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  1. One on eBay. I know nothing about this so cannot verify the accuracy of the product description but if it is 30g 925 silver then £5 seems cheap to me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-1978-SOLID-STERLING-SILVER-HEAVY-INGOT-WITH-ST-CHRISTOPHER-1-OUNCE-/303132313529
  2. Hi, can i have one pack 2.5”saflip and 1 pcgs storage box please thanks
  3. They’ve just released a Matt proof, what was the point of that one? Agree with @Oldun saturating the market.
  4. Here you go...good old chards https://www.chards.co.uk/blog/heads-the-designs-on-the-obverse-of-british-sovereigns/158
  5. As oldun says in 2015 theres were 4th and 5th portrait head sovs issued
  6. What’s your interpretation of the rules regarding reporting? I make it out as having to report when reaching £1000 turnover BUT only having to pay when exceeding £1000 profit Sounds a bit stringent but there it is. Sell a one ounce coin for £1000 even though it was bought for £1000, no gain but still have to report it- no profit, no tax to pay sell for £2000 same, still have to report, £1000 gain, uses all the allowance. No tax to pay sell for £2005 have to report, £1005 gain and have to pay income tax on £5 (only applied to a traded coin bought and sold quickly ad you describe) https://www.gov.uk/guidance/tax-free-allowances-on-property-and-trading-income the link above refers to gross income from trading is £1000 before becoming reportable but the profitable allowance is still £1000 before any tax is due. Or have I misinterpreted?
  7. @BackyardBullion Toning up nicely, bought Feb 2018 valentine’s day New: 1yr old:
  8. Had this recently graded but have one already so surplus to my collection. £350 delivered to a UK address Bank transfer or PayPal F&F preferred International buyers may incur surcharge- PM if interested
  9. Anyone have an original certificate for a 1989 full sovereign for sale? Not the box or coin just the coa thanks
  10. Couple back from grading via @Numistacker - thanks
  11. Canadians are my favourite 😉 Doubt I’ll be able to get the all 😭
  12. With you there @kimchi and also agree with Chards, they (H&B) do have pretty aggressive marketing however I was expecting the onslaught! I get a few letters a week even though like yourself I opted out (I’ve tried opting in now see what I get!). I just use them to start the log burner! When I can be bothered I’ll send back one of their prepaid envelopes but you never know they might actually send an offer in advance again like the £229 sovs. They’re basically wasting more money on top of the loss leader sending me this rubbish