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  1. Strike on the day Sovereign another release for this month. what are you thoughts on this?? mintage 750 Royal Mint
  2. I’m going to give this one a miss as the mintage is too high, nice coin shame, it was 15,000 mintage. However nice coin.
  3. Very nice that will look nice to your collection! Cant wait for the new video.
  4. Ash


    Yes your right, they are expensive, and you don’t see many graded either. ?
  5. Ash


    Oh really, what the best grade have you seen? I think they are a lovely coin. dont think?
  6. Ash

    Double sovereign

    Take the offer
  7. Ash


    Thank you so much for the info, much appreciated
  8. Ash


    Hello, Gold Guinea’s does anyone know if they get good grades or not from ngc? And what is the highest so far please?
  9. Very nice shield back someone is feeling very lucky right now ?
  10. Ash

    2018 Sovereigns

    Hello, know I was just curious to see weather the royal mint was going to do something like a piedford again.
  11. Ash

    2018 Sovereigns

    Hello everyone, Do any one know if there is going to be anymore sovereigns released this year?? like we had in 2017.
  12. Hi mate, do you have any photos? and how much? ash