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  1. Gordon

    Show your stack.

    Yes i have kept all the packaging But the coins are no longer in that box as most of the coins are with Numistacker for grading now
  2. Gordon

    Help needed on conservation.

    Its really up to you but i get my proof coins conserved as i buy them on the secondary market and dont mind paying that bit extra to have them looking there best before going for grading. All it takes is them to pick up a spec of dust and thats your PF70 gone
  3. Gordon

    Show your stack.

    My proof sovereign collection 1979 to 2018
  4. Gordon

    The gold export illusion

    Gold was money back then and they needed it to run the country But today all the money is in the peoples pensions and savings and they can take that with the stroke of a pen. And i do not see uk politicians making there wives jewellery and there dads coin collections illegal any time soon
  5. Gordon

    1 oz Gold - Testing Gold at home

    And i would not put to much faith in Jewellery shops as i have never meet one that could not verify a sovereign without doing the acid test or scratching it up
  6. Gordon

    1 oz Gold - Testing Gold at home

    Hi again I sold you this coin i got it from bullion by post its 100% real. It was good talking to you and I look forward to meeting up. Regards Gordon
  7. I use these they cost about £8 on ebay from china and take 20 NGC and PCGS slabs
  8. I got a 1817 gold full sovereign coin from a pawn broker a few years back for £450 and sold it on ebay for £1000 But i wish i had never sold it
  9. Gordon

    Don't Clean Acrylic Coin Capsules with Acetone

    Same thing for NGC slabs i learnt that the hard way
  10. Gordon

    Starting out.

    Ive had a couple of .999 gold coins get red spot A 2017 gold libertad and A south African nature series Cheetah coin. So it happens to 24ct gold as well
  11. Gordon

    My Big Toe is Well and Truly Wet!

    Very nice coins
  12. Gordon

    Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality

    He was fine with me returning it and had a few of these coins so im thing he had seen this before. But now i will get any sellers to open the coins before sending as you can not be sure of the quality of these mint sealed coins
  13. Gordon

    Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality

    The ebay seller as he said it was mint condition
  14. Gordon

    Uneven edges on 10oz Griffins - poor quality

    I got a mint sealed 2005 proof sovereign this last week of ebay and when i opened it it looked like this. I was able to return it thankfully
  15. Interesting video But i will stick to gold and silver