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  1. Interesting video But i will stick to gold and silver
  2. Gordon

    Today I Received

    I just got this today. A 1820 gold half sovereign coin with a mintage of just 35,000. Any guesses on what it might grade ?
  3. Gordon

    Western Australia - Metal Detecting For Gold

    Ive always wanted to give this a go after watching Aussie Gold Hunters. Until you find that big 5oz nugget
  4. Gordon

    Nazi Silver

    All wars are banker wars. Follow the money and see who is financing both sides and has the most to gain
  5. Gordon

    1/4 0z Queen's Beast gold coinss hefty markup...

    Probable twice as much for a ms70 than a ms69 i would of thought. From what i hear it very hard to get a ms70 with a bullion coin
  6. Gordon

    1/4 0z Queen's Beast gold coinss hefty markup...

    I only list on ebay when i have a £1 listing on fees so just as easy to go though ebay. and ive not sold on hear yet and thats a lot of money to friends and family anybody no matter what. So paypal it is
  7. Gordon

    1/4 0z Queen's Beast gold coinss hefty markup...

    Ive got the one oz gold lion and griffin listed on ebay a lot cheaper than Bullionbypost and if i was to keep them i would get them graded
  8. Gordon

    best safe for under £250?

    I got my safe from ebay its an old post office safe from the 30s or 40s cost about £150-£200 it was being used in a pub in leeds and took 3 people to carry it a couple of foot to the van and thats before i even put any silver in it. Easy to weld on some feet so it can be bolted down. All brass and gold leaf with 3 bolt locking and i trust it more than 99% of the new safes. They built things to last in them days
  9. Gordon

    1817 Gold Sovereign up for auction... thoughts

    From Lithuania with 0 feedback It could be for real But i doubt it
  10. Gordon

    Which Sovereigns to buy

    If selling on ebay Victoria sovereigns are a bit more in demand if you plan on selling back to a bullion dealer they will pay the same price for all sovereigns maybe a bit extra for shields
  11. Gordon

    2005 Proof Sovereign - purchase or not?

    I have one listed on ebay for £459 Thats about what i see them go for in auction
  12. Gordon

    1902 Matte Proof Sovereign ?

    I got this today in the post can anyone tell me if its a matte proof sovereign or just a sovereign in good condition ?
  13. Gordon

    Today I Received

    Very nice coin