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  1. So you got a lot of suggestions for gold .. I think it depends on what exactly SHTF means to you .. If we're talking financial collapse, I'd recommend listening to your countrymen on what the best investment value for your money is, because they know where the VAT strikes, what your market is like, what sells and doesn't, etc .. gold and silver are both money, and both would be good for a financial collapse. If we're talking TEOTWAWKI ... Then I'd go silver. Silver may be out of vogue in the UK as an investment metal because it isn't really considered "money", or a legit investment, .. but if you can get it VAT free and really mean to hold it for an actual bad event such as a nuke somewhere, then silver is going to be an actual currency when you need food, etc. Yes, as others have said, it weighs more, and that kind of thing, but it's also spendable - buying food with gold sovereigns would be a little challenging, though its safe to assume that someone, somewhere will be trading silver for gold and it would be possible. The U.S. really has it made on this because there is still plenty of money from the early part of the 20th century that doesn't have a high premium and is still a great investment.
  2. Hey one of the UK papers wrote about this issue! https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/jan/09/virginia-gun-control-second-amendment-civil-war Umm .. except now it says everyone in Virginia in support of the 2nd Amendment is a bunch of racists or something 🤨 What, they can't win an election in the UK so they are messing with the U.S. now ?
  3. I thought UK readers might be interested in this because it's something that is happening in the U.S. that hasn't made world news, so you get to know something few people know about. Below is a map of a bunch of rural counties in one of the states in the U.S. that have declared that they won't enforce new gun control regulations that are about to be passed in their state. Each of the green counties are counties in the state that have passed something they are calling "2nd Amendment Sanctuary Resolutions" that essentially say they won't enforce new laws that are passed that are not in alignment with the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution (the pro-gun part). It's a curious development because in each of these counties there have been huge numbers of people going to their county, city, and town governments and pushing for these resolutions to be passed, and it all happened in just a matter of weeks. It has escalated into the governor of their state making threats, a law enforcement officer in one of the counties saying he will deputize his own citizens so they don't have to comply, a number of the localities passing laws forbidding the use of their money to enforce the upcoming laws, .. and even threats of calling out the state's National Guard (a state military force) against their own population to enforce the laws. Anyway, it's just a quirky thing that is happening in the United States that I thought you might be interested in, and it kind of gives you the inside scoop on something that most people in the UK and Europe probably haven't even heard of. If you are unfamiliar with the geography of the United States, the black area on the upper right of the map is the southwestern suburbs surrounding Washington D.C., so it's very close to the capital of the U.S.
  4. This reminds me of things here in the states where I am, which is in a relatively rural area. The people here have been abused by the news media in this country, and I remember when it all started. It was just before Obama took office when the financial crisis of 2008 happened ... suddenly we had a populist kind of uprising here among working people who were losing their jobs, not getting work because of the housing crisis, etc, and were really suffering financially ... the had banded together into the TEA Party (Taxed Enough Already), and that's when the trouble here really started. That's the first time I ever remember feeling that the news media was against ME, as a person, and against my community - up until that point I had always thought the media often said things that weren't in line with the values of the people who raised me, but it wasn't until that moment that the media actually started to demonize the people where I live, literally calling them racists, etc. I had never heard that up until that point. Suddenly that was coming out of everyone's mouths ... Democrats (something like a Labor voter I think) were calling their own constituents from working class areas racists, even though those had been traditionally Democratic voters. Then in the past election it became much more pointed as Trump was running, ... EVERYTHING became about racism, homophobia, transphobia, just all this crazy nonsense, and just before our last election the primary things on the news were Black Lives Matter (BLM) which was a very urban centric cause, and transgender bathrooms and such things. I remember it had all gone completely off the rails when the sports associations and Hollywood film makers were refusing to go to certain states and saying that championship games wouldn't be held in certain states because they didn't like the laws those states had passed. It has been that kind of .. what would you call it, disdain I guess in the media, in the urban "elites", in wealthy suburban voters who live around the major cities, etc, that has completely realigned the political parties in the United States. I don't know the situation in the UK, but from what I've seen .. that's almost exactly how it has been there too. Your Brexit and the urban people, big business, etc, who have fought against it for the past three years remind me of the "Russia gate" and "impeachment" people here in the states who simply haven't been able to accept that someone they don't like won an election on the backs of rural and working people. I think people here wish that we could have a landslide election like yours, with a result in both that causes the urban people to stop being so smug and re-evaluate their place in the world, to make them realize that they are not the masters of the Universe and bearers of the torch of moral correctness that they believe they are. That has not happened in the U.S. .. the victory of Trump in the U.S. has simply been written off by urban people as a quirk, some anomaly that they were trying to explain away with charges of racism in the electorate, "muh Russia conspiracy", and all the rest, they simply can't accept that voters just don't agree with them. I feel you are lucky in the UK in that your Labor party now has to actually sit down and figure out what happened .. they can't pretend its just because of one thing (Brexit, or whatever) because of the scale of the loss, and all of your political parties will be the better for that objective look. Here in the U.S. that has not happened, and our culture wars between urban and rural/working people continues. I suppose you could say that I'm a bit envious of the decisiveness of your election.
