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  1. monkstax

    Hi from Germany

  2. monkstax

    1980 Australia Proof Gold $200 Koala Grading

    here is what the coin looks like
  3. Hi just wondering if this coin would be worth grading either by pcgs or ngc. In your opinion would i get a better price if it been graded. I checked and it seems there are very few graded examples of this coin. Does this make a difference?
  4. monkstax

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Hi , How much will it cost to grade and slab a 1980 gold australian koala coin $200 Face value 10grams. Also which company should i send it to pcgs or ngc. I am based in the uk
  5. monkstax

    Best coins For flipping on ebay

    Hi Guys, What Coins do you think are the best to buy and then sell on ebay for a quick Profit? I was thinking maybe buying from goldsilver.be with BYB,s group order and then flipping a few coins. Any Thoughts?