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  1. @BackyardBullion maybe able to help you with your questions 🙂
  2. Just picked up 3 1/10 American gold eagles from HGM whilst on sale for my 1/10 tube filling target this year 🤗 and also a 2018 silver Britannia oriental to go with my gold version 👍
  3. Thanks for that I live in Norwich so may have a look one day 👍
  4. Looking for Ngc graded ms69 2018 silver oriental border Britannia may consider a ms70 🤷🏼‍♂️ Not sure how much these coins sell for as I don’t buy silver just like one to go with my gold version Only seen on eBay ms69s for £50 free shipping but seller is normally expensive with his listings if any one can beat him send me a message thanks in advance
  5. Just now purchased a coin tube for 1/10 Krugs and a 1/10 Krug to start my 2020 target of filling it this year and have purchased my first piece of silver too
  6. Is there no questions as to how you acquired the gold in the first place once it’s in your bank ?
  7. Going to try fill a tube of 1/10 bullion Krugerrands , Just want to see what it feel likes with a mini tube full of gold feels like 🤔🤔
  8. @OystonoustedPicked it up from eBay was bit of a bargain to be honest was cheaper than anywhere I could pick up a 1/4 bullion anywhere as well , always wanted one so got it and shall hopefully pick up a few more as I love the designs and details on them
  9. Lovely coins always wanted one for the unique size as you mentioned @Oystonousted picked my first one up in December a 1/4oz
  10. Where in the uk sells these coins anymore I know they used to be sold at atkinsons but don’t seem to stock them anymore 🤔
  11. So been waiting to post here until all coins have arrived throughout December/January ect so here they all are! Enjoy Also thanks to @Toshunya86 @terakris @augur @Shinus73For supplying such wonderful coins
  12. 🤔🤔 this reminds me of the recent video on this forum about “dirty gold” 🤨🤨
  13. Who would sell gold under spot apart from Gordon Browne 🤔