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  1. @Joemm if a police officer stops you on the street and asks for your ID, what will you provide?
  2. That's not Russian! It's written in BULGARIAN!
  3. Their customer service is excellent. Have sent me wrong 1 oz gold bar, they payed for return UPS service and sent the correct one without paying anything.
  4. I store my 2oz QB's in tubes and sadly they have milk spots, some of them really bad.... QB Lions below
  5. Bullion sovereigns on sale?
  6. I'm buying 2 oz silver and 1/4 oz gold beasts. More affordable than 10 oz silver and 1 oz gold option. For example I would prefer to buy a tube of 2 oz beasts than two 10 oz coins.
  7. LiX

    Royal Mint Quality

    For a brand new proof this looks terrible! Where is the quality control?
  8. I suppose it would be their choice for year, whatever is available.
  9. Will it include capsule, like the 10oz QB's?
  10. I also think that this is cast. Gravity test can help determine the gold content.
  11. Pirate motive looks cool Packaging is also nice - 5 coins with capsules in blister.
  12. LiX

    Milk Spots

    From my experience with QB's, you would be lucky if you don't get milk sport over time. Better collect 1/4 oz gold series. Zero issues there.
  13. LiX

    Milk Spots

    Speaking of QB Lions.... here are my worst two...
  14. LiX

    Milk Spots

    Well, most of my QB's have milk spots, except the latest Black Bull. Some have really bad spots...
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