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  1. 2002 Gold Proof Sovereign, NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo. £575 including Royal Mail Special Delivery. £10 surcharge for overseas buyers, this is shipped via Worldwide Royal Mail International Tracked & Signed AT BUYERS RISK, insurance Is available for a further £20. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal friend transfer. International buyers must stand all conversion fees I must receive the stated amount after all fees. Thank you Mark (Osborne01652) Ebay (marosborn22) Ebay For savings or reasonable offers on eBay items please direct message me here.
  2. Good Morning, I require a 2007 Gold Bullion Sovereign, uncirculated condition (obviously a few scratches etc) I Can Pay £290 by Paypal friend or bank transfer. The price offered includes special delivery shipping. Please send me a message if you are interested in selling one. Thank you, Mark
  3. 2016 Gold Proof Sovereign NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo. £625 Free Royal Mail special delivery postage. Payment by bank transfer or Paypal friend transfer. PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME WITH OFFERS OF SWAPS, I’M NOT GETTING CAUGHT WITH THAT AGAIN! Thank you Mark ( Osborne01652 on eBay ) (marosborn22 on eBay) (maosb78 on ebay) You are welcome to message me on here with any enquires of coins I have for sale on eBay or elsewhere and I will set a sale listing up on here for you.
  4. Reduced to £327 Hope I’m allowed to do that without making a new listing and jumping though 5 hoops and running to the shop and back... 😆
  5. 2012 Gold Proof Half Sovereign, PR70 DCAM PCGS Gold Shield Slab £337 Posted UK Royal Mail Special Delivery. £345 Worldwide Royal Mail International tracked & signed uninsured at buyers risk. (£360 if insurance reqd.) Payment By Bank Transfer or Paypal no fee friend transfer. 2% surcharge if Paypal invoice is required.
  6. 2020 Gold Proof Sovereign, Royal Mint Box. £495 including Royal Mail Special Delivery postage. Payment by bank or Paypal friend. If a PayPal invoice is required a 2% surcharge will apply. £980 if 2 are required including RM Special Delivery postage. I have 3 to sell. Offer not applicable to any previous jobsworths on my selling posts. 💋
  7. The one in the latest photographs Added is still available.
  8. Ok that’s great, send me a private message with your Name and address and how you want to pay. PayPal friend is easier but up to you. thanks, mark
  9. Still 2 left, any takers on here or just givers Roy? 🤔
  10. Since I had 6 bottles of Stella after selling coins for 12 hours then have to endure comments like yours when you have absolutely no intention of even making an offer.. btw. wilko are offering half Price pick and mix th Added 0 minutes later... This half term if of interest?
  11. Harrington Byrne you’re taking about there pal! I’d guess you need to focus your mind on more pressing issues like checking out your own life path ?
  12. Wow, slight double standards from someone who makes comments like this 😏
  13. Isn’t the comment “Cowboy outfit” quite rude and insulting.. ? Is that within the rules?