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  1. I've been focusing on the trend since I started buying silver at sub 8$us/oz in the early and late 1990's 9$us silver would be great, but I don't think you can count on that until/unless the debt bubble bursts and we get that stock market crash that's (inevitably ?) on the horizon. I'd LOVE to see that price, but I just don't see sub-12$us/oz silver without or until the bubble pops, there's just too much borrowed money floating around out there for that to happen. To say that a different way ... when silver hits 8-9$us/oz, most people won't have any cash to buy it at that price.
  2. Hello all It has been a while since I've been around the forum, and I'm just checking in to say hello and I hope everyone is healthy and doing well. For myself, I haven't been around much because of the Price of Silver. I'm a bargain buyer, and I don't feel silver is as good a bargain at the moment as it could be, and I believe will be again, so I've just been watching and waiting. Right now above 17$us .. it's not a bad buy, silver is never a bad buy! But why buy something at 17$us you think you can get for 15$us later. In Sep/Oct 2018, and again in Mar/Apr 2019 I had been a buyer, and was a lot more active, .. and hope to be again in future, but it all depends on how the price moves. Still waiting for the equity markets to break down .. really thought that was going to happen in the past year or two, but you can almost never guess how debt bubbles will act in the short term. Anyway, hope you are all doing well, warm regards from across the seas ...
  3. I wouldn't know, all I have ever seen is religious study, information from encyclopedias, and some cat videos. 🥰
  4. I'm curious what UK citizens think of your upcoming block on Internet sites that require presenting an ID to your government to pass, just how angry do you think your citizenry will be when that goes into place and people figure out that they can't go to certain sites without a hallway pass from the ministry of public decency ? Polls apparently show that the great majority of people in the UK don't even know this is going into effect.
  5. Lowlow

    A L I E N

    Same, would not buy it ... but feel better knowing it exists in the world :D
  6. Ok UK citizens please explain the effect of the Brexit party win on the actual pragmatic process of Brexit'ing to me please I mean ... so ... what now ? Do the newly elected actually have the power to do whatever has to be done ? Or is it just more fighting and inactivity ? Congratulations, btw ... on voting again to be sovereign. A sovereign UK is a strong and lasting UK. States in the U.S. used to be sovereign, and now they're all basically the same and have almost no power ...
  7. Yeah, well, some of us don't see it that way. The only thing I see in your post I can agree with at all is fighting usury, but our solution is 180 degrees from yours. The way to fight usury is to have a country full of strong, independent individuals who are all well educated in the dangers of taking on too much debt, who are cautious when approached by lenders, who have self-control when it comes to purchasing, are educated in basic household finance, are strong in their convictions that the government should not take on unsustainable amounts of debt to finance itself (and especially not to hand out money to the masses), that people should be savers who put away resources for a rainy day, that people should be vigilant and "be prepared" for the worst, etc. But I will always debate against forcing policies on people "for their own good" such as those in rhetorical capital-"S" Socialism and communism (and not so rhetorical in some cases ... some of this stuff is becoming policy). These cynical philosophies all come at the problem with centralized solutions under the assumption that the common man is too stupid to take care of himself. Modern leftism in the United States is one of the most racists philosophies out there, it presupposes in modern times that certain groups of people are so devoid of morals that they can't be expected to obey laws because of their upbringing, can't take advantage of the opportunities available to everyone in the country to better themselves, can't start businesses because of "systemic oppression", and all the other buzzwords of the modern left, and I reject all of that in its entirety. I was once what might have been considered to be a leftist when I was young, and my positions haven't radically changed ... I still believe in individual freedom, individual responsibility, the expansive mind, anti-authoritarianism, individual rights, and I have very liberal leanings on a variety of policies from free speech to due process, all products of the Enlightenment, and all championed by 1960's counter-culture and the human potentiality movement .... yet now, somehow, I find that after a lifetime of basically not moving politically I'm suddenly allied not with the left, but with the right ... with the people being labeled Nazi's, fascists, etc, because the left has abandoned its principled stand on a variety of issues I feel are important and started censoring speech, dehumanizing everyone they disagree with, championing authoritarianism, supporting racism and segregation, and using fascist tactics to advance their agenda.
  8. Oh, your generation has seen plenty of communism ... it's just that now a lot of you are championing it after a lifetime of "education". In the United States people are proposing "reforms" that we used to laugh about when I was young, except nobody is laughing now because it is all too real. The latest poll I've seen is 40% of Americans now support some form of socialism (in the American sense of the word, not the UK/EU sense) .. and I'm not saying that to equate small-"S" socialism with communism, but rather to show that there has been a radical departure of the left AND the right from the "center", there is now a giant chasm between the peoples of the U.S. that wasn't there during the cold war on the very policies and rhetoric that were at the heart of the cold war.
  9. Some day the people on the remain side who refused to support May's proposals may look back with some regret, she may have been their last, best hope for an EU compromise. I think the same thing about Trump's infrastructure and immigration proposals ... some day the left in the United States might look back at Trump as "the good ole days ..." that they didn't take advantage of when they had the chance.
  10. You can't be too hard on older people. Young people weren't around for the cold war, they have no idea what it was like to be under constant threat of nuclear war, it shaped two generations of people. It's easy for young people to think it is silly, or worse, to think it didn't even happen, or that the fear was unwarranted ..
  11. This is funny ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yGL-XJPuCuo
  12. Every time the UK votes on May's Brexit deal you have to drink.
  13. You just refuse to give war a chance, auger. /s