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  1. Next batch is completed and pre orders have either gone out today, or will go out in the next couple of days. I have a few available if anyone would like please get in touch. Many Thanks Alun
  2. Alun

    Icons of Route 66

    @SilverStan can probably sort you out now Jay has gone .
  3. I'll send a message
  4. About 4 weeks away from having some more finished . Drop me a note if your not on the list
  5. Hello I've been asked by a member here @motorbikez if I can amend my Queens beast box to hold the slabs from NGC. And after a little tweeting I've managed to come up with the following (pictures). So at this stage I'm just looking to establish some numbers as to how many would be interested and are collecting the series in NGC slabs?? Would be available in both Walnut and Black subject to numbers later in the year at about £55 plus post. Many Thanks Alun
  6. Cracking little delivery from @SilverStan Today
  7. Will have a couple of the box's by the end of the month again which I did for the 8 coin set from the north American mint.. 5k mintage on this set. Great set of coins. Which are not for sale by the way just the box's 😉
  8. Price reduced to £360 a tube . Plus delivery
  9. Couple of weeks mate, I reckon week commencing 15th July 🤞
  10. £385 per tube plus special ###REDUCED £360 Looking to sell off some of my Maples, as I've seen something I want more 😉 2x 25 tubes of 2013 2x25 tubes 2014 maple leaf privy. All have been stored in capsules since I've had them directly from the mint. Never handled and in fantastic condition. Prices are plus special delivery and works out at £15.40 an ounce.. 4 nines 9999 Can be supplied with Caps and tube. Payment by Paypal Friends and Family or add the fees.. Thanks Alun
  11. I did mate yes. And am currently running a second batch. Drop me a PM if interested. £54 posted UK and think there is 3 build slots left 20190430_121011.mp4
  12. Had to be done after getting the first Kew set.. And the presentation is Amazing ❤
  13. Massive Thanks to Peter @MrScottsdale for the latest 2 scottsdale 10ozers for my stack.. Always a lengthy process getting stuff from the states, but excellent communication throughout and fantastic packaging. ❤