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  • What I am collecting / Investing in.

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  1. TheBeast

    Today I Received.....

    This very shiny 3 coin Lunar 2 2013 year of the snake proof set
  2. Today i received a message from the postman to pay 70 euro's for a 3 coin lunar2 proof set which i ordered in Australia... DOH!!! Tomorrow i'll pick it up and pay the tax. Sometimes it slips through, but this is a reminder to me to buy my coins in Europe. DOH!!! x2 I'm going to follow your youtube channel, thanks for sharing the vid!
  3. Hope mine will arrive soon, they look nice.
  4. TheBeast

    2019 1 oz silver Simpsons

    The prices here in The Netherlands from silver gold Bull are without 21% VAT.
  5. TheBeast

    2019 1 oz silver Simpsons

    I’ve paid €122 👍🏻
  6. TheBeast

    2019 1 oz silver Simpsons

    The proofs sold out @ gb.be i’ve bought the 2oz and some BU’s. Expected delivery at end of the month.
  7. TheBeast

    Valentine’s Day silver

    PAMP love always bars are nice too... 💖
  8. TheBeast

    1KG RCM 9999 Gold Great Seal of the Province of Canada Coin

    Oooohhhh! Free shipping! Instant buy for me 👍🏻
  9. TheBeast

    2019 1 oz silver Simpsons

    I hope and think they will bring out every 2 months 3 coins. 1bu and 2 proofs
  10. TheBeast

    2019 1 oz silver Simpsons

    There will be coming more Simpsons coins this year, every 2 months there will be a new release. Got to have them something with youth sentiment. 😆 https://thesimpsons.perthmint.com/
  11. TheBeast

    2019 1 oz silver Simpsons

    They don't ship to The Netherlands or the U.K.
  12. TheBeast

    2019 1 oz silver Simpsons

    There's also a 2oz proof coin. https://www.perthmint.com/catalogue/the-simpson-family-2019-2oz-silver-proof-coin.aspx Normally i don't like colored coins but these are quite nice.
  13. TheBeast

    Advice for a newbie!

    That are the same thought’s about the gilded ruthenium ones i’m collecting at the moment, the only thing is it’s harder to sell a complete set than single coins.
  14. TheBeast

    Advice for a newbie!

    Mostly i question myself before i purchase this kind of coins would someone will pay me this price or even more and why... make a full set? The design? Joining the hype? Mintage? And what do you want to do with the coins? Sell them at short term or long term? The QB is a very populair coin serie at the moment and the prices of the lion and griffin are going sky high, but what will they do in the future...?
  15. TheBeast

    My backstory and first experience buying silver

    when it's too good to be true....