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  1. if you buy it, give it a good going over. something to bear in mind is that vehicles LIKE to be run up to operating temperature 30 miles may not be enough water can accumulate in the exhaust causing corrosion all those breather tubes etc get emulsified and blocked its not a big deal, just be aware best of luck , could be a bargain
  2. I haven't found anywhere to buy below spot HOWEVER. I did find a half sov and a full sov in proof for spot some places sell at the same price regardless
  3. some of the sanest people I know are those collecting PM's and they are hoping for two ars*****s to succeed so metal prices go up! not sure how I feel about that
  4. i'm Brian...and so's my wife oops sorry wrong film!
  5. might wait for the cheap knock off fake version
  6. its hard to "stick to the facts" when they keep lying to you the likes of Amazon saying "we don't record or listen to conversations..." and when found out not to be true " ahh well , THOSE conversations , yes well , training purposes only , HONEST" ALEXA! Who's a sneaky bugger?
  7. It was like a scene from life of brian not one not two but five !!!! five trees!!!!!
  8. so low shield and no J.E.B is common thanks for clarifying I couldn't get my head around it reading "marsh"
  9. I collected something similar casino tokens they seem to be more collectable in the U.S.A than here in U.K They sell for around £20 upwards
  10. Just picked up this half sov am I right in saying its a low shield? if so shouldn't it have J.E.B on the head? comments please
  11. surely if they really thought it was real you would have had a knock on the door by now? after all you could be looking at five years. they must have handed it to a firearms officer for disposal? if not then they know is a replica and are just been 4rsey with you