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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Bullion silver and gold coins along with anything else that is shiny.

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  1. Sherabnamdhak

    Rise in the Dow and Dollar

    Silver breaks the $13 barrier with rumour that the Fed will raise interest rates again, possibly pushing silver to $13.50. Question will it hit $12.00 that’s £9.22 peeps. Time to buy more or move to Gold. Thoughts on the back of a fag packet please.
  2. Sherabnamdhak

    Gold Sovereign

    Definitely looks like a 1 over the f. Nice not sure what that would value at. Have you checked Marsh.
  3. Sherabnamdhak

    An unexpected present or a sales pitch

    This just arrived in the morning post, quite nice as sales pitches go.
  4. Sherabnamdhak

    Something Old something New something Gold

    Nothing wrong with a good Bullion Sovereign try sticking to ones in good condition and perhaps Victorian ones, Numistacker got me hooked 😂😂😂
  5. Sherabnamdhak

    Something Old something New something Gold

    A wee addition to my collection arrived in the post this morning. Chuffed is not the word. 😂😂😂
  6. Sherabnamdhak


    Simple question: When buying a coin either ungraded or graded which is the better company to have it graded by and which will earn you more dosh. NGC or PCGS. I have both.
  7. Sherabnamdhak

    George and the Dragon

    This old boy gets about did you know he is even the patron saint of the Palestinian Territories. Now there’s a thing. Lol.
  8. Seems that these all came from the same court. Could have a potential for appeal as the magistrate could have been biased. However with out the information regarding licence status ie points it might not just have been as clean cut as it appears.
  9. Sherabnamdhak

    Lady Liberty

    Just arrived well arrived Friday morning, this was a toss up between a shinny new Piedfort 2018 Like Numistacker got in its nice pink wrapped box or my first American pre 33 gold. I did ask for thoughts on both and most were helpful, in the end I had to make my own decision as suggested by one forum member ??? so I went with 1904 $20 liberty from my favourite favourite dealer man.
  10. Sherabnamdhak

    1825 shield

    Is it NGC graded at AU58 if so ask Numi, I have a similar situation but I personally think AU58 is as good as it will get. Mind you I might be wrong. Lol.
  11. Sherabnamdhak

    1841 Sovereign - Price?

    I have seen one in XF45 grade from PCGS it was retailing at £13,500 so to get a better grade you might have to pay that.
  12. Sherabnamdhak

    Random marketing email from the RM

    Possibly pay £3.95 for a Bombay curry or a Madras but not a sovereign
  13. Sherabnamdhak

    New Piedfort

    I have answered it. Thanks.
  14. Sherabnamdhak

    New Piedfort

  15. Sherabnamdhak

    Silver Forum Bars 100g (2018) - Support the forum and buy some silver!

    What about a silver forum Gold members bar in Gold of course, now that would be something. You wouldn’t even have to buy new moulds. Just a thought whilst watching the ospreys flying over Loch Lomond.