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  1. Alun


    She would have to be smoking to put up with the attitude 😆😆
  2. Todays wonderful bar I'm looking after for the next generation ❤🇨🇦
  3. Alun


    I had an order a week or so ago, seemed to take forever for them to dispatch this time around , was sent FedEx but ended up being on TNT so no tracking and had to chase( FedEx and TNT are integrating) I did suffer the infamous rudeness when after being told it would be dispatched between the 17th and the 20th daring to question why it still hadn't on the 22nd.. And couldn't resist a returning salvo 😉 They are what they are though, and definitely pay in euros and use transferwise as it's much cheaper
  4. I've still yet to pick up a 2019 F15, prices are still a little high so am waiting a while as they will come down, just have to wait for people to break the sets. Always more difficult as a 10k mintage, I do agree there have been an awful lot of privys with the kooks, but that's why I collect, to get them all , got plenty of Generic stuff and weight to off set my premium collections, but you cant beat adding to sets and searching out the more difficult coins to find. It's what it's all about 😁
  5. All of the above, there are still a massive amount of places where it's not sold in the city, and no self respecting liverpudlian Red or Blue would be seen reading itI went as a 15year old boy to lay flowers and scarves the week after in Sheffield. 2 trains and 2 buses to get there
  6. And the rest courtesy of the Belgian customer service champions 😉 Todays a good day
  7. 1st delivery of the day, hoping for another if FedEx pull the thumb out of their Ass😆 Beautiful JM 10ozer❤ sent to me from 🇨🇦
  8. Just the warrior series and dragon boxs remain for the time being, so a little bump up the listings
  9. I had contemplated getting one for a long time , and finally pulled the trigger earlier in the year on this from a very trusted source. When spot was low😀 Once I'd got a load of bullion coins and a selection of proofs I moved on to 10oz bars and wanting a 100oz was something to aim for. It is a beast to hold, and makes the 10ozers now feel like tidlewinks. When it does come to sell I think the fact it has age will always go in its favour too so would always try to get something a bit older.. I've got an old50oz on the way too, but still think the 10oz is the most liquid way to stack weight
  10. Need to get those in one of my slab boxs 😀
  11. Loving ❤ these older bars at the moment. Thanks go to @StackSellRepeat great service as always