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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I like the 10oz silver coins!

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  1. Haha like them! Very nice!
  2. Caught a big 10oz mouse today...
  3. A private company, i think it’s top secret because i’m searching the internet for while to figure out which company are making them and can’t find anything. But i like the coins this way 👌🏻
  4. Can’t wait to complete the set, from each coin the’re 200 made like this.👍🏻
  5. The 2oz silver Queens Beasts Falcon of the plantagenets gilded black ruthenium. Up to date now.
  6. you're welcome beware of the high premiums on catawiki
  7. Yeah i also bought from him/her on Catawiki. But never had contact with him or her... 👍🏻
  8. Well i think it's just a nickname from a guy who works for a larger German coin investment company. ( i bought my very firt coin of him / company ) 😎
  9. Some 10oz coins i recieved today. A sweet 2019 Kookaburra i wasn’t sure if i would like the valiant coins, but in hand there absolute stunning!
  10. TheBeast

    Coin capsules:

    Never bought from them, but when i buy 10oz coins from german dealers they always come in capsules.
  11. Up to date with my 10oz Beasts, had to wait 1,5 month for them so i’m glad they arrived. They’re in good hands now... 😎
  12. TheBeast

    Coin capsules:

    I thought 10oz coins always come in capsules..?