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  1. I ended up buying the Richter book on these medals. It's been extremely helpful and is written in both German and English, which is a nice bonus. Thanks again @ilovesilverireallydo
  2. @ilovesilverireallydo and @SilverTanner Thanks a lot for the suggestions!
  3. I have recently acquired a couple of old Swiss shooting medals and I love them. I'd really like to learn more about them and continue to collect these, but I am having the hardest time finding out information to educate myself. I've only found books that focus on the thalers with monetary values attached, and have learned some basics of the catalog R#'s of the medals but nothing too specific. Can anyone recommend a website I can go to or a guide I can purchase or anything so I can study up and collect wisely? Thanks in advance!
  4. Anyone check out (or possibly have) these new medals from Thailand? I think they're beautiful. There are 60g high relief medals in proof silver (mintage 188), Antique Silver (Mintage 68), Gilded Proof (mintage 66), Brass, and Copper (Mintage 228 each). Apparently there are also gilded uni-face medals of both the Elephant and the Temple that have mintages of 55 each, but I have not seen those editions yet. Would love to know everyone's thoughts!
  5. CutOfJib

    silver shot

    While I know Apmex can get a bit high with their premiums sometimes, their silver shot isn't terribly priced- https://www.apmex.com/search?q=silver+shot&f_bulliontype=other&page=1. I think Provident Metals also sells in 10oz increments
  6. Silver at Spot deals Hey everyone, as long as the spot's been dropping so much, I thought I'd share these links. Several US online dealers have 1-per person specials to get up to 10oz of silver at flat spot going. JM Bullion- 10 1oz rounds at spot, free shipping Silver Gold Bull- 10oz bar by Sunshine Mint at spot, free shipping Bold Precious Metals- Up to 5oz, $5.95 shipping SD Bullion - 10oz Bar at spot, $7.77 shipping
  7. Anyone have any thoughts on this new first in series from Niue? Mintage 1000 proof silver coins. I think the platypus looks good, personally.