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  1. Gordon

    Florin and half crowns Silver content

    Hi i think that pre 1921 is 92.5% silver and 1921 to 1945 is 50% silver
  2. Gordon

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I new that the coin looked perfect but it had picked up a spec of dust along the way
  3. Gordon

    Pual Menzies

    Ive sold a couple of sovereigns to him without any problems
  4. Gordon

    Sovereign packaging

    I would leave them in the original packaging as in auction you may get a bit more for them
  5. Gordon

    ngc photo wrong coin

    It might of been returned to ngc for relabelling but they have not updated the photos ? Ive got a 2010 coin and it says 2012 on the slab so i need to send it back with my next lot of coins to be relabelled
  6. Gordon

    Starting out

    Hi and welcome i would recommend sovereigns and to collect proof sovereigns
  7. Gordon

    eBay Advice

    I would open a case with ebay the day after it had gone past its delivery date. I call these people payday loan scammers as the item was never for sale and all he wanted was a 0% loan for a few weeks at your expense. Ebay wont do anything as you got your money back all you can do is leave neg feedback.. Go to my ebay and click on purchase history you should find the item in there in cancelled orders
  8. Gordon

    Local Elections

    I would be happy to vote so who do i vote for to take the creation of 97% of the country money away from privet banks and bankers ? and which party wants to stop the debt based money and start to do the right thing ? Voting is what they give you so you think that you have a say
  9. Gordon

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    Over all I happy with them grades lots of PF69s and 70s to add to the collection
  10. Gordon

    Gold collection

    Very Impressive start
  11. Gordon

    eBay is it worth it?

    Yes paypal say that you have to keep proof of postage for 6 months
  12. Gordon

    eBay is it worth it?

    I do not sell to people with below 10 or even 15 feedback as i have had people with no or very low feedback say that there PayPal account had been hacked and that they never made a eBay account and i have had people leave it 5 months and put in a claim thinking that i would not keep proof of postage that long and people saying they have just moved house and not updated the address and can i send it to there new address. The biggest scam i have seen is people buying silver then saying its fake to ebay and refusing to rerun the item saying its illegal to use the royal mail to post fake items. Ebay tells them to destroy the item and gives them a refund. Me i will travel any wear to get my item back and always just refund the buyer if i dont fell 100% happy with the situation. But over all im happy with ebay and have had very little trouble just dont leave yourself open to scams as there are a lot of chancers out there
  13. Gordon

    Today I Received.....

    It was good to meet up today and a pleasure to deal with you. Good luck in hunting the rest of the coins your after down
  14. Gordon

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Hi he say Offer live from 10am today When you have the code and are on the check out page just before you pay scroll down and there should be a place to put the code It will then deduct 10% off the price to pay