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  1. silverin

    March 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Thank you very much! It's my first Taku since 2012
  2. McGregor took the first 3 rounds in my opinion, but then started to gas as the fight wore on! He certainly wasn't embarassed that's for sure.
  3. Good job we have a bank holiday to look forward to hey!
  4. Looking forward to this one... 4am though
  5. silverin

    Today I Received

    You did very well to get an MS63
  6. Holding fire I'm expecting further drops, before I back the truck up
  7. Still got all my btc and some cryptos.
  8. silverin

    Today I Received

    Same here! 😅
  9. silverin

    Today I Received

    Get the 2008 it's one of my favourite designs.
  10. I hold the majority of mine from around £300. I had mined these though.
  11. This... and the government is partly to blame for years of under funding in the NHS and for also introducing IR35 taxation for contractors in the public sector. The very best IT talent have simply moved into the private sector.
  12. Only used https://bittylicious.com To sell a very small amount and they were quick.