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  1. I would be most concerned about the VAT responsibility for BYB. From the perspective of tax authority this looks like BYB acts as a middleman dealer - he buys coins from gs.be (basically without VAT) and then resells them for UK customers (with zero margin but technically still resells). As he generates turnover in UK tax authorities could consider it as tax evasion and consider there should be a responsibility for collecting VAT instead. Of course this is not the intention but law does not care about intentions. If I would be doing this - even for fun - I would double check from my lawyer (or get a preliminary ruling) that there are not unpredictable tax consequences. It would be a pity to pay tens of thousands of uncollected VAT that BYB would be responsible paying retrospectively.

    Royal Mint return policy?

    Right so I was able to return four defected coins to Royal Mint. It took them around one week to process the replacement. So today I received replacement coins. STILL two of them were AGAIN defected. What are they doing there?!? Are they just randomly picking new units which they throw in a box and hope for the best? I attached image of one of the worse of the replaced coins. Has anybody here returned something there TWICE? Do they accept returning the replacements? It is stupid - if they would use a minute of their time to focus all of this could be avoided. It is waste of my time and waste of their time and money. It is a bit embarrassing to contact them again but it is just unacceptable that they send garbage out. Sigh...

    Royal Mint return policy?

    Sure. Something along these lines. Looks normal?

    Royal Mint return policy?

    Hi Royal Mail special delivery is something UK postal service related as far as I know? Any information how it works internationally?

    Royal Mint return policy?

    Hello and greetings from Spain. First time for me writing here. Very nice and interesting discussions here. I just sold most of my crypto holdings to buy around ten kilos of gold bars and coins - mostly coins though. Was nice to convert thin air to hard assets finally. I received the shipment from royal mint just before Christmas. Some of the gold queens beast coins and Britannia coins were very scratched. And I mean not just some tiny scratch but rather looks like some coins were driven over by a truck at the production plant. Does Royal Mint accept me returning the defected coins to receive replacement coins in mint condition? Their service line is offline and will open after the new year. I always stress if I have to send valuable items in mail. Do they sort out the insured return shipping or will I have to resort to shipping with my own risk? Would want to avoid that. Their shipping rates were very economical using DHL Express while at the same time being insured. Do you know can they sort out a return shipment with DHL with similar terms? Many thanks in advance