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  1. I don't mate at the moment, weather I could adapt my larger 10oz box would depend on the exact measurements.... which you could send by PM if you like and I'll look into it.. Al
  2. I'm making all the time mate drop me a note if there's something you want from my box's
  3. Order book is open
  4. Got another list open for these guys drop me a PM to get on it. Alun
  5. Got another list open for these now guys, drop me a message to get on it. Walnut and Black.
  6. Been done for somebody previously so no problem just be clear when ordering please 👍
  7. Thinking of doing some more if these soon, so if your interested drop me a message and I'll book you up. Many Thanks Alun
  8. This is what I was sent😁 Same question differing answers, Apmex said the same when I pushed them.. So we're none the wiser @swAgger 😆 Hello Alun, Thank you for your enquiry. The Swans do not have a final year set at this stage and are currently pencilled in on the our production schedule until 2021. However, this is subject to change. Kind regards,
  9. I was originally told it was in the plan for 5 years, but there was nothing guaranteed as it's a commissioned series. Alun
  10. All sold now buddy.
  11. Thanks Maurice, Glad your happy with the upgrade 😁 these will be a wonderful sight when full 👍 Appreciate your support.
  12. Thanks to @StackSellRepeat for todays lucky dip 10oz delivery. and sorting me out the loaf outside of the lucky dip 😁