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  1. Elements

    Turning fat into Silver

    Lol I thought it was just my spellchecker! 😂
  2. Elements

    From little acorns

    Looking good
  3. Elements

    Maundy Money in general

    My interest is in the sovereigns from the sets. This site has a good selection of Maundy coins and sets https://maundy.co.uk/
  4. Elements

    Today I Received

    Great! Nice pickup I saw that one too
  5. Elements

    Today I Received

    Nice one ST I got one recently. Still searching for a decent raw see if I can find a potential ms64 or above! Did you have to pay import fees?
  6. Elements

    Today I Received

    1911 half proof PF65 cam. Beautiful coin
  7. Elements

    Today I Received

    I didn’t see the comments you’re referring to but ignore the trolls if that’s what they were doing. Your coins, your money, your choice! World would be a boring place if we all like the same thing
  8. Elements

    Wedding Rings ???

    I’m pretty certain she could use the existing band and reshape it. That way the sentimental value isn’t lost since you know it’s the same metal ring remoulded. Worth asking if thats what you want.
  9. Elements

    Wedding Rings ???

    A talented young jewellery maker heatherscottjewellry. Has her own designs but will basically tailor to your needs and budget. https://www.heatherscottjewellery.co.uk//
  10. Elements

    Finding 2% Gold at the Londong Coin Fair!

    That was a great video @BackyardBullion @PansPurse @Goldmick Looked like a great day out. You must have known it was going to be a succesful day when the train actually turned up 😂. I totally know what Pan means when he mentioned walking around with a smile, I’d be like a kid in a sweet shop!
  11. Elements

    Today I Received

    PGCS ms63 1918 Canadian. This year was badly treated and ms63 is as good as it gets apart from 1 single ms64 exception
  12. Elements

    Today I Received

    some chunky pieces from @BackyardBullion
  13. Elements

    Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    I don’t think there is a dedicated thread. They pop up now and again like this one. I’d like a pinned thread, seeing fakes is quite educational especially good ones!
  14. Elements

    Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    I see he changed the description from george sovereign to 22ct gold coin. So a little less devious but I bet it’s not 22ct
  15. Elements

    Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    @zeusss4 @dutchman @SILVERFINGER @Xander @BackyardBullion @MickB @Gildeon @StackerNoob @blackadder Can you believe it the chancer, he relisted it! https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/22CT-Gold-Coin/302748487890?hash=item467d3750d2:g:C8kAAOSw0O9bBA7y