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  1. Tn21


    Nabbed lool
  2. Tn21

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    @Cking83 nice lot you have there. You May want to consider getting a case of Alun for the 10oz qb coins. Looks the business I have one in black.
  3. Tn21

    American silver eagle

    Brits are awesome but eagles are up there aswell in my opinion. ByB had some older eagles on one his vids they looked so incredible.
  4. Tn21

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    @Goldmick Will the photo be posted on this thread ?
  5. Tn21

    withdrawn 1kg and 500g Silver Bars

    Sweet for sure
  6. Tn21

    2019 matt finish sovereign

    I can't really see the Matt finish properly in pictures, would be good to see a YouTube video or a picture of the coin itself to get a gage of how Matt this matt finish is.
  7. Tn21

    completed 1/10th Gold Britannia

    Great price
  8. IL go for one aswell pls.
  9. Tn21

    Hello everyone

    That sounds very impressive, so you can get scottsdale mint items at good prices?
  10. Tn21

    Plan B

    TBF I enjoyed reading your views and plan B. Its definitely got me thinking. Just one question how is the government paying most of your rent in subsidies? (Is this housing benefits or some form of benefits)
  11. I had serious issues with saving and holding onto money mainly due to my own downfall (bad habits) but getting into PM's has allowed me to save as in my head I consider the PM's as a tangible saving means. I can easily withdraw cash from my account but do I really want to sell an few Oz's of Ag for something stupid, definately not. When I had extra disposable income I'm glad it went into PM's because if not that money would be loooonngg gone. I don't have a % in my head of how much I allocate for PM's I just buy as and when I can. A bit erratic of me for the time being but it is not something which is causing me great concern as of yet. Some really good sound advice however has been given on this thread by fellow forum members. Having read the thread I am definately looking to build up some cash reserves. Anybody need Thier car washed?
  12. Hi everyone, just wanted to hear your opinions. I'm.short of cash to buy what i want from this group order. Do I sell a 10oz qb lion to free up some funds so I can purchase exactly what I wanted. Or do I keep the lion and just buy what I can with the limited £. Appreciate anyone's thought on the above matter.
  13. Hahaha, that video is epic. Maybe a bit more tlc with the coins pal but listen you treat your coins how you wish. It's your coins
  14. Tn21

    Motivational videos

    Yh i was wondering about that when I first saw the video, nowadays everyone's throwing the same sign. Worrying for sure but still a good speech. I started to make my bed daily after watching the vid, unfortunately didn't last.