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  1. Reckon it’s worth much then?
  2. Got some better pictures here what does everyone think
  3. Mine I had was a nice pattern for a Belcher sold few months ago now
  4. Anyone own one or ever seen one just read some reading on internet and what I have read has intrigued me as I own one
  5. Go for it! It’s a nice addition to the collection 😀
  6. Drachma going for a healthy price nowadays hold on to that !
  7. Belgian italian french hungarian tunisian few diferent Lmu coins to look for interesting coins
  8. Saudi Arabian guinea arrived safe and sound 👍
  9. That’s the one Had to get it ! Haha well spotted.
  10. Just bought a Saudi Arabian guinea like @silversurf been looking for ages and after seeing his one I finally see a nice condition one at last!
  11. So jealous ! Been wanting one for a long time great looking coin wanted one for a while now!