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  1. It was the 80's, you're right. Not mixed up though, both are 80's. Here's one from the 70's.
  2. This Universal Basic Income is gaining traction with the leftists in the U.S. now, they say Sanders is talking about it and intends to put it into his next campaign.
  3. ... and while I'm ranting, I'm sick to death of hearing about how dangerous it is now. Your ass can go out in any major Western city these days, anytime day or not, and be fine. Go to the movies, go to a restaurant and eat, whatever you want, catch an Uber ride home. Yet somehow everybody thinks it's so dangerous now compared to how it used to be. Let's check the numbers out for the United States and see ... 1975 Population 213M, Murder 9.6, Rape 26.3, Robbery 220.8, Assault 231.1 1985 Population 239M, Murder 8.0, Rape 37.1, Robbery 208.5, Assault 302.9 1995 Population 262M, Murder 8.2, Rape 37.1, Robbery 220.9, Assault 418.3 2015 Population 320M, Murder 4.9, Rape 28.4, Robbery 102.2, Assault 238.1 So .. you were literally twice as likely to get freaking MURDERED in 1975, 1985, even 1995 than you are now. I remember what that was like. The funny/weird thing is, people didn't really think that much of it back then, not like they do now. Mothers practically wrap their kids up in plastic wrap before they send them out now, if they even send them out .. most won't even let the kids go outside in the city without them. I remember, even back then when the murder rate was TWICE what it is now, kids used to get on their bicycles and go where ever the hell they wanted to, they went to play in parks, whatever, nobody freaking cared. And it was MUCH more dangerous then, people drinking and driving, crime everywhere, God knows what laying on the ground, needles, crack pipes, ...
  4. New York City subway now. Here's what that &^%$ looked like in 1987 ... And the 1970's ....
  5. I always wonder where these people who grew up "back in the day" were living when they said everyone had a job, manufacturing, pensions, and all this stuff. Where I lived, during the 70's recession, high gasoline, etc, people were literally standing on the corner at the courthouse trying to get day work. Back then, the buildings were once empty, had bums sleeping in them, etc, trash was just thrown all over the ground, bottle caps, the little tear off can tabs we used to use as "rings" (jewelry), cigarette butts and packs everywhere, etc ... all gone, replaced by wine and cheese shops and the like. I hear how hard kids have it now .. freaking really ? REALLY ? WTF. I tell you what, when I first started working I wasn't mouthing off about what I would and wouldn't do, I just did it, because I was happy as hell to have a job. People in the states go downtown in New York for New Years, wall to wall capitalism, businesses everywhere, safe in the streets .. back in the 70's your ass could get shot in NYC, and if you went downtown it was probably to visit one of the plentiful XXX movie theaters or something. In the 1980's NYC, Baltimore, LA, these places were crack cocaine central, nobody went downtown at night, NOBODY. New York City literally went bankrupt back then. Trash worker strikes, air traffic controller strikes ... damn IRA bombing places in London. Hell we were all waiting around for WW3 to start. I have like ZERO tolerance for people b*tching about how hard it is now. 30+ year bull market in equities, low interest rates, cheap gasoline, low unemployment, loans for anyone who wants to borrow, credit cards for anyone who wants one .. if you can't make it now what the hell are you hoping is going to change so that you can make it.
  6. I don't understand why they don't just give everyone a million £uk. What's the difference at this point ?
  7. Lowlow

    How much silver is too much silver ?

    I don't see your point, who said robbery was worse than murder ? Seems like a random kind of thing to say.
  8. Lowlow

    How much silver is too much silver ?

    "How much silver is too much silver ..." "Horse: You've got some fit birds in there. Lomper: Nah. Tits are too big. Horse: Yeah? Horse: Didn't know they could be." - Full Monty
  9. Lowlow

    Silver Stacking Regrets

    I know it's just a matter of perspective, but I don't think of it that way. To me, thinking about silver "falling" from 17$us/oz to 5$us/oz doesn't mean anything, really. What I mean by that is that silver is a thing. It's an ounce of a thing. It exists, you can hold it, it is a coin or bar, etc, stamped, and has a chemical composition. It exists in limited quantity on this planet, though it is mined, and used in production. It's REAL. Compare that with what you're pricing it in, cash money. Literally created from nothing. Printed on paper. Illusory. Only has value because everybody walks around pretending it does. Essentially just an information system and a figment of our collective imaginations. Currency is one of the most unreal things there is, literally (physically) evolving from precious metals into base metal coins, into account ledgers, into electronic computer bits, and finally into computer bits that exist in .. who even knows where. Where ever those bits are, they certainly aren't in your hand. So when you get concerned that the real ounce of silver in your hand might be valued different tomorrow denominated in .. figments of everyone's collective imagination ... is that really rational ? Wouldn't it be more rational to hold the silver in your hand, grin like a Cheshire cat that someone was dumb enough to hand their silver to you in exchange for paper currency, and be happy regardless ? The only reason paper currency has any value is because you're willing to accept it in the belief that someone else will. So in the big scheme of things, does it matter that they'll give you 10 times as much paper money, if it costs 10 times as much paper money to buy a loaf of bread ? Because that's what it'll be like if silver is "worth" 10 times as much, and if it's "worth" half as much, it'll buy half as much bread.
  10. Lowlow

    When Siver goes through the roof!

