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  1. Not my type , I imagine she looks something like that though ?
  2. If Eva is watching , oneday I will pay you a visit in person . ?
  3. I am now hearing many other stories from stackers who have had bad experiences with this company . Apparently they have had many bad reviews but go round deleting them all ? should they be on business! I don’t think so! They are con men and don’t care about the people putting money in their pockets . I don’t know how anyone would want to buy from them no matter what the saving which isn’t much .
  4. Well their Facebook page is not looking to good , I have a fair fee stacker friends that are disgusted , it seems they suddenly have a fair few 1* ratings oh dear
  5. I sell cars for a living , believe me I have some awful customers who deserve little respect at times and feel like speaking to them like that but would never do it. How you can run a business like that I have no idea . I would rather pay I tiny bit more and deal with a decent person
  6. I actually do have a € bank account in Spain as I have a property there . I only use it for bills going out and send money to it via transfer wise . I was going to pay via transfer wise when noticed the difference in price compared to the checkout price in £ in there site. It was way out and felt I needed to query it. It’s her response that’s just totally out of order . That put me off sending them a penny and I won’t be ever . Horrible people . If she was in the U.K. I would have been at her door !
  7. Yes, you are right I have not replied. I can’t believe they are still in business with customer service like that
  8. I was just using XE As an example but it was actually transfer wise which I was using to send payment and the amount on their site was way off in £ . I was just hoping for them to explain why as it meant I could buy cheaper in the U.K. . No excuse or reason for anyone to respond in that way . They are probably fine until you need to return or challenge them . Very very bad ?
  9. Just seen this thread from a while ago! I have just experienced the worst customer service from them . I have posted details on the gold thread about it but it’s interesting they have acted badly towards customers before . The way I was spoken to be someone called Eva was disgusting
  10. Well I’ve I have just suffered the worst experience ever of buying from a dealer. Someone recommended GOLDSILVER.BE I believe they are based in Belgium . I ordered a 1oz gold coin and a 1oz silver coin. The total came to £1018 they emailed me an invoice straight away for 1155€ when I went to pay the price wasn’t £1018 it was £1037 and we are talking a few mins . I double checked the price on their site it was still £1018 so I emailed to query the price . Wow I have never had so much abuse ? a girl named Eva told me not to order from them again amongst other things. I sent one back saying they had been recommended and explained their £ rate seemed wrong . I told them thier customer service was dreadful speaking to me like that and I wouldn’t use them again. I also sent pictures to back up what I was trying to say re the £ price . I got another back saying “we don’t care” I have the emails and screen shots I will try to upload they may be in the wrong order but you can see what happened . I am in shock and very upset , I never had any company treat me like this ?
  11. Hi, I have just joined. I have been stacking and flipping gold sovereigns for a while but now I been collecting and holding the ones I really like. Btw am I the only girl on here ? Lol