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  1. I've updated with a picture for you 😉
  2. Finally got up-to-date on my 10oz Queens beasts, just in time for the next one . Bull arrived courtesy of a Lithuanian contact 😀
  3. I've now started on a box for the Lunar 3, Its THE most technical box to date and is going to be something quite special 🤞🤞 It will begin with the 1oz silver version and the plan is to then do 1/2oz and 2oz Silver early next year,Given the lack of a 10oz coin I've not decided on weather I will do type set yet. But a 5oz box will follow as will versions for gold coins later. You all know I'm only a small producer but will have the best box for this amazing set ❤ I've personally got some silver 21 1oz 11 2oz 21 1/2oz 5 5oz sat in Belgium waiting for some other stuff to share its shipping😀 So look out for the first boxes Early December
  4. Current stock is listed below with some pictures. All are solid wooden box made to the highest standard with lots of feedback available. 10 oz Queens beast in Black £65 Large generic 44 coin in Black £65 NGC Queens beasts Slab box £65 ( holds any variation of coin) World of Dragons £43 Warrior Series £41 T.I.M.E Series £41 last one !!!!! Privateer £56 last one !!!!!!! Looking towards Christmas I will also have the following available and will be taking orders on the below boxes for pre Christmas delivery Icons of Route 66 24 coin Gold sovereign 1/4oz Queens beast Marvel 12 coin 2oz Queens beast in Black I'm also starting the Lunar 3 journey with a 1oz silver box available soon...Which will be the best box yet 😉 other variations will follow.. All prices plus postage and coins included
  5. I could..... but I don't....maybe when I'm retired and have a need to pursue something that occupies all my freetime 😀
  6. Depends what you mean by safe enough. Its felt so went scratch depends on which box you are talking about ??
  7. Just a nudge to refresh the thread
  8. @StackSellRepeat has/had brit bars
  9. The vac pack on the Geiger is actually a big improvement on the wafer thin clingfilm on my 10oz that they used to use..
  10. She is a beast herself 😀 @TheBeast
  11. Was a sucker for the first Germania series and the new Allegories are equally as beautiful ❤
  12. Alun

    Apollo 11 Collection

    I like my little Apollo set too. With error 😁