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  1. freefall

    Stolen goods - please read

    They did take the money. Everything over 100k deposited in the Bank of Cyprus took a 60% haircut. The remaining 40 was converted into shares in, you guessed it, the Bank of Cyprus. There was other outcomes for depositors at different banks too, none good. State robbery. All this was done on the orders of the ECB and IMF otherwise they wouldn’t get the bail out for the country. That’s what happens when you cede power to supranational institutions and you don’t control your money, laws or borders. So glad we (UK) are leaving the EU. Also it won’t be your precious metals they come for first. That involves a bit of effort. They’ll raid your pensions (again) or levy a punitative tax on your home. Easy for them to do and hard for you to avoid. Majority of people are sleepwalking straight into this aswell. I got accepted for a credit card from Tesco Bank today (to buy PM). The interest on balances transferred to it is 0% for 2 years. The fee for transferring the balance O%. No catches. The banks are taking on return free risk again. It’s a no brainer for me but we all know how this plays out for them. So keep stacking folks. Got sympathy with the guy who got robbed. Hope he gets something back.
  2. freefall

    Silver mistakes - yours or others

    Hi guys. Bit of a newb here. Not made the mistake yet but hoping one of you can prevent me doings so! I’ve recently started stacking gold and I’d like to buy some silver coins to diversify. But the premium of mintage and VAT (UK resident) is too much for me to stomach. I really fancy the coins rather than bullion bars. So I’ve found what looks like a reputable dealer from the US on eBay selling silver Canadian maple leaves at a reasonable price. So my question is, if these arrive at customs with a true declaration of the contents and their value (£350ish) will i get a tax bill from this side? Are they exempt because they are legal tender? Or am I going about this totally the wrong way altogether? Thanks in advance for any help and apologies if this isn’t the correct thread, I didn’t want to start a new one.