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  1. what will ebay do in the case of "likely fake"? will they pull the listing and block repeat sellers ?
  2. the dreaded Ebay has a few, would need to find a next day delivery to ensure its on time
  3. only people called GUY should be allowed dry powder in that place! Added 0 minutes later... can we persuade him to change his name perhaps?
  4. if you are mechanically minded , as you seem to be , a switch is a switch . if you can get to it and take it out , like you say , they are pence from your local friendly electronics shop the fuel pump went on my buell lightning , quoted £650 for a replacement . found the part number was the same as a ford item for £25.00 happy days
  5. try a google image search for Tristan da cunha 2 gram gold coin. another well known producer of collectable coins dozens of different designs to collect , and a few years after production they are worth spot price. my opinion is that it takes more than a low mintage to make something collectable.
  6. I believe a study was carried out recently to see if people would hand back a lost wallet. seems the higher the amount ,the more likely it was to be returned
  7. I don't know about a font,but I can tell how it was done its just a rotating bit like a sketch-a-graph I used a much larger system to carve inch tall letters into granite and marble its a little like the toy you had as a kid where you trace a picture and another articulated arm would draw it would imagine its a fairly basic engraving job
  8. good news on the parking front...... the council have suspended the park by phone system indefinitely. traders and customers alike complained , wasn't their fcuk up they say, set in motion by a previous administration , lets see how they spank our arse next time!
  9. You only get a single chance The rules are very plain, The truth is well concealed inside The details of the game, You can hear it coming, You can see it from afar, It's pale and it glimmers Like a faded movie star
  10. surely you could just beam the power to your cooker from the nearest tesla tower?
  11. you can get 30 ton for around £100 when you get 40 ton up it jumps to around £500
  12. do we really think maples,Britannia,s and Queen,s Beasts will be melted when we sell them? dealers may only pay spot price for them ,but would they turn down the chance to sell them again with 30 or 40 % added? if they are selling on, it is irrelevant what it is alloyed with.