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  1. remarkable bird id,nit squire? lovely plumage ..... they should make a run of British comedy classics silver coins. i would buy them, you couldn,t help but chuckle everytime you looked at them😂
  2. greendragon

    Hallmark help please?

    in a hundred years,your silver will still be around. unlike google,which would not
  3. i have a slightly different approach to "god botherers" i kept them talking for 3/4 of an hour ( wasn,t that hard to do) as we said our final goodbyes, i said i was happy having" done my bit for the local community" they looked puzzled by this. so i explained that there are only so many hours in the day, and by spending all their time talking to me, they would not get the chance to bother my neighbours took the smile right off their face!
  4. as i pointed out in another thread, i havent had a tv for a long time. after a year of letters i finally had a visit from the enforcement team/inspector/whatever. i was polite but firm. i didnt have a tv,or watch programs in other ways. he was craning his neck to see past me into the living room. instead of biting his head off,i said he could step inside to get a better look. with no set in sight,and no obvious space for one ,he was happy. told me he would make sure i didnt get any more letters for 24 months,and if anything changed to let them know. wished me a good day and went on his way no kicking and screaming.no swearing and slamming doors in faces. i had no letters for two years,they have just started again asking if i still dont have or watch tv. i have replied, time will tell if that worked or if i get another visit.
  5. greendragon

    Storage of your stack

  6. greendragon

    Storage of your stack

    come to think of it.........so is box!
  7. greendragon

    Storage of your stack

    yep, WOOD is a dirty word in English
  8. greendragon

    Gold £2 coin royal mint

    let me know when they get to the point where the Hawaiians club him,stab him,disembowel him and bake him. love to see that coin.
  9. greendragon

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

  10. greendragon

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    isnt Britannia facing the wrong way? i was always told G.B.looks like a witch riding a pig, facing left.
  11. greendragon

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    next your be telling me bacon isn,t English ,
  12. greendragon

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    infidel! daddys sauce is a pale imitation of the one true sauce H,P
  13. greendragon

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    ketchup or H.P. now there,s an argument waiting to happen
  14. greendragon

    Coin Rings

    ok, lets start with some basics. you need the slowest speed possible for your drill. the problem normally is that a hand drill is just too fast you want the drill bit to cut, so use a cutting fluid. each is a different fluid depending what metal you are cutting look it up on your favourite search engine, its usually something simple like paraffin use the correct cutting angle on the drill bit. different angles for different metals or plastics a pillar drill works well because it runs at about a quarter the speed of your drill, and you can apply a constant pressure so it cuts into it instead of skipping around you need a better way of holding the coin too try sandwiching it between two pieces of plywood and clamping them flat down with two g clamps keep it up, and good luck it would be easy to laugh at your fails....but you are learning new skills and collecting more tools, cant go wrong with more tools :-)
  15. greendragon

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    just remind me again......they have to have extensive checks before getting a pawn brokers license to prove they are NOT crooks, right?