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  1. Tn21

    SilverLuster says Hi

    Hi and welcome onboard,
  2. Tn21

    Hi from Croatia

    Wow that was harsh @groundup all that counts is the end result and the Croatian team beat us in 120mins(LOL). @Mugiwara welcome on board, its a really good forum to join
  3. Possible question for CEO- How is business generally for them ? Are they finding an increase in demand for their services or decline. Also what do they think seperates them from other hallmakers?
  4. Tn21

    Today I Received

    Congrats on the 100oz bar, looks the business.
  5. Tn21

    PM’s and ???

    Decent film minimalism film, good shout
  6. Got my items today just unpackaged it all. Very happy and thrilled with everything. Thank you mr & Mrs BYB ! All you efforts and time is much appreciated.
  7. Tn21

    PM’s and ???

    Don't want to go off topic but the amount of PM's that could have been purchased with gambling losses (huge). Stocks and shares am all for it but spread betting is almost the equivalent as the fixed odds terminals. Drugs alcohol gambling are all distractions in life, best to keep it to a minimum or even better completely avoid. Stacking is unique and ideal for ex/current gamblers
  8. Tn21

    PM’s and ???

    I don't have any ideas but what I would say is stop the gambling, it's not healthy
  9. Harrods have stoped doing their bullion items now right?
  10. Tn21

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    From past experience I say go with you gut at some point it does pay off.
  11. Well having silver at 50usd before surly companies can still run with silver at the level
  12. Sorry to hear about your job, Keep your head up sir I'm sure another door will open for you soon. Good luck with the sale
  13. Tn21

    completed 5 oz Copper Cubes - Elemental Copper Bullion

    Il take 1 pls BYB
  14. Love it, well done pal. Agree with you about the prices and how enticing it can be. Looking how liquid the items sold was really incredible to witness. Congrats to you @Paul and congrats to everyone who bagged a good deal. 100% love it