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  1. Alun

    for sale Route 66

    You need a bigger safe 😆😆 All sold now 😁
  2. Alun

    for sale Route 66

    Approx 234x134x53mm I only have the one left if you want it PM me . Alun
  3. Alun


    Sent you it in messages bud
  4. Alun

    Today I Received.....

    Thanks to @ilovesilverireallydo for most of this weight. Good looking bars 👍👍
  5. Alun

    completed JM Bullion 10oz bars in OMP.

    Will PM you
  6. Alun

    wanted Empty BRITANNIA tubes wanted

    I also have a couple if you don't get sorted above
  7. Alun

    for sale 1/4 oz Gold Queens beasts boxes

    Can supply capsules with this box now 👍👍
  8. Alun

    Today I Received.....

    Just posted some boxes for this set @MickB
  9. Alun

    for sale Route 66

    @kimchi I'll be making more Marvel in the new year mate. Drop me a pm if you want adding to the list.. Alun
  10. Alun

    for sale Route 66

    Not sure how many of you here will be collecting this little series, but I've now got a box available for them . So an opportunity to show off my workmanship 👍 Made from Hardwood and same great Quality as my other stuff 😁 £45 posted within the UK. Overseas at cost. PM me to order or any Questions please ask...
  11. Alun

    Today I Received.....

    Looks great with the coins in @Marko 👍👍
  12. Alun

    Today I Received.....

    Another customer for my box then maybe 😆
  13. @Tomcbol @liquidmetal I will PM you both when I get a minute over the weekend 👍 Thanks
  14. Alun


    All Privateer boxes have now been mailed today Guys. Couple available if anyone interested Thanks Alun
  15. Alun

    withdrawn .

    Hi @StackSellRepeat a friend of mine is interested in this bar, he's only just joined the forum but can't view it for some reason, is it a premium only listing ? His name is @Alansrthur hes a collector of JM stuff i know from past dealings.. Alun