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  1. Welcome to the Forum @TheHaven You have come to the right place, from my personal experience the members of the forum are very happy to share advice, information and trade.
  2. Mosquito


    Welcome to the forum
  3. If Venezuela is in or about to suffer a major hyperinflation would it be an idea to look at investing in properties or is that bad Kama profiting from the loss of others ?
  4. @Kman nothing negative towards you. I see no negatives, a bad mic is better than no mic and some information is better than no information on a new subject. The video is very much appreciated, well posted Damn I'm drunk. and its Monday oh well work tomorrow oh dear, to bad, never mind.
  5. Just curious is that a north or south Korea Coin ? I'm not bias only curious. Regards, Mosquito
  6. Hi PansPurse, Great video buddy, its really nice to know some history relating to a coin and where its from, im looking forward to the next video. Regards, Mosquito
  7. Welcome to the Forum, nice to see a neighbouring county guy on here
  8. @NRSovereign It is an iconic image with history and the bonus of a low mintage, I personally think there will be someone who would pay very well in many years to come for a gift to a son or grandson who has just started to work in the illustration industry for some inspiration. A very nice coin. How much is it going for ?
  9. Mosquito

    Impulse Buy

    Hello Forum I hope everyone is well and avoiding the January bugs floating around, I have not been so lucky. Anyway I came across this little shiny Silver Piedfort Five Pence Coin with a COA online going for reasonable price (under £20). It Weighs in at a massive 6.5 grams Stirling with a mintage of 20k. Please feel free to comment with your thoughts and also include some of your most recent Impulse buys .
  10. @supersealed Welcome to the Forum.
  11. Mosquito

    SIlver Thaler

    Hello Forum I thought I would share some photos of my first ever silver coins given to me when I was 7 years old, 25 years ago (suddenly I feel old). I know a bit about these coins, but the one I'm curious about is the painted version. I have not come across anything like it in any coin dealer's or online either. I know there are a lot of members that know their stuff on here and maybe I could get some opinions on its value with its current condition. Any information would be appreciated. Many Thanks.
  12. Mosquito

    A New Purchase

    @LiX Really sorry to hear you have had such back luck with the Royal Mint, I have been really fortunate so far. I guess your really lucky you didn't get them slabbed before they came out in milk spots, that would be sickening. I'm with you, I would just whizz a cloth over them and accept they are what they are, a real shame though buddy. As you have said it would effect the visual shine but, out of curiosity how much would a slight whizzing to a bullion coin which has not be slabbed effect the future sell price ? I have seen a lot of British pre -1920 selling online that have been obviously whizzed or tested at some point. I maybe completely wrong but its my understanding unless they are a specific low mintage year / proof or have something special numismatic wise like a minting error (all of which is something I do not know much about), they generally seem to sell for around the same price and they are almost a century old.
  13. Mosquito

    A New Purchase

    @LiX Sorry to hear about your Britannia's, mine are without any milk spots for now. I have read a lot and watched a lot of videos online concerning milk spots and I have come to the realisation that I have three viable options. First: Sell them. Second: Put them in a tube for generic weight bullion - out of sight Third: If its not a low mintage proof - use a clean white rubber or silver cloth on them - if it is a proof try to get over it with a drink and then, see options 1 and 2. @WealdenWoodsman I might keep going this direction for a year with the odd proof now and then, however, next I will most likely be getting a Silver Panda for my daughters' birthday as she has pointed it out to be her favourite one when she saw me browsing online last week.
  14. Mosquito

    A New Purchase

    Hello Forum After my first post and all the advice I received regarding to what would be a good foundation to my stack, I have taken that advice and I thought I would show a couple of photos. The new additions to my small collection are stunning. A 2018 1/10 Gold Britannia and Several 2018 Silver Britannia. Thanks again everyone, I am very pleased with this purchase.
  15. Hello Everyone Thank you for all your replies, knowledge and advice given. I think I will start off with 1oz silver Britannia's and 1/10oz gold Britannia's. @Panspurse – I'm looking at a similar strategy with my stack, get some generic weight whilst collecting a few nice coins for enjoying, however, I think i may stay away from slabbed coins as i have seen a lot of comments regarding milk spots appearing a year or two after grading ruining the future value and investment. Maybe I'm wrong but after doing some rough estimated calculating it seems that If SHTF doesn't happen I would have to wait around 4-5 years to break even with my investment if silver keeps going the way it is, which is due to the nightmare VAT. I am in for the long term but I hate the idea of playing a game of continuous catch-up. Has anyone ever purchased anything from Silver-to-go ? I guess you all can see where im going with this, feel free to PM me also. Thanks again everyone.