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    Tn21 reacted to DarkChameleon in Royal Mint Sovereign Storage   
    Or just pour them into something box like.

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    Tn21 got a reaction from dicker in Royal Mint Sovereign Storage   
    If it's only ever going to be bullion sovs it really is ott to have capsules. Bang them all  up in a tube or a plastic food container or wrap them up in tinfoil/cling film. However you wish to store them when, it comes to selling bullion sovs condition will have little impact on the price/premium. This is only my opinion and my take on it, others may disagree but just think about entry and exit. Leaving some £ on the table is not the end of the world if and when you sell.
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    Tn21 reacted to Mkman123 in Is anyone here a tightar*e like me   
    I'm tight at times but I do try and live and enjoy life. Please keep stacking but dont forget to enjoy life with your family. Working in medical I see patients who are rich but get diagnosed with cancer or other terminal illness and within a few months they pass away. They didn't even really get to enjoy their money.
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    Tn21 reacted to Shinus73 in Is anyone here a tightar*e like me   
    I’m tight, but if I told my wife I’d made her some soap so we didn’t have to buy any, the torrent of abuse would be one for the ages.
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    Tn21 reacted to AndrewSL76 in Today I Received.....   
    Received the latest order from the exceptional Backyard Bullion today. The two little hammered bars are stunning. I would encourage you all to order a hammered bar. They are so beautiful.

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    Tn21 reacted to silverdocket in Today I Received.....   
    Picked up some sovereigns today 
     Two full sovereigns 
     One 2 pound coin 
      Not good enough for grading  lol 
     Scrap gold. 

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    Tn21 reacted to TonyS in Today I Received.....   
    Another 10 oz lump, the left hand Valiant.

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    Tn21 reacted to kneehow2018 in Today I Received.....   
    Simply outstanding! Superb edge to that 50 Pesos😎
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    Tn21 reacted to TheBeast in Today I Received.....   
    A nice 1999 kilo kookaburra

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    Tn21 reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    Centenario Tuesday.  
    Received this México 50 Pesos today.  And thank you @Abyss for the 1/4oz Gold Standard coins.

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    Tn21 reacted to shawy2510 in Today I Received.....   
    Received mine yesterday also but had the dreaded sickness bug so didn't manage to get any pictures yesterday 

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    Tn21 reacted to TheGeneral in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks @BackyardBullion Come home to these bad boy’s. 
    Love the Welsh dragon on these. 

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    Tn21 reacted to Kookaburracollector in Gold Monitoring Thread £ GBP only   
    Just wondering ...How many people who follow this gold monitoring thread, actually trade on the price of gold to earn / lose money? I.e. HAVE SKIN IN THE GAME..not just opinion!
     I trade gold ETF’s as a swing trader, as opposed to day, and have had a very ‘interesting’ quarter (+66%)...I use technicals, Elliot wave (sometimes), RSI, MACD, FIBS, BOLS etc ....but primarily am driven by fundamentals and sentiment...I find people I trust (Greg Mannarino, Eric Sprott, Hantec Markets) and act accordingly. Just curious, as I am always open to ideas that work / make me money. Who do you use  that helps...?
    “The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more”  Charlie Munger
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    Tn21 reacted to StackingItAll in Is anyone here a tightar*e like me   
    I have become a bit of a tightar*e lately not out of necessity but because I want to be. I was looking at annual spends on household items and thought I bet I could make a lot of stuff for a lot cheaper. This then got me started on making products for house like laundry detergent, softner, soaps, cleaning products even the wifes bath bombs. I recon I am up couple hundred plus a month easy by doing it. Yes had to outlay for initial ingredients but because it's all bulk will make enough for long time. Pic is example of some soap

  16. Haha
    Tn21 reacted to TonyS in queens beasts 10 oz   
    I’ve asked this question before.
    If Charles has a beast of his own, he married it. The horse of Camilla.
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    Tn21 reacted to youngmetalstacker in I visited the head office of MMTC-PAMP + New Product Launch   
    Hey all! So I got the opportunity to visit the head office of MMTC-PAMP, had a chat with their officials followed by a surprising new product that they are launching for the festive season
    The vlog is in Hindi but you can certainly enjoy the experience, I should guarantee that. Please drop a like if you liked the product or my vlogging technique
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    Tn21 reacted to Pete in My first pour complete   
    Stamp it "Hovis" and paint it light brown and you can store it in a kitchen cupboard if worried about theft 😂
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    Tn21 reacted to GrahamDiamond in My first pour complete   
    Grumpy Dave Say's  It's a Ten from Len and the Same from Graham Coinster !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Tn21 reacted to JunkBond in My first pour complete   
    Nice loaf, you are obviously a natural.
    Well done. 👍
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    Tn21 reacted to StackingItAll in My first pour complete   
    I will take it for a first pour some mark's on top not sure what they are but not dissapointed.  Went for 11 oz but came out just over 9 with me being careful not to over pour it. This could get addictive

  22. Haha
    Tn21 reacted to Serendipity in How Many People Own Gold?   
    Only two brothers know of my gold stack. The rest of my family are money-grubbers. I recently had a young relative visit from abroad who came to work in a pharmacy. He ran to me after a few months with some unconvincing story how he wasn’t paid. I doubt he ever worked in a pharmacy at all. It was just an attempt to get money out of me.
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    Tn21 reacted to MrGeorge in How Many People Own Gold?   
    I dont know anyone personally who stacks gold. My brother and cousin who are quite well off and i am quite close to both of them. They have quite a sizeable amount of money just sitting in there bank losing value each year and are too scared to do anything with it. There crazy lol 
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    Tn21 reacted to Serendipity in How Many People Own Gold?   
    No, I meant gold bullion. I hate gold jewellery. You’re right that the position in India with regards to jewellery is very different because they regard high karat gold jewellery as a form of investment.
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    Tn21 reacted to Abyss in How Many People Own Gold?   
    Include jewellery than everyone I know owns Gold. But have take this into context all my Indian friends and Indian family have Gold both UK and abroad. When comes to work colleagues and other social circles than I don’t know anyone owns Gold. Sound money taken out of the equation for majority of the western countries.