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  1. Elements


    Very generous
  2. Elements

    NGC population? value gestimates? 1917S Sovereign

    There’s one for sale on eBay at the moment, Buy it now for £323 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1917S-Australia-Gold-Sovereign-NGC-MS-62-171895/332726448864?hash=item4d780ab2e0:g:On0AAOSwScBbM9Uy
  3. Elements

    NGC population? value gestimates? 1917S Sovereign

    I’d look at the PCGS population too https://www.pcgs.com/valueview/george-v-1911-1931/1917-s-sov-4003/5063?sn=113517&h=pop
  4. Elements

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    The 1910c is mine. It’ll be interesting to see the result. I have some concerns about the Edward head side, there’s some lines particularly at the back of Edwards head. The fields looks different though to a details cleaned Coin I have where the lines look deeper and the fields polished looking. Are they die polish or man made clean lines? I don’t have high enough magnification to see if the lines are raised or cut into. That would tell the difference. Any thoughts? Second photo is my details @sovereignsteve @SovTracker ?
  5. Elements

    'Photo Only Topics' Discussion Thread

    Neat and tidy
  6. Elements

    1895 Melbourne Sovereign - doesn't exist?

    @sg86 @dicker @MickB 11th August 2017 posted on Today I recieved thread photos of his 1895-m pickup from sharps pixley
  7. Elements

    UK pensions

    Platinum mentions concerns about companies going bust. I think that’s a valid concern if your pension is promised by your employer. Look at BHS, British steel and countless others. Mine is through a platform provider that spread the funds through various funds across the world. If the provider goes under the shares are still held in my name, the provider is the middle man...but take their cut obviously ?
  8. Elements

    2017 200th Anniversary BU Gold Sovereign

    Quite a lot of the early proofs were plain edge. Prior to 2017 I’m not aware of any until 1937, then 1871, 1839, 1837, 1831, 1830 Not an exhaustive list there’s probably more, and some from foreign mints like 1887-s
  9. Elements

    1841 Sovereign - Price?

    An xf40 sold at heritage auctions in 2016 for $10.5k (inc buyers fee)
  10. Elements

    NGC Grading Submissions Open

    I’m guessing platinum
  11. Elements

    Grading sovereign.s

    You sent off your 2005 proof to be graded too? NVM I see you have from the OP
  12. Elements


    That’s a bit much. With a little patience if you really want that year you can get one with some searching for around 1k
  13. Elements

    Today I Received

    That’s super nice @shawy2510
  14. Elements

    Hello silver forum

    Hi Jordan. Seen you regularly trading on Facebook. Offering sovs at good prices ?
  15. Elements

    first goldsilver.be order

    I bought from them using transferwise. In fact I’ve used transferwise to buy from many places including the states. Use your debit card (I think if using a credit card it’s like a cash withdrawal so you get charged interest immediately from your card provider, I think) A bit scary first go, I’m a little sceptical of these things so first go was a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s just like a bank transfer.