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  1. Lowlow

    Cash is King

    Rolling my position over for another month today.
  2. Lowlow

    Fractional Silver

    No. The only fractional silver worth buying, in my not so humble opinion, is junk silver dimes and half dollars. It's the same price for the mints to create 1/10th oz things as 1oz things, so for 10 1/10th oz things you're paying10x the premium (approximately). With junk silver, the government paid that expense because they made the coins in huge quantities, so you're getting that premium paid for free .. junk silver is close to spot price and much cheaper than 1/10th oz rounds.
  3. Lowlow

    You know what grinds my gears?

    People who have more than 20 items in the 20 item line People who place huge orders at the drive thru instead of going inside
  4. Lowlow

    You know what grinds my gears?

    Three of mine ... People who ride in the passing lane (left lane in the U.S.!) People who leave shopping carts (trollies) sitting in parking spaces at the store Madstack's snowflakes lol ... (and just remember that snowflakes don't like being called snowflakes, so in a fit of passive aggressive rage they'll try to turn it around on you in accordance with their premise that if you don't agree with them you're either stupid, insane, evil, or being misled by evil people)
  5. Lowlow

    My latest find!

    Nice! Little bit of everything in there, Mercury dimes, Walkers, Franklins, Eagles, Kennedy halves, ... Edit ... actually, looking at it again, Standing Liberty, rosies, Washington, Morgan, etc ... you might have gotten at least one of everything that counts as junk silver these days lol Nice mix.
  6. Lowlow

    Bear Signs

    GE is a debt ridden piece of &^%$ stock that I would never own. I mean it just is. They were so lucky they didn't go down in 2008 ...
  7. Lowlow

    COin bars silver

    Another good thing about the large bullion coins is if you ever find yourself without a spare tire ...
  8. I think we are at the lows and thus poised for a big leg down, with the equity markets being the catalyst.
  9. Or just over in £uk .. like 7.50£uk. I'm torn, because that prediction is absurd ... and, yet, it's right in line with the options position I took vs. the U.S. S&P. I have to either post an absurd prediction that feels "way out there" and figure I'm going to look silly, or ... post what is in line with my actual position in the market, the bets I've actually got on the table, so I choose the second.
  10. Oh, and I will say ... umm ... 9.82$us/oz by the end of the year.
  11. That game might be more fun ... what will the £uk be worth at the end of the year ...
  12. Lowlow

    Lighthouse or Air-Tites?

    Light tarnish ... I prefer my silver au naturel ..
  13. The lower the better ...
  14. It seems to be a thing, but I don't know if it is anti-EU, or nationalistic, or what. I mean it's a big range ... everything from Brexit on one end which is just people voting to leave the EU, to .. what, the golden dawn on the other end ? Which, I don't know anything about them really, but there seems to be more going on there than just anti-globalism. Hungary seems to be in the middle of that spectrum somewhere.
  15. Lowlow

    What to stack??

    Hard to go wrong with junk silver, but be careful of premiums (including tax and shipping). The basic formula is ... Price per 1$us face value divided by 0.715 = Price per troy ounce Personally I think if that price is more than 10-15% higher than spot, it's too much ... Example #1 - if you're being charged 12$us per 1$us face, that's 16.78$us per troy ounce, or at 14.50$us spot about a 13% premium, which in my opinion is a little high. It's okay for a few coins here and there, but in bulk it's high. Example #2 - coin shop might try to charge something like 15$us per 1$us face for junk, so that's 21$us per troy ounce, or at 14.50$us spot that's about a 31% premium, which is really high. Junk at a good price is pretty low risk ... it's easy to buy, sell, and widely available.