of North Dakota.
  8. CadmiumGreen

    Late to the party...

    @SilverSleeves, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  9. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    @Roy, North Dakota was a great place to grow up...great people that have lived there for generations after their families immigrated to the Midwest to settle down and provide for their families and townships. Learned the value of hard work and community. I lived mostly in the eastern half of North Dakota, west of Fargo. Again a great place to raise a family and foster the positive qualities. Relatively low crime, but there can be the influence of drugs in certain areas, which can happen most anywhere. There are plains and open land for miles upon miles. But there are beautiful cities with plenty of trees and great landscape. And the contrast there are the dying towns along the backroads that had been established back during the times of railroad lines of transportation to facilitate the movement of goods, grain, livestock, coal, oil. Great open roads to just go motorcycling along and meeting folk from the old country, like Scandinavia, Germany, and Poland. The openness might feel a little overwhelming at first, but there are always small communities and towns that can help it feel more interconnected and welcoming. Must be cognizant of some pretty cold and harsh winter months. There was one year it was -50 degree F. There have been years of several feet of snow in a day with blizzard conditions. Spring into Summer can become hot and humid with possibilities of flooding in the river flood plain and low lying areas from all the snow accumulation and nowhere for the thaw to go. Makes for hearty people that come together to help each other out. Don’t mean for the environment to frighten you, it is just some of the realities of having lived there that stick with my memory. But in the end I felt it rewarding. If you don’t mind my asking, whereabouts were you looking at the property? I might be able to add a little more context to that location. Recommend staying away from the north western parts of the state that have negatively boomed with the expansion of oil drilling.
  10. CadmiumGreen

    North Dakota

    18 years growing up! Still have family there.
  11. CadmiumGreen

    Post-Brexit trips to Belgium

    @dicker, Thank you! Definitely trust there are nice people...I really want to visit Ireland, along with a few other wonderful parts of the world. Must admit, I have been to some not so pleasant locations...and I would truly like to offset that!
  12. CadmiumGreen

    Post-Brexit trips to Belgium

    You mean to tell me there’s no wall?!?😁
  13. CadmiumGreen

    Home bars

    In your “Account” page > Select “Profile” > Scroll down to “Activity”...there is a running log of activity...can be handy for some things. And I think the limit for “likes” per day is actually “likes” in a 24 hour period from what I am reading in the “Forum Questions & Comments” section. But enough about likes and limits...let’s get back to more Awesome Home Bar discussion!!
  14. CadmiumGreen

    Home bars

    Curious, I counted only 10 likes expended today, from what is documented in my Profile page...perhaps system error.
  15. CadmiumGreen

    new member

    @mal1954, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!