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  1. A couple of others I've yet to stash away, some history .
  2. Just the way older bars should look 😉
  3. Prize received from @Stu66 Nothing like a 0.5gram gold coin to confirm your eyes are old & Knackered 😀😀😀🎅
  4. Probably the last delivery of this year from Canada 🇨🇦
  5. Yes mate, you are on there 👍
  6. Not something I do mate.
  7. All sold mate so be a little while on the generic
  8. I still have a few yes. The box holds 6 silver coins. Which is the series in Silver. Drop me a PM, can't post till Saturday as I'm travelling. Alun
  9. Add me please , prize is any wooden box from stock to suit the winner.
  10. Bespoke Australian Lunar Series 3 1oz Silver wooden coin case. I am pleased to say I now have a number of these beautiful box's completed and ready for dispatching. I am going to be producing for the rest of the silver set 1/2oz 2oz and 5oz next year, but we have to start somewhere..Gold will also follow at some point... This is constructed using a solid walnut frame the box features concealed hinges and a hidden magnetic catch. Before spraying the lid has been veneered using Maple to give a contrasting subtler grain, before being sprayed red and lacquered. Finally I have chosen to screen print the logo and text onto the lid to enable it really stand out and to look crisp and fresh.. As usual the interior is created from laser cut perfect fit blaise lined foam in black. This is the finest box I have produced so far using only the finest materials, you will see from the base of the box how much effort goes into every inch seen or unseen when I'm producing . Priced at £60 with UK postage and packing at £4.50 International options on request. All Orders will be dispatched by 2nd December Many Thanks Alun