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  1. greendragon

    Brexit status ...

    Boris Johnson! surely there must be someone more qualified? isn't there a village idiot somewhere that needs a job?
  2. greendragon

    Not so 'swift'?

    i use to pop into my partners bank and put £30-£40 in, in cash, so she could pay a bill got told i can no longer do this as paying money into someone else,s account is against bank rules. WTF? we changed banks
  3. greendragon

    Three Fakes - from London Coin Show

    i always thought if it failed the magnet test it was fake? stuck to it or fell off i understood if it passed the test it could still be something else? copper content? poster said it failed the test .
  4. greendragon

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    well if its easier for you i can change my number if 96 is not taken ,i will have that its like 69 but for ugly people
  5. greendragon

    Giveaway Numistacker Rare Sample Slab Giveaway

    3.14149 i like pie me!
  6. greendragon

    Hello everyone from neilsmithcoins

    hi .and welcome
  7. ok,here is my contribution,
  8. saying a lot of people with mental health issues have tattoo,s. is not the same as saying lots of people with tattoo,s have mental health issues i am not suggesting this is what you meant- just clarifying
  9. greendragon

    Boycotting GS.be

    At the end of the day its ONLY a piece of silver (or gold) there is lots of it, everywhere, and the price changes so it can be had cheaper, AT SOME POINT however politeness IS something. you should never let someone take the p##s out of you.or talk to you like you were s##t otherwise they have power over you, they can treat you like a turd and you still beg for their silver? "They say jump,you say how high?"-rage against the machine
  10. greendragon

    22K vs 24K

    oh i think they did quite well on the fakery front. lower grade gold or silver,short weight probably why they started marking pieces or gold, standardising the weight putting the kings head on it................oh wait,.....thats a gold coin!
  11. greendragon

    Royal mint Xmas crackers

    hmmm, starting to think that buying ALDI Christmas crackers in last years january sales to put away for this year,may seem to be a little cheapskate?
  12. greendragon

    Can anyone identify this Silver Inlaid Pill Box

    no idea, but its very nice. glad you showed it i see the crescent moon and star in the center , so middle east seem right, or at least islamic
  13. greendragon

    Will silver spot go below £10 before xmas ?

    just watching the price closely over the last two weeks, the price fell steeply ,then rose slightly but the price at the bullion dealers didnt change. same with gold. i think chards had an Australian sovereign at £222 despite gold price falling and rising guess there is only so low a price will go