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  1. Tn21

    New to stacking

    Yh dont worry too much made the same mistake as did im sure many of us.
  2. Tn21

    Show your stack.

    @Silversaver the scottsdale stacked up TALL is a sight, Love it. In the UK we dont really get much deals on the Scottsdale stuff. Mr-dead stuff epic,
  3. Tn21

    BrewDog Shares?

    I think those that invested early on in Brewdog will be quids in not to say that its too late now. I read a book by James Watt titled 'Business for Punks' really interesting how the two entrepreneurs made the business and grew the business unconventionally. Its a simple and easy to read book and gives great insight on the business. (if anyone wants to borrow the book -sure thing).
  4. Tn21

    Today I Received

    Not quite all today but over the past 2 months. All picked up from TSF by the following members. Panda tray - BYB group order 2017 1/10 + 1/4 Oz Au - Roy 2017 sov + 1/2 sov Oz Au - quicksilver 2017 Noah's Ark Ag - Junkbond 10oz Qb Ag - kneehow2018 Qb box in black (fav item out of the lot) - Alun
  5. Tn21

    for sale Gold & Silver

    Just trying to help aid the sale here, you may want to put a text description of each individual item
  6. Have you put the trade on yourself?
  7. Mate ive just cleared out Chards, keep an eye on on the sales section in the upcoming weeks here on TSF. Kritika you get 1 free kilo bar hahahah
  8. haha the whole websites showing zero on many items, free for all.
  9. does not allow you to place in basket.
  10. I would buy/ interested in buying
  11. Tn21

    completed Ark, Brit & Elephants

    I will take that if it becomes available. Payment will have to be done later in the evening if that is ok.
  12. Tn21

    completed Ark, Brit & Elephants

    no problem
  13. Just got in to find my part of the group order. Many thanks goes out to BYB and Mrs BYB. Packaging is really neat and secure. Thank you guys ! ! !
  14. Tn21

    completed Ark, Brit & Elephants

    It's a wrap, I will take the Brit if still available.