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  1. Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I just got back from the UK and wanted to let you know that Barclays in Maidstone kent took all my old pounds and 50p no problem, just had to bag them up. As for Leftovercurrency.com I can usually pay more than them. I buy Deutsche Marks, pesetas, Belgium francs, swiss francs, Japanese yen, etc etc
  2. I was in London last week. I wish I had asked this question. I didn't know about the coin market. Is it every week?
  3. Hi, Does anyone know if banks are still accepting old pound coins. Or is there a process for cashing them in. I have a load and will be in the UK soon. Also the old 50p is it possible to deposit them? There's a guy here in Portugal who buys them and says he puts them in his uk bank. But last year my UK bank says no. Any information or advice greatly appreciated.
  4. I'm in. I prefer older coins. So the shilling and sixpence for me.
  5. Hi everyone. I picked up this coin at the weekend and just flicking through the Krause catalogue to see a the value. All well and good. After I checked on ngc website and the prices have a crazy difference. Has anyone else noticed this with other coins? Ive seen it a few times now. Who can we trust. I often use the ngc app on my phone when out buying to give me an idea of prices. With discrepancies like this it is easy to get unstuck when buying.
  6. Hi. My name is james and I've been colleting coins and notes for many years. I prefer coins from france spain and portugal and silver coins intended for circulation 1800/1900s but my collection has stuff from 1500s to today and world wide. If you are interested in any Portuguese coins let me know. Regards james aka portugalstacker