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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I like the 10oz silver coins!

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  1. Got a package from the states, with a 10oz QB Lion, and a extra eagle. Faith in humanity restored.
  2. Queens Beasts Yale 2oz silver gilded black ruthenium. Feeling lucky with coa 1/200 up to date with the serie.
  3. Welkom hier op het forum! 🇳🇱 Hi and welcome!
  4. i owned a fiat seicento abarth novitec 1.2 turbo a poor mans ferrari. 130bhp on 900kg
  5. I've got a kilo 2008 Koala which i got as inheritance when my uncle passed away in April 2016. So for me it was not happy a occasion to got my fist silver coin, but since then i've got interested in stacking and collecting silver and got hooked! I'll never sell this coin and will be for my kid(s) later.
  6. mk1982lr - Here i post video's and pics of the coins i collect.
  7. Opal lunar has a coin with a bat
  8. The 3 coin proof set Lunar S2 year of the dragon 2012. Found this set for a fair price on Ebay. @motorbikez now i regret i didn’t bought your 5oz coin.
  9. Indeed, only the last release i’ll buy in pre order to complete the set
  10. What..? No more 10oz silver coins for the Lunar iii... why would they make that desicion?
  11. Some of my 2oz Beasts are also spotting. The Lion on the Queens side and the Bull on rim of the coin. Still like them and i have no intention to sell them or replace them.