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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.
    I like the 10oz silver coins!

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  1. Is it 20oz? 🤪 Then it's a huge Rabbit
  2. Beautiful set @Gildeon Very hard to find all the coins and it would be too bad to split the set.
  3. I love the Lunar S1 series so i’ll take the Pig and think it fits better in my collection. I’ll leave the medal in my watch list 😎 Thanks everyone for all the help!!
  4. Well i like the medal, but normally i only buy coins from a serie to make a full set or some coins which are related to a set. I’m also looking at a 1/2kilo Lunar S1 Pig but can’t buy both.. it’s a tough decision
  5. And does that matter for the price? It isn’t cheap it’s Listed for £310 for 10oz of silver
  6. Who knows something about this coin? I've searched a lot on google but can't find anything about it. Who minted it? What are the mintages..?
  7. I like the modern design of these coins. But quite expensive indeed. Here you have a better look
  8. Bump £100 for the 1oz Homer D’OH coins and the 1/2oz monkey king.
  9. Do you also collect trading cards? I’ve been collecting upper deck NBA cards when i was younger.