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  1. Red spots on gold coins do happen ive had a good few myself. You can get it conserved with ngc and that will get rid of any red spots But because of the sellers attitude i would just return it for a full refund. As you should be able to pick one up cheaper as its only a bullion coin
  2. Gordon

    UK Parliament Petition

    When they sold the gold they actually announced it and that they was going to be flooding the market pushing the price right down before they even sold the first oz
  3. I got this really nice set of sovereign scales today there in great condition for being nearly 200 years old
  4. Yes they look the same as the bullion coin
  5. Why are ebay letting him list 10s ot thousands of pounds or coins when he is a new account ?
  6. I was thinking the same thing about this seller. The feedback looks suspect as most have 1 or 2 feedback and they are listing a lot of coins (before ebay are on to them ?) 1937 four coin sovereign set looks nice. But i will wait and see on this seller
  7. I would go for the 2012 sovereign
  8. Hi i think that pre 1921 is 92.5% silver and 1921 to 1945 is 50% silver
  9. I new that the coin looked perfect but it had picked up a spec of dust along the way
  10. Ive sold a couple of sovereigns to him without any problems
  11. I would leave them in the original packaging as in auction you may get a bit more for them
  12. It might of been returned to ngc for relabelling but they have not updated the photos ? Ive got a 2010 coin and it says 2012 on the slab so i need to send it back with my next lot of coins to be relabelled
  13. Hi and welcome i would recommend sovereigns and to collect proof sovereigns
  14. I would open a case with ebay the day after it had gone past its delivery date. I call these people payday loan scammers as the item was never for sale and all he wanted was a 0% loan for a few weeks at your expense. Ebay wont do anything as you got your money back all you can do is leave neg feedback.. Go to my ebay and click on purchase history you should find the item in there in cancelled orders