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  1. Hello Andrew, I submit through a dealer, Eric Eigner of DrakeSterling Numismatics. He submits his own coins and those of his clients. On an average basis this helps in reducing cost through postage, insurance etc. Also I don’t need to bother getting a PCGS membership. Kevin
  2. Received in the post yesterday. Two recent buys from a Sydney coin auction. First is a lovely 1894 Sydney sovereign. Picture does not do it justice, great proof like fields. The second is a bullion 1/4oz gold Britannia.
  3. Welcome to the Silverforum. Good to see another Aussie as a member.
  4. Received the Brexit two coin pack yesterday, bought this direct from the Royal Mint. Today received this very nice 2020 proof sovereign bought from Australian eBay, this one was a great deal.
  5. I spoke too soon, another email on Friday saying they are out of action until further notice. MARCH 20, 2020 UPDATE Pursuant to Executive Order N-33-20, issued on March 19, 2020 by the Governor of California, Collectors Universe’s Orange County office has closed until it is deemed safe to resume operations. As a result, Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) and Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) have temporarily ceased operations, effective immediately. It is evident to all that we are in uncharted territory. For now, the larger public good mandates this closure. We will share our reopen date once it is established by the state of California. Thank you for your patience and understanding, and please stay healthy. Sincerely, Brett Charville President, PCGS
  6. My new video showing the 2020 2oz silver proof Krugerrand. A stunner of a coin! 2020-03-22_Krugerrand.mp4
  7. received an update from PCGS, they are back!
  8. A new coin from the Royal Australian mint, Canberra. Mintage of 5,000.
  9. Yes congratulations BYB on 20,000 subscribers. There are two prizes, first is a 10.8oz silver ripple round and second a 2.5oz ripple round. Both very beautiful, great prizes. BYB picked winners for both today but also backups should the winners not claim their prizes. I am the backup winner for the first prize.
  10. A recent eBay buy. A 1906 Sydney mint half sovereign. According to the Marsh guide 308,000 mintage and S for scarce.
  11. Thanks @morezone for this lovely 1994 1/20oz Chinese Unicorn bullion coin, .
  12. The whole coronavirus matter is getting out of hand with US actor Tom Hanks and his wife having tested positive. John Travolta was also tested but it turns out he only has Saturday Night Fever, so he will be Staying Alive.
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