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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    Bullion silver and gold coins along with anything else that is shiny.

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  1. Sherabnamdhak

    Any questions for The Edinburgh Assay Office?

    Will they remain Scotland’s assay office after we gain our freedom. Lol.
  2. Sherabnamdhak

    Just a wee suggestion

    Thanks just goes to show even an idiot can learn lol.
  3. Sherabnamdhak

    Next queens beast?

    Thanks for the link, just registered an interest in ALL the remaining series. Brilliant link.
  4. Sherabnamdhak

    Just a wee suggestion

    Yes I know about the tracker at the bottom of the page but I was looking more along the lines of the one you see on the royal mint site which appears to be common across other sites as well. Ours didn’t seem to match..
  5. Sherabnamdhak

    Just a wee suggestion

    Gentlemen I have a wee suggestion that I hope you as members of this illustrious silver forum might approve, as I have journeyed around the various websites that wee all frequent I have noticed that many have a metals price indicator. So the question I pose is why don’t we at the most prestigious silver forum have one on our home page. Then I wouldn’t have to go to the Royal Mint or other lesser sites for this most important asset. So gentlemen what do you think.
  6. Sherabnamdhak


    Welcome to the forum Rob hope you enjoy the company.
  7. Sherabnamdhak

    Hello from South Wales

    Hi Tony and welcome to the form.
  8. Sherabnamdhak

    Hello from NE England

    Welcome to the forum from north of the wall.
  9. Sherabnamdhak

    Art and silver from BYB

    Yesterday I received my 3rd piece of ripple silver from my favourite mint at BYB. So far I have not purchased silver to stack this might change but just now I am stacking BYB silver ripple bars. I feel that they are unique, this one is the best so far as a 1 of 1 mint just so cool. As can be seen from the photographs my scales are not in Troy oz but I do love my ripple what ever it’s weighed in. Lol
  10. Fantastic move bringing in third party dealers and auction houses to give both your channel and your fans a wider and very selective opportunity to view rare and unusual coins. Congratulations Numi.
  11. Sherabnamdhak

    for sale Hallmarked Kit Kat Finger Bars - Hand Poured Silver

    Why not branch out into Mars bars or Topic bars perhaps even the famous Yorkie bar. I feel a theme coming on, bigger bars for serious stackers. The excitement of the idea 💡 note to self get a grip, I think a 10 oz Yorkie would suit me. What do you think BYB ?
  12. Sherabnamdhak

    completed 100oz Baird and co silver bars

    Would make a fantastic door stop. Paint it red white and blue and no one would guess where you hid your silver. Lol. You could even paint it Gold. Awe stop it now I am having a fantasy dream.
  13. Sherabnamdhak

    Virginity lost, Piedfort sovereign

    It how I train. Lol
  14. Sherabnamdhak

    Virginity lost, Piedfort sovereign

    £905 including insured postage. Purchased via the forum.
  15. Sherabnamdhak

    Hedging gold and silver downside risk

    Anything from BOE.