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  1. Tn21

    2012 Gold sovereign X4

    My math is lame can you reveal the price ?
  2. The Griffin if not sold will be kept I'm only offering the dragon at a special price ATM. The Griffin I feel has a slight premium to it. The Griffin purchase price if bought by itself will be £250 plus postage.
  3. £203 for the 10oz qb dragon (can buy it the 10oz qb coin by itself) and/or if your purchase the 2.5g PAMP bar aswell It will be £100 for the Platinum or £110 for the Palladium As it can be sent in the same SD package. Hope it makes sense @augur?
  4. £203 for the 10oz dragon posted SD, if you fancy 2.5g platinum Pamp bar additional £100 Or the 2.5g Pamp Palladium £110 The Pamp bar prices are only apply if bought with the 10oz Dragon. 10oz Queens beast Draggon is only £203 posted SD.
  5. Doesn't make sense to sell straight away for a loss of £100. Maybe the seller is just using the same pic bobsilver but did not buy from bobsilver. The equations are not adding up ATM. @Bobsilver re selling your silver do it via here the silver forum may get a better price. @Jackwilko need you to clarify
  6. So it just sold now via ebay?
  7. If the bar is the real deal at £455 posted is attractively priced.
  8. Bar is no longer ion eBay, great price for the bar.
  9. Yh thanks @KitboyE17 he reached out but only wanted the platinum but ideally I want to sell both the bars as a pair. Appreciate the mention though. Thanks
  10. I previously listed the two items and withdrew the items after a brief period. Hopefully the rise in the price of Ag makes the 2 coins more attractive. 10oz Queens Beast Griffin 10oz Queens Beast draggon £203 posted Price is £450 for both coins with SD Inc,
  11. Reduced to £215 which includes special delivery in the price. Bank transfer
  12. Helping the police I think must be done with caution, I would not go and help an officer blindly as officers can very easily use Thier powers wrongly and use their intimidation tactics to enforce laws and acts which sometimes can be incorrect. (Police can be wrong in a given scenario) I'm happy to see in Leyton that the unfortunate officer who was stabbed was actually helped by locals who if I'm honest I would not have thought would help. They saw blood and a knife and rightly helped the officer who was in need. The Officer from Thames Valley who lost his life is very sad to hear. The police have a very tough job on their hands and we all seek the police in an emergency situation and they try their best to aid and assist. That being said police have got away with murder on occasions (mark duggan, Ian Tomlinson and other cases). They are well protected. I'm not anti police I have a lot of respect for the Police forces across the country. Any loss of life is tragic.
  13. Fiat - fiat currency ETF - exchange traded fund