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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Bullion silver and gold coins along with anything else that is shiny.

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  1. Sherabnamdhak

    Price Drop

    After reading the MPC report and the cautious approach of the BoE I expect a further small drop in the price of Gold, if however you have the balls for it buying Gold just now may in fact be a wise thing. As can be seen from the silver index I do not see the big rise in price any time soon. An interesting thought though was the slight rise in the platinum price. Now here’s a thought why all the interest in silver and not platinum. I hear very little on the forum if anything about stacking plat. Let alone its numismatic value. Perhaps a subject that BYB or Numistacker might like to cover. Middle of the road could be a good thing, not as dear as Gold and not as cheap as silver.
  2. Sherabnamdhak

    Was buying this Gold coin a HUGE mistake?

    Royal Mint Bullion selling at 4.60% above spot. Awe well if you can afford the coin you can afford the spot %
  3. Sherabnamdhak

    for sale 5.39 oz Eagle Bar - Hallmarked Hand Poured Silver

    Perhaps but also a good investment
  4. Sherabnamdhak

    for sale 5.39 oz Eagle Bar - Hallmarked Hand Poured Silver

    Lovely new piece ever considered a Double Eagle.
  5. Sherabnamdhak

    Gold by Backyard Bullion

    Loved your receipt BYB I left eBay feed back and I visited your web site. Lol. Amazing postal service, must be Mrs. BYB’s influences.
  6. Sherabnamdhak

    Gold by Backyard Bullion

    Well peeps spotted this wee Melbourne Lady on eBay late on Thursday what do you know BYB has diversified so with 4 seconds to go I caught myself a precious bit of Victorian history.
  7. Sherabnamdhak

    Nazi Silver

    So on a totally different subject should we not collect Victorian sovereigns minted in South Africa because if I am not wrong WE the British started a wee war with the Boer or Afrikaners and it was us who invented the concentration camp as well. Bad Brits. Lol.
  8. Sherabnamdhak

    Hi from Scotland

    Hi Billy welcome to TFS looks like Scottish Silver could become the place to be. Lol. Ayrshire.
  9. Sherabnamdhak

    New guy

    Welcome to the form, looks like you have made a superb start. Oh we are not all loaded either lol
  10. Sherabnamdhak

    Nazi Silver

    Thanks oldun was feeling a bit left out up here beyond the wall.
  11. Sherabnamdhak


    Welcome to the forum Nathan, not all of us are as mad as BYB.
  12. Personal liking I suppose but hey that’s just me.
  13. Sorry all my sovereigns are full and I love them fractional or not. Still I would take 10 fractional sovereigns any day especially the pretty Victorian Melbourne ones
  14. Tend not to agree perhaps Numi might not either as by your definition my sovereign collection has now become a fractional collection.
  15. Sherabnamdhak

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Thanks BYB