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  1. Hi Folks, Im going to purchase a 10 oz QB Bull and would be willing to use my transaction via transfer-wise if anyone wants to save on hassle & fees. Order would be placed on Friday latest.
  2. By buying BYB hand poured silver and supporting the sale of their products and services
  3. Yh I am currently thinking of doing the same thing, however finding out which companies to buy shares in and also allocating the funds are my immediate issues.
  4. Love Anton Kreil, one of my Best mates is a scouser and he told me this did well. Real COME UP guy.
  5. Tn21

    where to buy Sovereign 2019

    I would have gone for this myself but tapped out ATM.
  6. Oh really there is a certain time limit to mark as complete?
  7. Id you go on edit and under prefix I believe you can change the status completed @MikeOxlong
  8. Yh I have not seen one on here, or in real life. Bug fan of the stackers but I will definately get my hands on this one day.
  9. Wow fresh Scottsdale stock. How much is the loaf ?
  10. The gaffa aka the Boss aka Chairs calls the shots 😎
  11. No I have not as of yet but it would be something I would definately consider in the future