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    Tn21 reacted to Bumble in Worth going into the Paper markets?   
    I think there are two separate issues here: whether it is worth buying shares in companies in the gold sector, and whether it is a good idea to do so through a fund such as GDX.
    As to owning shares in gold companies, remember that they are extremely volatile and can go down a lot in bad times. Depending on where they are operating, there are political risks: sometimes countries nationalise their assets or slap a huge tax on them and your shares might be worthless. Natural disasters can happen, spills of toxic chemicals, strikes, environmental protests, criminal gangs or corrupt politicians wanting a share of the proceeds, etc. Also, many companies are run by idiots or fraudsters who will destroy value. Mark Twain's definition of a gold mine as a hole in the ground with a liar standing beside it is still true. That said, they can do very well in good times when metal prices are rising, and they provide leverage. If you are going this route, you need to learn about the sector and be willing to do some research into the companies there.
    As to funds such as GDX: the advantage is that they provide diversification across many companies, so risk is reduced. The disadvantage is that some of the companies in their portfolio have a poor track record of creating value and may be overpriced. The paradox of index-tracking funds is that the higher the price of a share goes, the more funds needs to own it to retain their index-tracking. An experienced investor is able to say this share has gone too high so I'll sell and take the profit. Index trackers can't do that. There are of course some other managed funds where the managers will pick stocks for you. These can also be a good option if you are happy with the fees and the liquidity.
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    Tn21 reacted to Abyss in Worth going into the Paper markets?   
    I have been watching some of the videos posted by the Cambridge House Silver and Gold Summit 2018. Jeffrey Christian believes going into the paper markets worthwhile and makes compelling case. See the video below....
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    Tn21 reacted to vand in Worth going into the Paper markets?   
    I buy the Blackrock Gold fund for my pension, which is very similar to GDX. I see it as in investment and long term leveraged play on gold. Miners are VERY cheap right now. I think there will come a time in the next 20 years where they will be re-evaluated multiples higher. Maybe it won't take anywhere near 20 years, but as I said its in my pension. I can afford to be patient.
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    Tn21 reacted to RobP in Today I Received.....   
    First order from goldsilver.be

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    Tn21 reacted to Blockhead in Today I Received.....   
    Looks like you got a few dozen when you were only... after eight
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    Tn21 reacted to h103efa in NEW TEN OUNCE KID ON THE BLOCK   
    i think its a cracker, you can't go wrong with George and the Dragon. I actually like the design of Prince George 5th birthday £5 coin. Maybe on a future sovereign, thats a winner?
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    Tn21 reacted to GrahamDiamond in NEW TEN OUNCE KID ON THE BLOCK   
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    Tn21 reacted to KitboyE17 in Backyard Bullion Intermediary Sales Service for Forum Sales and Trades   
    With a £25 minimum service fee this is a costly service that would see this only being practical for high value/volume trades. Considering that some new forum members only start off by dipping their feet into the water by trading on lower value items i.e. 1oz silver rounds/coins they will not see any ROI and it’s probably these members who would benefit from the service a great deal.
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    Tn21 reacted to sixgun in HGM sov   
    Personally i would pay a few quid more for a better coin. You will find it much easier to sell a decent coin when the time comes.
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    Tn21 reacted to ChardsCoinandBullionDealer in Commemorative Gold Maple   
    420 years perhaps? haha
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    Tn21 reacted to h103efa in Birthday wishes.   
    That's the kicker!
    I've got a big round number birthday coming up in a few weeks! My wife basically said research what you want (PM or new laptop) and that's from me and the kids! I think she'd rather i got a laptop and i'll probably just do that. I'm already winning with my Dragon & Phoenix!
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    Tn21 reacted to Bullionaire in Birthday wishes.   
    I think they would probably overspend on the silver if they didn't know about VAT etc. I'd feel a bit guilty if someone spent £20 on a britannia or something for me! 
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    Tn21 reacted to JBstacker3181 in Birthday wishes.   
    Thank you I am in the Christmas draw. I'm excited for that too!!!
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    Tn21 reacted to zeusss4 in Birthday wishes.   
    I got a 1/4 oz beast of the missus for my 30th 🙏
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    Tn21 reacted to h103efa in Today I Received.....   
    So after selling 4 of my gold coins here last week, this is what I had my eye on and purchased! I really really like it (i dunno why, maybe just me)!
    2018 Dragon & Phoenix 1 oz Gold coin (to go alongside my Silver Dragon and Phoenix). I did try to price match to a European dealer i had used before, but in the end went with gold-silber-muenzen with no issues whatsoever and with big thanks to google translate and transferwise!

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    Tn21 reacted to FFkook in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    O yes, I can't wait, this is fun! 
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    Tn21 reacted to JBstacker3181 in 🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅   
    Is anyone else excited to send out there gift? For me I have always liked just knowing you made someone else's day a little bit better!!!
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    Tn21 reacted to Lindeman in 1/4 ounce QB Griffin of Edward III   
    For sale - this bullion quarter ounce gold Griffin, excellent condition on the Griffin side, but with some noticeable bag marks and scuffs on the Queens’ cheek (see exact photos for condition of this coin). Asking £295 delivered Special Delivery in the UK.  PM me if interested.  Extra postage costs for non_UK buyers. Selling for £312 at the Royal Mint. 
    Please PM me if interested   

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    Tn21 reacted to BackyardBullion in Hand Poured Silver Star with awesome ripples   
    Every now and again I get a pour which surprises me - I have no idea how I managed this elongated ripple cooling pool with this mould - it has never happened before!
    But it certainly looks very cool indeed. 
    It is 3.1 oz and is ripe and ready for customisation for Christmas if needed. It is scheduled for hallmarking at the end of November so will be available for Christmas. 
    Price: £69.75
    Optional extras: a hole drilling to make it a hanging ornament = +£5
    Display board made by my dad: £30
    If you would like to buy it and customise it then just let me know!
    Payment via Banks Transfer only please