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  1. 10oz Lion -£350 10oz Griffin -£260 10oz Dragon -£215 10oz Unicorn -£200 10oz Bull -£200 Plus the box made by forum member Alun -£70 £1295 plus postage on top Don't want to break it up, I have added the values beside to give you an idea of where I get the total from. Will also be on eBay so if by chance eBay gets a bid I will have to withdraw it from here. Bank transfer only. Thank you for looking any questions send them my way.
  2. What a sight, this was like a kid in a sweet shop for me. 2020 Brittania
  3. Feel sorry for the sender and more so for the receiver as his address is marked by that particular postman/woman who will be on the hunt for future packages.
  4. Yh Britannia 2020 has been released. I know a person who has ordered a tube (X 10 1oz Brits). Will try and go round and snap a pic.
  5. The Royal Mint possibly trying to clear stock for 2020 versions
  6. Dr above has just gone and done a wise move, spent 20k on au. I give him credit because many people are not brave enough to venture in this space but he had no issues with it at all. Just thought it's worth sharing.
  7. next up 1000 ozs of AU
  8. With regards to buying the Pamp bars if you buy from a reputable dealer I don't think you will have much to worry about. This was bought on eBay (say no more). I do have a family member heading to the US late October for Work. I was thinking whether to get one however I'm still 50-50 as my au weight is not quite up there to warrant such a device. Edit Vicamy is my new best friend
  9. If it's only ever going to be bullion sovs it really is ott to have capsules. Bang them all up in a tube or a plastic food container or wrap them up in tinfoil/cling film. However you wish to store them when, it comes to selling bullion sovs condition will have little impact on the price/premium. This is only my opinion and my take on it, others may disagree but just think about entry and exit. Leaving some £ on the table is not the end of the world if and when you sell.
  10. I did indeed, still have the coin. Imperfections are not really an huge issue for me. If it was still available I would have pulled the trigger for #1 without hesitation. 😅 Glad to see you got them back Rich,
  11. @platinreloaded was that a granite worktop?
  12. Design is out I believe, it's on one of the other threads. With regards to 3G panda 2019 I bought it from eBay best offer £135 (however another coin was purchased from the seller). Purchasing of Atkinson's may be more ideal especially if you buy another coin on the mix and match you can lower the unit price for the panda Check out the panda photo thread.
  13. I know a retired Dr who is fairly wealthy. He has got 5 rental properties all flats in London and about £80k in the bank. Unfortunately his quality of life is sad to witness and to be frank he is waiting for his death. Now he has a will however in my opinion he should just go all in into au coins and bag them up as sixgun mentioned so that the will can be executed later on. Not that he is going to do it because very few people believe their money is safe outside of a bank. In the end once his life comes to an end his accounts will be frozen, probate comes into play and the vultures circle (lawyers fees and family members).
  14. IL be honest I looked at the 5g bar of gold then I saw the tolerance level on the sigma. The rest was then an illusion.