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  1. I observed something similar a year ago looking for bullion for less than spot at auction. My conclusion then was rarely you get a good deal. Occasionally maybe but more often than not they go too high
  2. Good seller here 👍 https://www.britannia-coins.co.uk/apps/webstore/search?utf8=✓&sort=&query=1951
  3. Gruffalo...around £45 now. Quite a bit below issue price.
  4. I don’t think so, as a buyer you get 3 offers within 24hrs. The seller can choose to accept or reject. So If you offer low 3 times and all rejected then you can’t make another offer for 24hrs
  5. Probably best to buy from Europe I’d have thought? For example European mint 1oz coin £760ish, vs 1oz sharps pixley bar £808
  6. A lot of people use spink numbers. Here’s a freedom of information request. Some numbers differ a bit https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/royal_mint_gold_and_silver_coin#incoming-962570
  7. Would be sent to ncs in USA. Takes around 2-3months
  8. Yes you’re looking at putting down more than an oz bully equivalent in £ to get a pretty worn one. Auction at the end of this month; https://www.mortonandeden.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/web-101.pdf
  9. Yes true. I’ll put to the side to send to grade at some point when I have some others
  10. This wasn’t received today or even this year, but looking through some bullion I spotted this, think it’s a decent MS grade! Only a few small bag marks. Pity it’s not a very rare year
  11. Ah ok. Mmm might take a while, JBs 1893 was a toughy but they come up eventually 🧐 Problem is the price might not be right!
  12. I’m intrigued there was another after the 1925-sa? Like a dog, give me a scent then fetch!!
  13. Appears that way. https://coinweek.com/opinion/numismatic-demographics/
  14. The London coin fair was much much busier, but the same demographic. Some, but few under 40s and very few female. Slightly off topic but related anecdotal evidence. My friend’s dad has recently retired from his jewellery and diamond trading business, he bemoans the younger generation spending a lot of their money these days on experiences like travelling or activities. Fewer he said were saving and spending on assets such as jewellery.