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  1. 5 roubles if still available pls
  2. Nice coin, should be worth a few quid. Await further replies from forum members with an accurate figure.
  3. I'm not sure whether this is accurate but my interpretation from here at tsf is the pandas are not that popular compared to other coins.
  4. Scottsdale Gorillas - MickD 100g Geiger & 1g Au Umicore - Domo Thank you
  5. https://thesilverforum.com/topic/27030-1st-feb-2020-the-silver-forum-lounge-with-numistacker-london-coin-show/
  6. I bought mine of Martin Silver Trader. He has them and we all know how great it is to deal him and his company.
  7. Right ok, Beca can reach out if needed.
  8. The lion and griffin can be bought in the region of £325-£390. Dragon £200-£230 mark. Unicron, bull.and falcon easy to get hold of at a reasonable price. @silverdocket had some QB 10oz for sale
  9. The fair is close to Euston station, so if you wanted to get a hotel there should be many available in London. You don't necessarily need to get a hotel near Euston or central London. If you wanted to you can get a cheaper Hotel on the outskirts of Central London and travel to coin fair by public transport. Very easy to do. @Agpanda
  10. The first coin as mentioned before has been refunded and the money is back into my account after going through the eBay dispute. Update 2 of 2 The ebayer folded and accepted the return for the second coin in the end without the need for it to go through to the dispute process. A refund is currently being processed. Thanks to Arshimo and lmufc for initially pointing out the issues with these coins. In the end the total damage was only £13.20 which was the cost of sending two seperate packages via SD. A result , happy days.
  11. Hi, I'm after, a 2019 1/2 Sovereign coin - Now sourced 2019 Scottsdale Silver Congo Gorilla 1oz In OMP If you have either of the above and would like to sell then please feel free to get in contact. Thank you
  12. I don't have it, but I have seen it in a video/picture and can only assume in real life it would look even better. Royal Arms 1oz Au coin
  13. I hope so Kimchi but untill it's finalised I would not bank on it.