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    Sovereigns, Half Sovereigns, £2 & £5 sovereigns, Chinese Gold Pandas and generally coins I like.

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  1. Yes I think I will try for the 2oz silver when it’s released.
  2. Sorry, it looks like these coins are being released later. https://www.royalmint.com/register-interest/register-your-interest-music-legends-queen/
  3. - 2oz Silver Proof – an extremely low mintage of 500.- 2oz Gold Proof – 53 available, the same number of Top 40 UK Singles achieved by Queen- Kilo Gold Proof – only 6 available, the same number of UK Number 1 singles achieved by Queen
  4. Hello fellow SilverForum members, Have uploaded a new video to the Coin Struck YouTube channel today. This shows all my QEII proof sovereigns. Am trying for a date run of these beautiful coins but am still missing a few (about seven) so still have a way to go, still the video shows over 30 of these amazing coins. The video also talks through the changes in portraits, mintages, why I collect and lots of other interesting details. Here is the link to my channel. I hope you take a look and enjoy. As always it would be great to hear what you think. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC32DEmDzkaZCBTBVTDiYr0A Thanks for reading. Coin Struck
  5. Thanks to @richatthecroft for this beautiful 2012 £2. A stunner!
  6. This was part of a recent mystery coin swap with a fellow YouTube. Just a beautiful coin.
  7. CoinStruck

    Worth grading ?

    The reverse looks really good. There does seem to be some issues on the obverse, so alone just under the Queens mouth and another in the fields under her chin.
  8. Today the 2018 strike-on-the day Sapphire Anniversary Privy sovereign.
  9. CoinStruck

    Sovereign Guide

    I would recommend this.
  10. Great looking coins. Can I take the two Piedforts please?
  11. Perth mint cast bars. Two one kilo silver, two 10z gold and one 1oz gold.
  12. This is the 1992-1993 silver proof commemorating the UK’s presidency of the EU. Great design. Have been trying to pick up the EU/EEC 50p commemoratives and can then complete the collection with the upcoming Brexit coin.
  13. I thought that would sell quickly. Great coin.