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  1. Looking to sell this Satir coin from Kazakhstan's Gold of Nomads Series. It has a jeweled and gilded Satir face on its obverse, is part of a mintage of only 5,000, and is the only one of the series graded by NGC. From what I can tell only 7 have been graded total between NGC and PCGS, and none have graded higher than this. Coin includes all pictured here- Original mint clamshell, capsule, and COA. Asking for $225 or best offer.
  2. Anyone check out (or possibly have) these new medals from Thailand? I think they're beautiful. There are 60g high relief medals in proof silver (mintage 188), Antique Silver (Mintage 68), Gilded Proof (mintage 66), Brass, and Copper (Mintage 228 each). Apparently there are also gilded uni-face medals of both the Elephant and the Temple that have mintages of 55 each, but I have not seen those editions yet. Would love to know everyone's thoughts!
  3. CutOfJib

    silver shot

    While I know Apmex can get a bit high with their premiums sometimes, their silver shot isn't terribly priced- https://www.apmex.com/search?q=silver+shot&f_bulliontype=other&page=1. I think Provident Metals also sells in 10oz increments
  4. CutOfJib

    Silver Deals.....

    Silver at Spot deals Hey everyone, as long as the spot's been dropping so much, I thought I'd share these links. Several US online dealers have 1-per person specials to get up to 10oz of silver at flat spot going. JM Bullion- 10 1oz rounds at spot, free shipping Silver Gold Bull- 10oz bar by Sunshine Mint at spot, free shipping Bold Precious Metals- Up to 5oz, $5.95 shipping SD Bullion - 10oz Bar at spot, $7.77 shipping
  5. CutOfJib

    Thoughts on Australia at Night?

    Anyone have any thoughts on this new first in series from Niue? Mintage 1000 proof silver coins. I think the platypus looks good, personally.
  6. CutOfJib

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    I originally tried to pre-order my Endeavor proofs from Dios. Reading all of this I feel like I dodged a bullet. When I placed my order I got 3 different "confirmation" emails from 2 different addresses all basically saying I would get additional instructions soon and listing various potential payment options- lots of red flags. Then I got a final email that the order wouldn't be filled as they had run out of stock. Thankfully I never actually paid him, the whole thing seemed super shady. I will say that while DHL is my last choice of carriers usually, I have never had major issues yet. I'm in the US and have ordered and also shipped a good deal of coins from overseas, including Germany, fairly regularly from large and small dealers and to this point have not had issues with customs in Germany or any other country. I suppose it's always a risk, but with so many people reporting similar experiences, the "colorful" emails, and several people receiving the same German coin book that mysteriously weighs the same as their coins did, it's pretty clear who is to blame. There is no way I can bring myself to believe that so many thefts are happening in customs in so many places just to this one shipper, who conveniently is the only one who can file a claim, let alone that so many customs thieves happen to stock pile those books, apparently. Love the idea of a YouTube expose if @BackyardBullion or anyone follow up with that. Please feel free to send the links and I'll be glad to share them around and spread the word. Good luck to everyone that lost out from this guy, I truly hope justice is done.
  7. CutOfJib

    Sent off some coins to NGC (part 1)

    I like the Gairsoppa coins as well, pretty cool. Newer ANACS grading (yellow holders like these) isn't bad, but tends to be a bit more liberal than older anacs and NGC/PCGS by many accounts I've heard. Don't be surprised if they come back from NGC a grade or so lower (not that they always will). NGC does sometimes give these the DPL designation though, which could be a nice bonus if they cross-grade well. NGC and PCGS also usually command a higher resale premium than ANACS if you ever wanted to sell these, so that may be a consideration too. All in all though, it's about the coin more than the holder, if you love the coin and think you would like it more in another slap, then that alone makes it worth it, whatever increases the happiness your collection or stack brings you. And there's my two cents on it...
  8. CutOfJib

    Rwanda - New Series "Nautical Ounce"

    Ordered mine!
  9. @BackyardBullion I foolishly hadn't logged onto the forum for several days and missed the original post that said by 4/15. Are any of these still available and can you message me an estimate on what shipping a couple to New York would cost? Thanks!