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  1. Elements

    Grading sovereign.s

    You sent off your 2005 proof to be graded too? NVM I see you have from the OP
  2. Elements


    That’s a bit much. With a little patience if you really want that year you can get one with some searching for around 1k
  3. Elements

    Today I Received

    That’s super nice @shawy2510
  4. Elements

    Hello silver forum

    Hi Jordan. Seen you regularly trading on Facebook. Offering sovs at good prices 👍
  5. Elements

    first goldsilver.be order

    I bought from them using transferwise. In fact I’ve used transferwise to buy from many places including the states. Use your debit card (I think if using a credit card it’s like a cash withdrawal so you get charged interest immediately from your card provider, I think) A bit scary first go, I’m a little sceptical of these things so first go was a bit of a leap of faith, but it’s just like a bank transfer.
  6. Elements

    Today I Received

    Difficult to find MS62 1909c
  7. Elements

    Turning fat into Silver

    Lol I thought it was just my spellchecker! 😂
  8. Elements

    From little acorns

    Looking good
  9. Elements

    Maundy Money in general

    My interest is in the sovereigns from the sets. This site has a good selection of Maundy coins and sets https://maundy.co.uk/
  10. Elements

    Today I Received

    Great! Nice pickup I saw that one too
  11. Elements

    Today I Received

    Nice one ST I got one recently. Still searching for a decent raw see if I can find a potential ms64 or above! Did you have to pay import fees?
  12. Elements

    Today I Received

    1911 half proof PF65 cam. Beautiful coin
  13. Elements

    Today I Received

    I didn’t see the comments you’re referring to but ignore the trolls if that’s what they were doing. Your coins, your money, your choice! World would be a boring place if we all like the same thing
  14. Elements

    Wedding Rings ???

    I’m pretty certain she could use the existing band and reshape it. That way the sentimental value isn’t lost since you know it’s the same metal ring remoulded. Worth asking if thats what you want.
  15. Elements

    Wedding Rings ???

    A talented young jewellery maker heatherscottjewellry. Has her own designs but will basically tailor to your needs and budget. https://www.heatherscottjewellery.co.uk//