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  1. Valid point . @fehk2001 Care to spill the beans
  2. 👀 It's a grading system @Becca Nothing erotic about the numbers Box aka packaging it came with coa certificate of authenticity
  3. Forum has been bombarded with listings this weekend, great to see and some real valuable items can be bought for a very competitive price.
  4. 1/10oz Gold Britannia in capsule 2019 £130 plus postage of your choice. Pic will be added later on tonight
  5. Please read fully 10oz Lion - £275 plus postage of your choice 10oz Griffin - £250 plus postage of your choice unfortunately the coin capsules are heavily scratched and marked. in addition the lion has milk spots and so does the Griffin arround the edge. It is what it is, any questions or queries send them my way. Also on eBay,
  6. This is a silver 2oz proof commemorative coin 999. 75 years of Batman Nice coin, marks are on the capsule. The coin is currently listed on eBay aswell. £135 posted via special delivery. Sorry can not go any lower as it is very close to the purchasing price when factoring in delivery. Scottsdale bundle 100g bar + 1oz bar in capsule £79 plus postage of your choice. 1oz bar has some toneing arround the edges. Any questions please feel free to message on this thread or send a pm. All items listed have been bought from fellow forum members.
  7. https://atkinsonsbullion.com/gold/gold-coins/sovereign-gold-coins-(1)/2020-uk-double-sovereign-gold-coin @Tattoedamat
  8. Atkinson's price on the double Sov is cheaper even without the 20% off.
  9. Royal mint bullion sale now with 30% off. Can pick up the gold standard coin for under £330. https://www.royalmintbullion.com/Products/New-Releases Mehhh
  10. Well you can get the full lot from the forum I reckon.
  11. App not really that user friendly. The content is pretty good, will be listening to it all