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    Tn21 reacted to Nick1368 in Today I Received.....   
    Finally got my 1 Onza Libertad for an amazing price  from a reputable London dealer and it happened to be a PCGS MS70 as well, happy days 😊😉🤘👌🏻😁😀😋

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    Tn21 reacted to AWM in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Hi guys! I've not long started (Jan this year) so here is my little stack.
    Currently stands at:
    100 toz of 2018/2019 Standard Britannias.
    10 toz of Oriental Border 2018 Brittanias.
    10 toz of 20th Anniversary Britannias.
    2 toz Brexit Commemorative Britannias.
    10 toz of 2018 Gibraltar 3 lions
    1 toz 2018 Platinum Britannia.
    (None of the standards should really need the casules, I have the mint tubes, but why hide what's nice to look at lol )

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    Tn21 reacted to Abyss in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Recently come back from India and emptied a safety deposit box in India while I was there (no longer required). Managed to bring back into UK fair amount of gold without being questioned by customs. Visited Saint James in Manchester today to deposit some items and took opportunity photograph the family entire gold stack:
    A lot gold held in the form of Indian jewellery
    I have no idea how many oz gold is in jewellery form and 18 to 22 carat gold with some items having real diamonds. Best part of the gold stack Queens Beast bullion coins.

    Six months stacking fortunate picked up most of the stack when spot prices much lower. Most of the jewellery purchased by my late dad when gold spot prices $250 oz.
    Hand poured silver by BYB adding Tetris and Puzzle set to this collection

    10 oz coins have 50 of them

    Proof Sets

    Coins in capsules

    Rwanda Series


    2 oz Queens Beast

    Gold stack 60 oz unknown quantity gold jewellery. Silver stack 1,400 oz.
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    Tn21 reacted to Nick1368 in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Fractional coins 

    1989 proof sovereign set 

    Silver Stack

    sovereign stack

    Queen's Beasts series
    International  1 oz gold coins 

    latest purchase, 3 x 1 oz 22 ct version Britannia + 2 sovereigns + 1 x 20 Swiss Franc (Vreneli)
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    Tn21 reacted to Wackattak924 in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    First 30 days of stacking 😁 quite proud that I didn't spend the money on drink drugs and women lol.

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    Tn21 reacted to TheProspector in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Not as impressive as most of the stacks on here but feel I’m happy with my start. It’s all so shiny 😀...

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    Tn21 got a reaction from MrScottsdale in SCOTTSDALE SILVER   
    Nabbed lool
  9. Haha
    Tn21 reacted to MrScottsdale in SCOTTSDALE SILVER   
    Thanks bud and I did think about doing that but if I got nabbed on way back customs would have a field day lol.
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    Tn21 reacted to motorbikez in Silver bars I bought from traders on here.   
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    Tn21 got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread   
    @Cking83 nice lot you have there.
    You May want to consider getting a case of Alun for the 10oz qb coins. Looks the business I have one in black. 
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    Tn21 reacted to Joe637 in 2019 Gold Bullion Cheap   
    I got my first Sovereign
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    Tn21 reacted to Pete in APMEX Offer   
    We aim to please, share and educate on this terrific forum !!
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    Tn21 reacted to Sal in APMEX Offer   
    Just picked up 500. Thank you for the alert. 
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    Tn21 got a reaction from AuricGoldfinger in 'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread   
    @Cking83 nice lot you have there.
    You May want to consider getting a case of Alun for the 10oz qb coins. Looks the business I have one in black. 
  18. Haha
    Tn21 reacted to bored in Did I see?   
    I don`t watch the telly but I do see it occasionally out of the corner of my eye.
    Did I see an actual advert for gold last night? and did it make a point of shouting about no VAT?
    I ask this because I have done huge amounts of LSD in my life and sometimes I have flashbacks.
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    Tn21 reacted to danmc82 in Did I see?   
    I've only seen adverts by the RM advertising 1/4, 1/2 and full Sovs for 100,000% above spot.
    Normally celebratory coins, like when Prince George first used a spork, or when Prince Harry wore his first pair of Nike Air Max.
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    Tn21 reacted to Cking83 in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
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    Tn21 reacted to JBstacker3181 in Today I Received.....   
    2013 4 oz silver eagle and a 2017 3 gram gold panda. Got these yesterday just got some time to photograph them. I'm starting to love these big coins!😊

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    Tn21 reacted to JinKesef in Queen's Beast 10 oz Lion   
    Yeah because here in the US, it’s going for more than $700 and that’s not including the VAT and shipping 
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    Tn21 reacted to Paul in Recommended reading for everyone on this forum   
    1hr 42 roundtable about the current state of the World, gold, debt and other things  
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    Tn21 reacted to terakris in 2019 matt finish sovereign   
    Will this coin be a future money maker, probably not. 
    Is it a nice alternative of a typical sovereign, yes i think it is. 
    I've had a good look at mine under a loupe and the strike is not particularly strong, perhaps part of the "matt" finish required but the coin itself looked spotless, so the quality is up there for sure which is nice.
    It comes with a premium somewhere between bullion and proof, and for many that will put them off perhaps as its not a shiny proof coin. For me, I like the variety's and this to me seemed like a nice variety to have for my own collection, not something to worry about flipping for money any time soon.
    They do the same kinda thing with the britannias in silver... Bullion, BU and Proof, so perhaps this is now what they will do with sovereigns every year (even the packaging is similar to that of a BU britannia). Not sure if this happens every year if its going to be a good thing or not, but the coin itself is a nice finish I think and for me the premium is ok for me for a single purchase now and again.
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    Tn21 reacted to cairodave in **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    Thanks! Has anyone driven over to visit goldsilver.be? I’m driving over to Brussels next week for work and thought I might make an appointment.