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  1. Tn21


    nice stack you got there, enjoyed watching the vid
  2. Tn21

    Hi I’m stephen

  3. Tn21

    Rumblings from Asia

  4. Tn21

    Hi! I'm Kenyon!

    Hi Kenyon, welcome to the forum, fantastic place to be in !
  5. Tn21

    New to The Siver Forum

    Hi Matt, welcome to the forum, great place. Go for the group order m8 lol
  6. Tn21

    Hello Everyone

  7. Tn21

    JP Morgan & Silver

    I knew a guy on a training course who worked for JP morgan previously not on the investment banking side but procurement. He told me the have loads of assests inc books,art, wines etc. He said there is a book which lists it all.
  8. Tn21

    Hello There, Silver Forum people

    Welcome on board to TSF, its a fantastic forum to be involved in!
  9. Tn21

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum, great place to be involved in.
  10. Tn21

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome to the forum great place to be involved in, check out BYBs group order its huge and you will be able to purchase brits cheaper then Ebay.
  11. Tn21

    for sale 4 x 100g Metalor Silver Bars

    That's a good deal if so
  12. Oh right thanks for clearing that up, I guess thats kind of fair then lol. SO for a first time mottering offence (say 35mph in a 30) a ban does not apply? With regards to the court I personally think it all comes down to your luck on the day, A good pannel of magistrates or even a judge can sometimes be the difference between a harsh punishment/ getting away lightly. I really have one policy nowadays, is that I want to avoid any trouble at all on the streets, I dont want to deal with police or the courts so I try and conduct myself accordingly.
  13. That is really sad but sorry to say not an isolated case. A lot of money and time.could be saved if common sense was used. I too have lost huge amounts of respect for the police. They seem to think they are above the law however many PCs don't know how to utilise and enforce the correct law. Wiping the memory card is shocking but this sort of behaviour by the police is all too common. With regards to the thread can the magistrates not use any empathy and dish out less severe punishments for driving offense examples provided?
  14. Tn21

    New Member not New stacker

    Hi Welcome and thanks for sharing the story, interesting. BYB is big in this game interesting he is also having an impact in the USA aswell as UK. 🌍 domination soon come ! ! Awesome looking dog aswell BTW
  15. Tn21

    Hello folks!

    Welcome to the forum its a great place to be involved in.