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  1. Bank sector (brave...oh you gotta be brave!) a contrarian investment? The health crisis could easily turn into a financial crisis, that’s obviously the worry now but look back at 08/09 charts. I remember looking at barc 50p, it was a multibagger. History repeat or this time has it (debt, bad loans) gone too far? Guess the next few months will tell. https://www.ifre.com/story/2304353/march-madness-hammers-europe-us-bank-stocks-l8n2bn2ux
  2. Sorry to hear that Xander. So many people round here not treating it seriously, lots hanging around like it’s an extended holiday. Sadly I expect that only by going through what you are now will they realise, but by then it will be too late for countless other families
  3. Use the search button at the top and type sovereign, the resulting page gives the active links with frankly overpriced rubbish but the standard sovereign should be there.
  4. What do you make of this? Some familiar names popping up. https://www.trouw.nl/economie/klanten-van-abn-amro-moeten-hun-goud-verkopen~b668b850/ Using google translate: ABN Amro customers must sell their gold ABN Amro customers will no longer be able to put their money into physical gold, silver or platinum. The bank will discontinue these three investment products next Friday. Customers will have to sell their positions before April 1. If that does not happen, ABN Amro will do this for them at the prevailing price. This concerns about 2,000 customers of ABN Amro's private banking departments (private banking and retail). This may also include companies or other legal structures. They have "weight bills" with gold and platinum in grams and silver in pounds. The fact that ABN Amro will stop using these investment products has to do with changes in 2013. Until then, ABN Amro offered precious metals through Deutsche Bank. Those who had such an investment product could actually get the physical gold delivered through Deutsche Bank. But Deutsche Bank discontinued this service. ABN Amro transferred the precious metal trade to the Swiss bank UBS. At UBS, however, it was not possible for customers to actually request the gold or silver. Additional regulations Because the physical delivery of precious metals is not possible, a precious metal purchased through ABN Amro is not a “direct investment”. Because it is a complex product, ABN Amro must comply with additional regulations. Those rules for European financial markets have been tightened. “Given the limited size of the invested capital in these instruments and the small customer group that purchase them,” ABN Amro prefers to stop. Customers can buy shares in gold companies, the bank suggests. When ABN Amro sells the gold, silver or platinum for its customers, this is done without transaction costs. The bank transfers the proceeds to the customer's cash account. "We cannot guarantee that this sale will take place at a favorable rate," ABN wrote in the letter informing customers several months ago. For those who have not yet done so, it is no longer such a favorable time to sell gold. The price has fallen significantly in the past month, reflecting the corona crisis that is causing major stock market and economic shocks. The cancellation of these accounts by ABN Amro brings to an end a history that goes back to the establishment of the Hollandsche Bank Unie (HBU) in 1914, writes gold trading company Aunexum in retrospect. The HBU took care of the trade in gold and other precious metal at the Coolsingel in Rotterdam. In 1967 ABN acquired all the shares of this bank. Anyone who invested in precious metal at ABN Amro knew that the gold or silver was kept in the HBU safes. When ABN Amro merged with Fortis in 2009, HBU was sold to Deutsche Bank. After that, customers were able to request the gold from their account for another four years and put it in the safe at home.
  5. Ah. Maybe sold out at that price. Maybe this is the newest price link https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2020-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-4220.html The £309 worked for me last night but also won’t let me add to basket. The one above works, for now
  6. Not sure how long their supply will last https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2020-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-4212.html
  7. Here’s a reliable seller https://britannia-coins.co.uk/shop?olsPage=products
  8. Good old h and b under spot again free delivery. Can order only one this time though https://harringtonandbyrne.co.uk/2020-united-kingdom-gold-uncirculated-sovereign-4212.html
  9. Yeah it’d have to work based solely on £/oz, condition irrelevant purely bullion. Anything else premium would go in the normal trade section. Would take a lot of work to implement I understand and possibly something for the future
  10. Mark- I use this same as Bullionaire. Good for funds but not if you want individual shares.
  11. Be good to get this system up and running, I bet there’s lots out there would sell at the right price. This would be a good way to observe market depth and demand for actual physical and what people would be prepared to sell for or want to buy at
  12. Just musing here, but I think it could work on here...somehow! The buy and sell section is good here, really good. But an add on that would be great addition rather than a ‘wanted or for sale post’ would be a SETS style trade listing for people looking to buy/sell bullion. Rather than have multiple individual sale/wanted posts they could be condensed into a market style trading system and could encourage more activity especially for those that might want to buy or sell at a certain price but maybe didn’t want to bother because we’re not really that motivated. For people unfamiliar with sets style trading this is a market commonly used to trade shares. You usually go through a broker who lists your order on the stock market, illiquid stocks usually have market makers to provide liquidity but higher dealing shares puts the order direct to the market at a dealing price, if say you want to buy some shares you can match the ask price or if the ask price is too high it gets entered as a bid awaiting someone who is happy to sell them at that price or if too low bid will just sit there as higher bidders go in front of you. More here or have a search yourself. We could create a true physical bid/ask system to rival the paper market!
  13. My understanding is that it’s a scheme to save companies, to stop them from making redundancies so the individuals savings wouldn’t be any way a reflection of the companies ability to keep them on or not. If the company suddenly isn’t earning to stop them going under they need to cut costs ie staff, this is a way to delay that
  14. I found this amazing, this is a photo on my local facebook from someone who works in a hospital. Normal wards are deserted. I double checked with my friends wife, a doctor there and she agrees, its mega quiet, people are staying away. Another work colleague has a friend who is a hospital pharmacist at a different hospital, last week was busy whilst they free up capacity of non emergency cases and again this week is quiet. They're expecting a surge of viral patients though in the next week or two, hopefully it wont materialise. Maybe people wont take the NHS for granted after this and stop going for minor ailments. p.s - a post in reply to the facebook photo was funny, said with pubs being closed there's a lot less drunken injuries!!
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