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  1. greendragon

    Small dent on silver bars.

    just because you Are a character,doesnt mean you Have character name that film
  2. greendragon

    Brexit 4 gold coin challenge

    watch how quickly gold can turn into lead! in small handy sizes around 9mm diameter might keep the pirates at bay
  3. greendragon


    ask her if she has any sovereigns? willing to pay a pound. maybe 50p if she has two the same
  4. greendragon

    Small dent on silver bars.

    hell no! i found my kilo very handy when i couldn't find my hammer bangs nails in just fine.
  5. sorry brother tyrone,didnt recognise you there your the second on the feft,yes?
  6. an old alter ego of mine from when i joined up to dodgy sites and didnt want things following me back to my REAL email so if anyone recognizes the name, remember.......YOU shouldn't have been on those sites EITHER ,lol
  7. greendragon

    Royal Mint's laziest coin to date

    a sneak preview "anniversary of the invisible man" from R.M.
  8. greendragon

    Milk spots How? And why?

    we split the atom in 1917. a hundred years on and we dont even know WHAT a milk spot IS let alone how to stop/cure it? pitiful !
  9. greendragon

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    good point maybe i will stick to my local dealer,thanks
  10. greendragon

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    so do i need I.D. there? as i say, i have never been but the idea of un-tracked coins seems appealing. anyone know?
  11. greendragon

    Bullion Dealer Bham?

    i have never been to a coin fair (i know,shame on me!) but do they take grubby handfuls of cash , no questions asked? and can i get sovs at a good bullion price there? just a thought.
  12. greendragon

    Milk spots How? And why?

    Time for an experiment? place a pre 1990 unmarked coin in a flip with a milked coin(say a maple) and leave for a year or two then get back to us with results
  13. greendragon

    Silver is for collecting, Golds for stacking!

    As long as you stick to bullion silver,then its a good plan i wouldn,t waste money on proof silver.in ten years it will look like a teenagers face and have lost all of its value.
  14. greendragon

    Nearest and dearest

    Spade guinea everything else is just weight
  15. greendragon

    Best 2018 silver coins to buy

    easier to bring myself to sell a coin that i dont like