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  1. Take a look at Austria 100yr bond 😂😂 https://www.wsj.com/articles/stocks-for-income-bonds-for-speculation-11565878820
  2. I just had an email for the usual £1 over the same days
  3. One reason I really like physical over paper is the added inertia I find myself in when considering making a trade. Selling isn’t quite as easy as a click of a mouse. Takes more consideration. Funnily enough I actually treat fiat cash similarly, physical notes I find harder to spend £ than with those pesky contactless cards!
  4. I bet a lot of us have similar regrets. Mine were lgen in the 20ps, Barc in the 50s. Took a brave man to buy at that time though
  5. This latest spurt upwards to do with worsening trade tensions? Yuan was massively devalued overnight so trade wars turning into currency wars?
  6. Yes it’s for buying/selling. Click the + sigh at the top of the webpage. I usually give feedback when the item arrives fine and both members are happy
  7. Nothing out the ordinary. Still off people’s radar. Few I talk too about PM don’t care, even recently saying we’re at alltime high in £ doesn’t turn the light bulb on
  8. Can you post more details on this one? cheers
  9. @SVcollector has some. https://www.svcollector.com/en/sovereigns/
  10. Seems an odd way to make them to have a coating of some kind and I don’t think they used matt planchettes back in 1902. I had a discussion with a dealer recently about the 1902 production. Apparently they were made by acid etching, a recently developed method originating in Belgium in the 1890s, so the mint must have been keen to try it out but it didn’t prove popular. Even so a solution etch will be uniform and even and not leave spots behind or liable to fall off like a coating. Edit: the above was from a conversation: just did a tiny amount of my own research and found this http://www.cruzis-coins.com/sovs/1902GB.html they quote some references and say acid and later sand blasting was used but don’t say whether it was sand blasting after struck coins or the planchettes. Be interesting to read more if anyone has any links. Also would be interesting to compare 1902 acid etch vs sand blast if 2 such production processes were used
  11. I had a quick look since I was interested myself. The mini contract 1000 oz you can’t take delivery or deposit this size but gives you a fifth ownership of a standard 5000ox bar. So 80000usd 5000 min size for delivery as said above https://www.cmegroup.com/trading/metals/files/1000-oz-silver-futures-faq.pdf
  12. Couple just finished. Full at £1380, double at £1220 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-Gold-Proof-Full-Sovereign-Coin-PCGS-PR70-DC-500-Year-Anniversary/202727827084 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-Gold-2-Pounds-Double-Sovereign-Coin-PCGS-PR70-DC-500-Year-Anniversary/202727825214