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  1. TheBeast

    Today I Received

  2. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    A nice box for my big beasts 👍🏻
  3. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    My third 10oz silver lunar 1, just six to go!
  4. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    When i researched the coin on Google i saw it was used in games and some strange movies 🤔😬
  5. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    No the all the silver items of the monkey king are colorized.
  6. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    Just picked up this ugly beauty. The 10oz 2016 Monkey King, with a mintage of 333 pcs.
  7. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    Today the mailman brought me the 10oz version
  8. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    My goal is to collect the 10oz Queens Beasts and the Lunar1 and maybe the Lunar2. I know some are hard to get for the right price.
  9. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    10oz silver dragon from the lunar 1 2000. It travelled 3 weeks from Australia
  10. TheBeast

    Today I Received

    The 10oz Queens Beast Dragon. Love the coin!
  11. TheBeast

    10 oz Silver Queens Beasts Red Dragon

    Just bought the lion and the griffin, can’t wait to get the red dragon!
  12. TheBeast

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    Yes it's very special to me and it's also my first coin. I did know he was collecting coins but not special ones like these after seeing it i'm hooked.
  13. TheBeast

    Koala Photo Thread...

    Koala 2008 1kg