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  1. Andre090904

    Reverse Proof Libertads

    Hi there, This is my first post in this forum, but I am somewhat a Libertad specialist who is mainly active in the German community of silber.de. Living in Mexico I have direct access to the latest releases, Spanish-speaking ressources and some insider contacts willing to gossip and sell coins. While there are reverse proof coins since 2015 (especially the 3-coin set containing BU, proof and reverse proof coin for the 90th anniversary of Banco de Mexico that was only sold among bank employees), there have never been reverse proof coins in 2 oz nor 5 oz until 2017. Mintage for the 2017 reverse proofs is as follows: 1 oz: 1050 (lowest ever, 500 in Apmex sets, 300 individual ones sold to USA, 250 remained in Mexico) 2 oz: 2000 5 oz: 2000 As for the 2 oz and 5 oz nobody really knows where those coins are. You would think those would be readily available due to the "high" mintage figures, but they're extremely rare as of now. The 1 oz, in comparison, is available at every corner it feels (also thanks to Apmex). So this makes me think that the 2 oz and 5 oz are no Apmex order, but rather some "insider coin" that is mainly sold in Mexico. Living in Mexico, I came across 3 sets of these coins, but no more. I would also like to know where these coins are being held. Because there are just a very few ones available to the public.