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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Began stacking 1 oz gold Krugerrands and bullion gold Sovereigns. Added the Rwandan Lunar series 1 oz gold Year of the Rooster and Year of the Dog as Collector pieces. Continued with a small stack of 1 oz and 1/2 oz gold Krugerrands and 1 oz gold Canadian Maples. From there I really came to enjoy the numismatic aspect and history of the gold Sovereign. Having grown a variety of Sovereign collection from the first modern Sovereign from 1817 to the current 2017 rendition of that Sovereign into the 2018 proof. I started adding the 1/4 oz gold Queen’s Beast series and a 1/4 oz gold Britannia. I have a small collection of silver, mostly proof coins to minimally tip the silver to gold ratio.

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  1. CadmiumGreen

    Trial of the Pyx coins for sale.

    Was on hold with The Royal Mint for almost 15 minutes early this morning...to find out the fact that all the Sovereigns were sold. By that point I felt committed...said to heck with it and picked up a 2017 1/4 oz Gold Britannia. I am impartial to the 2017 design, so not overly detested by that year’s design. Hopefully the condition of having gone through The Trial of the Pyx isn’t any worse than a @RegalStacker treatment on the 2017 Britannia’s! 🤣
  2. CadmiumGreen

    Trial of the Pyx coins for sale.

    No 2017 Sovereigns left...they had a 2017 1/4 oz Gold Lunar Rooster though.
  3. CadmiumGreen

    Today I Received.....

    Thanks to @BleyerBullion, for a beautiful@BackyardBullion Hand Poured 2 oz Silver Charity Owl Bar! Number 3 of only 25 minted for 2018! An ever increasingly hard to source, 1 oz Silver Germania 2019 BU Round (5 Mark 😉)! And added another Queen’s Beast 1 oz Silver Proof...a 2017 Unicorn of Scotland!
  4. CadmiumGreen

    New member

    @LAsilver, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  5. Need “proof of life” photos of the coins with a note of The Silver Forum member name and date in the same photo of the coin.
  6. I don’t think that the orange heart like icons are displaying properly. I have seen that BYB has given orange heart likes and those don’t display in the posts. The blue heart likes do display as given out by Xander or Lr103, for example. Not sure if established members can give out either orange or blue heart likes.
  7. CadmiumGreen

    New here

    @campbellgs, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  8. CadmiumGreen


    @bored, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  9. CadmiumGreen

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Confirming posting the Gold Sovereign to @Modem21 by international express shipping...tracking information PM’ed.
  10. CadmiumGreen

    Today I Received.....

    You think?!?😍 ...Why did you stop at 7.5 tubes?? Should have gone strong with a full 8!😀 Awesome, by the way!!
  11. CadmiumGreen

    Saffa in London

    @shark, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  12. CadmiumGreen


    @Schnelluk, Welcome aboard The Silver Forum!
  13. CadmiumGreen

    Today I Received.....

    No, that’s the full pregnancy and ready for breast feeding one...no offense intended. 😊
  14. CadmiumGreen

    New Christmas Maple

    The Gingerbread men/women are a bit unnerving, with those bulging blue beady eyes...great, now this coin is going to be giving me nightmares. 😁
  15. CadmiumGreen

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Congrats @Modem21! The Sov is all dressed up and ready to finds its way into your Christmas stocking!