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  1. 3ozs there in total ? Price is £16.50 each ?
  2. Tn21

    Silver to buy

    I have purchased many great items of this forum and at very competitive prices. I would if you are serious sign up for premium membership and look at the UK trade listings. Obviously the best deals get snapped up fast.
  3. Was a delivery driver listening to Jim Rickards via my phone which was connected to the van radio. Then listened to others on YouTube. Speaking to friends and family on potentially investing in au and Ag they say it was not a good idea. Good job I didn't listen to them because PM's act as a savings mechanism for me. Bought my first bits of bullion from bullion by post in 2017. Came across TSF late 2017 early 2018. Enhanced my interest and belief in precious metals further. Learn't a lot from forum members and also established the lane I'm currently in. Very happy to have got into pms regardless of the prices because I was one of those individuals who blew my money on nonsense. Great place TSF to be involved in.
  4. Deserved a much louder round of applause.
  5. @Pampfan What do you reckon sir ?
  6. 2012 American Silver Eagles Selling individually now £16 each plus postage on top.
  7. Thank @Goldmick Unfortunately the double fair days been have been gone but will see if I can earn some extra income on the side.
  8. Going to start doing PCO (uber) I have my licence and ready to roll. Need funds to hire a car on a weekly basis will need in the region of £250 a week.
  9. Hi @Goldmick It is a proof. Has now been sold, to a forum member I have bought of from before. Sold pending payment.
  10. And with that bumped up, I'm willing to accept offers in the £300 region. For 1/4oz of gold it is a really nice coin and at a decent price. Trying to have it gone by the end of the night. Funding a side hustle venture, - only reason to sell my current list of coins