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  1. Awesome post! Those are some really neat coins. When I was younger I started my collection bug with rock and gem collecting and this is throwing me way back.
  2. Only issue with the dirt shelter is not as good as your basement in terms of nuclear fallout unless you dig 6 feet deep and put 3 feet of earth on top. Take a long time and a lot of energy to dig a hole that large especially in the clay packed earth around my house
  3. I have the luxury of purchasing silver in America and would not pay £20 for an ounce of silver. £14.29 is about my absolute max. Maybe £16-17 for a collector piece such as this. I'll just wait for one to show up in an lcs near me and pay them maybe £15 for it.
  4. Yes. I am a 20 year old married college student who lives in a small house with a cellar in a semi-rural farming community. I stack water, food, and guns (American) as well as ammunition in the cellar. Got about enough to last the wife and I two weeks. I keep the food storage in case of a nuclear disaster. I don't really worry too much about a financial disaster as in that case I've got the precious metals, but in case of nuclear I have masks, iodine, weapons, 4 weeks water and 2 weeks food, toilet supplies to stick it out for a couple weeks in the cellar, and books games, candles, flashlights etc. To keep us sane. In the future I would love to have at least a years supply of food and water but don't have the means right now. My wife thinks I'm crazy, but this kind of preparation keeps me going. Otherwise I'd be scared outta my wits being so unprepared. I also keep 72hr backpacks in the house and in the cars in case of a local disaster where we would need to bug out for a few days, but the packs have enough survival tools that if need be I could hunt and fish and bug out for at least a month. Interesting topic!
  5. Update, my postman is sick and the replacement post woman forgot the package. No biggie, should come Monday. Will post photos when I get a chance.
  6. Where I am from I just go to LCS and get the collectible semi numismatics that these older guys who run the shops don't understand or don't care that they are worth more than Bullion, buy those ones at pretty close to spot, and flip around and sell them on eBay for the collector value. Best way to go IMO.
  7. I would love one where there wasn't any paint on it. Beautiful coin though and I definitely see the appeal especially if you grew up reading the books.
  8. Love it. Would never pay that much for an ounce of silver. Wont buy it now but maybe if they release it on APMEX for cheap when the hype is over.
  9. Mine is arriving later today, I'll be sure to get some photos up tonight.
  10. Which part of the coin is the ring? The rim around the edge of the coin? If mine have anything like that they are going right back. if I'm looking for dings and scratches I can get it for no premium. No point in paying 20% over spot for some damaged coins imo.
  11. I have no intention of placing these in a capsule as they say they come in sealed plastic from APMEX. I'll have them by Saturday the soonest and post some photos of them when they arrive. If it's that shrink wrapped stuff that other dealers send out I will be happy to keep it in there. I will give them a quick look and then into the safe to probably never be looked at again unless comparing to future years (fingers crossed).
  12. Pushed until Feb 15th for US buyers on apmex. I am a poor college student but picked up two of the silver when spot was low. Wish I could afford a gold one! Beautiful coins nonetheless and hope the series continues in future years when I am a bit richer.
  13. Hello, i have purchased 6 of these so far this year and they do, in my humble opinion, have some sort of shiny glossy coating on them that makes them appear a different color than those of earlier years. I believe these coins to be of higher quality than previous years. No scientific backing to this only what I have observed! Cheers, silver snacker