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  1. They are at £47 inc UK postage and I've got a list open for May delivery.
  2. Others have used for these Dave so Yes. I believe they fit in the 39mm capsules I use. Alun
  3. Only about 10 ish
  4. Fits with the high relief coin capsules not the ones with a foam ring. Not included
  5. I'll tag you in original post
  6. If I get enough interest is be happy to make some more .
  7. Still a couple on silverstans Amazon page mate. Only place left to get .
  8. Is anybody looking for P20 kooks. Just completed my set and have some spares. Let me know what your after and I'll take a look before they go on EBay. Got 90,91,92,98,02,03,05,08,09 spare.. Will picturegraph coins for any interested parties. Alun
  9. Few months down the line mate yes.
  10. Last one mate will PM you now