    I know what I would do, because .. I did it .. after lows in the 1990's I stopped buying once silver started heading north of 20$us/oz. In future, if it went really high, I think it would depend on WHY it went really high in price. If it was because of currency devaluation, there's no point in "selling" silver (i.e. trading for paper money) because the "high price" is only "high" because the money is worthless, so even though you're making bank vs. your currency, you're just breaking even against food and gasoline. If, however, it went through the roof because of speculative buying, then that's a good reason to sell. I personally think another good reason to trade out of PM is vs. other commodities .. so, if, for example, the GSR was really high (like it is now) then disregarding the European silver embargo (VAT) it would probably be smart to trade out of gold and into silver, then back again when the GSR is low. I can think of other commodity trades where that would make sense too if other commodities were cheap enough vs PM.
  11. There's another reason to love to UK, and that's because in the U.S. interest rates had essentially been negative for many years until very recently, and in the U.S. companies don't pay out high dividends because of our tax structure. The UK, on the other hand, has negligible withholdings on dividends paid to foreign investors and strong dividend payments. So, please keep paying your British Gas, National Grid, United Utilities, EE, etc bills, the few U.S. investors smart enough to visit the LSE thank you for your patronage. Edit, btw, this trade isn't what it was because rates in the U.S. are climbing fast.
  12. Hmm .. well, apparently I was wrong about that anyway, because it was the house of lords, and I thought they were elected and that they had the power to do a second referendum, but maybe that isn't even true. I should really learn more about UK politics. BTW, and this has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS THREAD ... I don't know WHY this is, but being in the U.S., everybody here LOVES the UK. I mean that seriously. There is no rhyme or reason to it, because people in the U.S. complain about everybody else, Mexico, Canada, France (especially France), most of the EU countries really, except not Spain really ... but I don't know of anybody who isn't in love with the UK. You never hear anything bad said here about the UK, even when we hear that people in the UK are angry with the U.S. nobody says anything bad about the UK. It's weird. I can't think of another country that is true for, except maybe Tibet .. lol, nobody really has anything bad to say about Tibet. Ok and maybe Australia some too, people in the U.S. like Australia a lot too. I think anyone who visits the U.S. from the UK is basically treated like a rock star, and I don't know why that is, but I've seen it. I once watched a whole hoard of people gather around a Scottish guy who was in a bar (pub) with his wife, they were hanging on his ever word, he was like a super hero to local patrons. Oh, there is one exception and that's for that guy Piers Morgan, he was very political and wouldn't shut up about it and nobody really liked him, I think he packed his junk and went back to the UK in humiliation lol. Anyway, people in the U.S. really love the UK, and I don't know why I felt like saying that .. maybe it's just because it really is weird that everybody in the U.S. likes the UK.
  13. Erm .. umm .. yeah ... so ... I heard it was the house of lords too, and .. uhh ... I didn't know they weren't elected. So ... yeah, so you know I don't know a lot about UK politics lol.
  14. As an .. objective ? ... outsider (I think I'm objective about it ?) I don't see how they do it over. It isn't that they couldn't, stranger things have happened, but rather that I don't think Europe's mood in general, and the UK's mood specifically, would let them. Witness the recent elections in Italy, and they were just the latest in a kind of surge of nationalism and populism. What would happen if the UK government actually gets to the point where they vote to have another referendum, I wonder how the public would react to that. The last time it was very divisive, so what would happen to the UK if it got back into that again ? I can't imagine how .. your words "euro-skeptic" people would react to basically having their referendum result overturned and being forced to fight the whole thing again, and what would happen if they lost the second time, would the UK/Euro relationship EVER be legitimate after that ? Folks here who are in the UK would know much better than me, that's why I asked, but as an outsider it looks .. I don't even know what the words is, risky, for all parties involved, to have a "do over".
  15. Lowlow


    Argentina bonds are really hot right now. You can trade them in a brokerage account, but don't forget even when you're making 40% you're making that return IN THEIR CURRENCY. For foreign investors you're also paying between 15-35% withholding tax on the interest too. Argentina pulled off a 100 year bond issue, if you can believe that. And you thought your 30 year mortgage was a long time.