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  1. supersealed

    **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Package received today, left it at bloody work though so the unboxing will have to wait until tomorrow.
  2. supersealed

    The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    Haha trust me you wouldn't want to smoke that. Hot rocks would be dripping silver. That's actually silver cement recovered from a karat gold refine
  3. supersealed

    **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    I have no problem placing the Just-eat curry order while your sorting the silver
  4. @BackyardBullion No worries, ill hang fire. I'd really like 69 but also i'd like 3 consecutive's.. If 69 comes available on its own ill take it + any 3 available consecutive's
  5. supersealed

    Sunday Night Metal Chat

    Free silver is better I got into PM's when gold was £36 a gram! I remember sitting at my pals house having a convo about how I can get gold cheaper than that. Some googling later I happened across a couple of genuine sites for refining pm's, this lead to learning about pm use in industry and how one can get his hands on said pm's cheaper than spot. After some piss taking from friends and me on a mission like some 17th century alchemist to prove this could be done with buckets in a back garden I learned, sourced, recovered, refined, melted and then sold a tiny 1.4g of what was confirmed as 999 gold. Since then I have turned around a fair few KG's of gold, learned some more and realized in the gold industry you rarely pay for silver. Pretty much all karat gold is alloyed with silver, palladium, copper, other metals too but you only ever pay for the gold the silver and any pgm's is always a free bonus. Since those early days I think about metals every day! I only wish I could have afforded to keep all the gold and silver that's gone through my buckets.
  6. supersealed

    The Ultimate - "Show us your stack" Thread

    My stack so far...
  7. supersealed

    European Mint Promotional Offer - Free oz of Silver!

    Thanks for sorting this promo out BYB, my shiny 1oz Britannia arrived safely this morning. Its a nice little motivator to do some stuff I otherwise probably would not have done
  8. I thought they both came in tubes of 25 and I wanted a couple to show off without having to open the tubes. Didn't realize the Britannia's came like that. It was lovely, I enjoyed making it Open an account via my link and you can get a free oz of silver with your shiny new 1oz oriental gold Britannia
  9. So this could have been a triple unboxing alas.... Thanks to BYB for the free oz, you got an honorable mention and I posted your links. Bullion by post also just sent my 3rd oz of free silver, ill take it all day long, some good coin porn and 60oz unboxed from the The European Mint. Check it out in the video. Cheers
  10. The coins are so small its difficult to get them in focus plus my lighting is a bit iffy, I tried to add extra light but as you could see glare was also a problem. Ill try harder next time though Yeah as for the referral its a nice little bonus, the premiums on the gold are fairly low and postage is in with the price. BBP use special delivery which is expensive so I don't mind the added premium, on a small order the ounce of silver more than covers it I think. I believe the free ounce is a one off, I don't know maybe they have a glitch but I've made 2 orders now and got a free ounce both times. When I log into my account now the system is still offering me a free ounce for spending over £250.
  11. Small gold order, 3 x 1/10th ounce gold Britannia's and a free ounce of silver.
  12. supersealed

    Full silver stack to date

    Nice stack, ill be happy if i get to 10% of whats on that table!! Nice car too
  13. Thanks for the comments.. I will probably be doing another unboxing/unbagging video tomorrow of a very small gold delivery, black murder gloves will be returning!