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  1. gforeman

    NK gold coins

    just got this in the mail
  2. gforeman

    NK gold coins

    I'm not sure how your interest is, but the pleasure and reward is the work you do for them as they aren't so easily accessable and you are correct, they are pricey. As for building my relationship with my guy, I did a lot of crosschecking. after the crosschecking and the grading verifications, I purchased one (like I said, they are quite pricey). It scanned right into PCGS. From there I kept building and scanning. Now my guy gives me pre-offerers (how I got the 2 ounce anti-USA one which only has a 200 mintage. My guy also sends me the press release (in Chinese as these are released through coin shows) which i plug into google translate to get the full detail of the story. A lot of work and money has gone into my small collection. A lot of delayed communications as we are 12 hrs apart goes into these. And if youre asking about shipping to the US. They are labeled differently to get by customs (at least reduce random inspection tests).
  3. gforeman

    NK gold coins

    Well the missile set I collect for two reasons. I used to be a missile-eer when i was in the air force. So NK was always a topic and they look pretty cool by my rounds that I was awarded from Space command, so the theme is eh not too similar but the story is the same for both countries. After I got those, then I've started keeping an eye on political coins. Like you said, if you detach yourself from any emotion involved, they are very interesting and clearly a key in NK's history. Thus I believe political silver and gold is very collectible. As I know now and the distant future, I have no intention to sell these. but as someone told me the problem if I did want to sell them is its not so easy advertise. Lack of labels. Using image only etc. NGC won't even grade DPRK coins along with a hand full of other countries. I guess the lure to me on these is first the hunt for them. Then its tracking any knowledge on them as I only have the sellers release notes and what google translate and they tell me. Mintage is difficult to obtain, items difficult to obtain, the story is rather clear but detailed information is difficult to obtain. Seems everything about these coins are difficult and really require work and as someone in the US, overseas communications with a 12 hour time difference so info comes step by step as you think of questions. As for next, I'll probably be looking for some political AU from NK.
  4. gforeman

    NK gold coins

    This is the 2 ounce silver proof i literally just bought Ungraded as well obviously. Release says 200 minted for 2 ounce silver. Theres a 10 minted 1kilos out there. And 20 2 ounce gold ones. Theres also about 1000 brass and aluminum and hybrids.
  5. gforeman

    NK gold coins

    The top coin is the DPRK slab and ungraded by PCGS with the COA. I could have waited or get it graded myself, but I liked the idea of finding a newer release with original slab. The set below is ungraded and just brass and aluminum as Im having problems finding a silver proof of the kwangmyongsong-1. There aren't many of these floating around as they are from 2007. The press release from the PCGS graded and DPRK slabbed are 500 per coin. I know they get released through some coin show in China....and the hard part is just finding someone who sells DPRK silver and gold. And I was sent an offer for a 2 ounce anti-USA propaganda gold proof. Sadly, that is way out of my budget at a staggering $9400 USD. I settled for the 2 ounce silver proof though
  6. gforeman

    NK gold coins

    This is my DPRK undefeated military power set. I'm missing one silver proof sadly (the kwangmyongsong-1).
  7. gforeman

    Need Help with info about this coin

    That's a DPRK coin. The back above the shield says Democratic People's Republic of Korea and there is something after that I believe may be bank. I just completed a missile set from there and the vendor sent me the press release to shed a little light on these. There isn't many banks there but I have read they are minted by the Central Bank of the DPRK Congratulations btw on acquiring a coin from there