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  1. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    A black box for my silver gilded black ruthenium Beasts. thanks @Alun! The box is beautiful!!
  2. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    Next month the 10oz Unicorn will be released.
  3. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    10oz 2004 Lunar monkey in perfect condition.
  4. TheBeast

    Today I bought.....

    The 10oz lunar 2004 monkey BU. Number 7 out of 9 to complete the 10oz set.
  5. TheBeast

    1 Kilo silver kookaburra

    I would buy the 2015 version, i think the kookaburra is more in perspective on that coin.
  6. TheBeast

    QB Falcon BU

    Presale of the 10oz Unicorn starts 24 September https://auragentum.de/10-unzen-silbermuenze-queens-beasts-unicorn-2019
  7. TheBeast

    Perth Mint Hot Wheels colored coin

    You also can find them on Ebay 👍
  8. TheBeast

    QB Falcon BU

  9. TheBeast


    The presale of the BU coin started at GS.be €30,26 each https://goldsilver.be/nl/munten/2086-2-oz-silver-queen-s-beast-2019-the-falcon-of-the-plantagenets.html Also waiting for the 10oz unicorn. 👍
  10. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    recieved this 1/2 oz monkey king. Still looking for the 2oz coin, is there only a Chinese goldring edition? The other photo is comparison with the 10oz
  11. TheBeast

    Age of a stacker

    I'm 36 and collecting for a year by now. I wish i started much earlier.
  12. TheBeast

    Royal Mint Year of Pig 2019

    Did someone get paid for this? 🤔 Or would someone pay for this?
  13. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    I really don't know if the coins are worth the investment. The coins base is silver i think the ruthenium is just some decoration. (negligible amount) just like the gold. But there's a site with rare metals bullions. Most of that metals are used in the industry. https://nl-rwmmint.glopalstore.com/collections/all?page=3
  14. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    Thanks! I'm proud to have them in my collection
  15. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    2oz silver gilded ruthenium Unicorn. Each coin max mintage of 200.