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  1. GavinC

    Will gold hit $1,500 this year?

    There seems to be a fundamental misunderstanding. Its more about the yield for those promulgating the coins. not the price. Price for Kinesis on the ABX, BullionCoin on the BCX & Shangai Gold on the SGE & the DGCX in Dubai will all be necessarily the same within approximation, but still marginally higher than the paper price. These will be markets with deep liquidity. This should not be confused with present day pricing on the Legacy Gold website which until BC launch remains a UK centric Gold Saving Plan in partnership with Betts. Using a referral scheme where small slivers of the premium over spot are distributed amongst referrers such that with a modicum of diligence the net cost of a referrers own purchases of Gold, in time, fall below spot. Legacy Gold is merely re-deploying its marketing budget to share amongst the participants in the Savings Plan. Andrew, in his radio interview referred to yield @ 8% +. The Kinesis White Paper is not yet out but this number is not disimilar to BullionCoins 8 Basis Points Daily Share of transaction fee income with a 30% yield. (0.3 X 0.08% x 365 ) 8.76%. 8 Basis Points on the BCX Volume Incentive scale is for Institutional participants onboarding with a purchase value of BullionCoin in excess of $3m. There are lower volume breaks at $2m+, $1m+ & $250k+. Legacy Gold participants receive 5BP on their purchases with a minimum buy of either 1g AU or 50g AG. (0.3 X 0.05% x 365 ) 5.475%. Variation on yield is determined by the daily velocity and the daily price of Gold. I hope that might help clarify a couple of points.
  2. GavinC

    Hello Everyone!

    Thank you everybody for such a friendly welcome
  3. GavinC

    Hello Everyone!

    Hi Everyone Joined the forum a couple of days ago and feel like I’ve arrived at a really great place for advice and guidance: Not sure if my strategy makes sense but together with my son we intend to accumulate Silver to Gold broadly in ratio to their price. 3 Tubes x 25 Silver Britannia’s for every Gold Britannia 4 Tubes x 20 Silver Eagles for every Gold Eagle and so on, with the other popular coins too. Thereafter go with individual interest as our knowledge grows. As an aside is anybody familiar with the upcoming project that plans to re-introduce Gold & Silver as Full Reserve Currencies by tokenisation of Physical, Allocated/Segregated Gold & Silver Bars into 1g and 50g, digital units respectively? Units that are then further subdivided in to 1/1000 spendable micro grams, directly via a Mastercard Debit card or IOS /Android App. Might be just what's needed to get the prices moving up.