  5. Hello all! This is the first chance I've had since the UK election, and I just wanted to say that I'm so happy that you have had such a decisive election, and to also congratulate you for fighting back against all the powers who were arrayed against you to regain your own sovereignty. I have been really interested in your politics for the past few years and I think it is great that you are all on the same page and that your government has a mandate to finish Brexit. So again, congratulations, from across the ocean, we in the states have been watching with great interest and wish you all well. I'm overjoyed for all of you and excited about your future and the future of our countries together. Your victory is inspiring to us all.
  6. I've been focusing on the trend since I started buying silver at sub 8$us/oz in the early and late 1990's 9$us silver would be great, but I don't think you can count on that until/unless the debt bubble bursts and we get that stock market crash that's (inevitably ?) on the horizon. I'd LOVE to see that price, but I just don't see sub-12$us/oz silver without or until the bubble pops, there's just too much borrowed money floating around out there for that to happen. To say that a different way ... when silver hits 8-9$us/oz, most people won't have any cash to buy it at that price.
  7. Hello all It has been a while since I've been around the forum, and I'm just checking in to say hello and I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. For myself, I haven't been around much because of the Price of Silver. I'm a bargain buyer, and I don't feel silver is as good a bargain at the moment as it could be, and I believe will be again, so I've just been watching and waiting. Right now above 17$us .. it's not a bad buy, silver is never a bad buy! But why buy something at 17$us you think you can get for 15$us later. In Sep/Oct 2018, and again in Mar/Apr 2019 I had been a buyer, and was a lot more active, .. and hope to be again in future, but it all depends on how the price moves. Still waiting for the equity markets to break down .. really thought that was going to happen in the past year or two, but you can almost never guess how debt bubbles will act in the short term. Anyway, hope you are all doing well, warm regards from across the seas ...
  8. I wouldn't know, all I have ever seen is religious study, information from encyclopedias, and some cat videos. 🥰
  9. I'm curious what UK citizens think of your upcoming block on Internet sites that require presenting an ID to your government to pass, just how angry do you think your citizenry will be when that goes into place and people figure out that they can't go to certain sites without a hallway pass from the ministry of public decency ? Polls apparently show that the great majority of people in the UK don't even know this is going into effect.
  10. Lowlow

    A L I E N

    Same, would not buy it ... but feel better knowing it exists in the world :D
  11. Ok UK citizens please explain the effect of the Brexit party win on the actual pragmatic process of Brexit'ing to me please I mean ... so ... what now ? Do the newly elected actually have the power to do whatever has to be done ? Or is it just more fighting and inactivity ? Congratulations, btw ... on voting again to be sovereign. A sovereign UK is a strong and lasting UK. States in the U.S. used to be sovereign, and now they're all basically the same and have almost no power ...
  12. Yeah, well, some of us don't see it that way. The only thing I see in your post I can agree with at all is fighting usury, but our solution is 180 degrees from yours. The way to fight usury is to have a country full of strong, independent individuals who are all well educated in the dangers of taking on too much debt, who are cautious when approached by lenders, who have self-control when it comes to purchasing, are educated in basic household finance, are strong in their convictions that the government should not take on unsustainable amounts of debt to finance itself (and especially not to hand out money to the masses), that people should be savers who put away resources for a rainy day, that people should be vigilant and "be prepared" for the worst, etc. But I will always debate against forcing policies on people "for their own good" such as those in rhetorical capital-"S" Socialism and communism (and not so rhetorical in some cases ... some of this stuff is becoming policy). These cynical philosophies all come at the problem with centralized solutions under the assumption that the common man is too stupid to take care of himself. Modern leftism in the United States is one of the most racists philosophies out there, it presupposes in modern times that certain groups of people are so devoid of morals that they can't be expected to obey laws because of their upbringing, can't take advantage of the opportunities available to everyone in the country to better themselves, can't start businesses because of "systemic oppression", and all the other buzzwords of the modern left, and I reject all of that in its entirety. I was once what might have been considered to be a leftist when I was young, and my positions haven't radically changed ... I still believe in individual freedom, individual responsibility, the expansive mind, anti-authoritarianism, individual rights, and I have very liberal leanings on a variety of policies from free speech to due process, all products of the Enlightenment, and all championed by 1960's counter-culture and the human potentiality movement .... yet now, somehow, I find that after a lifetime of basically not moving politically I'm suddenly allied not with the left, but with the right ... with the people being labeled Nazi's, fascists, etc, because the left has abandoned its principled stand on a variety of issues I feel are important and started censoring speech, dehumanizing everyone they disagree with, championing authoritarianism, supporting racism and segregation, and using fascist tactics to advance their agenda.
  13. Oh, your generation has seen plenty of communism ... it's just that now a lot of you are championing it after a lifetime of "education". In the United States people are proposing "reforms" that we used to laugh about when I was young, except nobody is laughing now because it is all too real. The latest poll I've seen is 40% of Americans now support some form of socialism (in the American sense of the word, not the UK/EU sense) .. and I'm not saying that to equate small-"S" socialism with communism, but rather to show that there has been a radical departure of the left AND the right from the "center", there is now a giant chasm between the peoples of the U.S. that wasn't there during the cold war on the very policies and rhetoric that were at the heart of the cold war.