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  1. USD will most likely be the only safehaven for a while until the whole thing falls apart but probably not a good idea to hold funds with Barclays when the collapse hits. CHF may do ok but it's not the Swiss Franc of old. I've got plenty of physical gold and silver to get through the transition to a new monetary system.
  2. How are you guys planning to weather the storm? So far I've sold my house (middle of year) and now renting. I've converted my pension entirely to cash and gilt funds. I've moved all my saving to NS&I accounts, maxed out the Premium bonds, the rest in the instant access saver. I would like to get exposure over the coming months to the US Dollar but can't find a safe and effective way to do it, possibly a stable coin like DAI. Worst case is I'll order some physical greenback notes to sit on. Still think we're 6 months before things start to bite.
  3. It's basically a play on the idea that the lightning network is not going to succeed and there will be a huge stampede into NANO in a couple of years time. Looking at the other coins on your list, all very nice projects but nothing that can compete with NANO in the 'payment coin' space. I'm only interested in payment coins rather than the multi-layered projects. NANO does have a few issues, currently centralisation where the primary nodes are still the developer reps but this will get better over time. Also privacy is an issue but that will work in it's favour when it comes to fiat gateway. Which brings me to the best thing about NANO. Once it gets a fiat gateway, it will become the primary coin for all inter exchange transfers. I can imagine it will then replace BTC as the primary Alt trading coin.
  4. Bought a nice pile of NANO (ex RaiBlocks) today at just over $6. I did have some irrational FOMO last month and poorly timed some premature buys at around $12 - $13. I see this as the ultimate payment coin that will completely destroy LTC / BCH over the coming years. The plan is to accumulate dips over the coming months on just this single coin. I'm hoping to load up between 3000 to 5000 of these for a long term hold.
  5. Ethereum and Ripple now entering the buy zones. However, both are not oversold on the weekly charts so may just be a bounce coming up before more declines. A break below here, ETH has zero support until $60. No longer interested in accumulating any XRP. I think it's a ponzi coin. I like NANO.
  6. Next leg down in crypto seems to be in play and could be a sharp one. You can call this the 'Burj Khalifa' pattern. This could be the final capitulation so will be interesting to see how things play out.
  7. Here's the latest Bitcoin chart. $5,000 is still in play imo. Weekly isn't yet in oversold territory. Ripple still needs to revisit $0.45. Ethereum $400 and Litecoin around $95 or slightly lower. I'm planning on allocating a few grands worth of speculation cash to buy some of the top market cap cryptos at those price levels.
  8. Yeah I think cryptos are the most vunerable assets of them all and people are getting their asses handed right now, specifically in the Altcoin space. Who knows how badly they'll get hit when the stock market bubble collapses. Technically all the top market cap coins appear to be offering another 50% haircut from current levels. Ethereum at $400 (now $828), Ripple at $0.45 (currently $0.95)and Bitcoin back at $5k is still on my radar. I can see some of these coins retracing their entire bull moves from 2017.
  9. That wasn't a bad shout but got stopped out on the trade. Identical arrows still on chart. Now rolling over at the daily supply level. I get the feeling this bear trend isn't over yet.
  10. Yeah I remember driving to a cash point at 1am after watching late night news during the peak of the banking crisis in 2008. There were people queuing up trying to withdraw cash. It was pretty frightening at the time. Those under 32-35 probably wont have any real recollection of these events 10 years ago. As for traders, people just love trends. Who would buy stocks right now? The risk / reward ratio is completely inverted. Take a look at Apple on the monthly which is technically horrific. I don't usually look at declining volume or bearish divergence on oscillators but this is a real stinker.
  11. Yep, I know a lot of people are banking on inflation which would be great for us gold / silver holders. I think what's coming will take years to clean up. It will completely take everyone by surprise and the governments and central banks will be miles behind the curve in terms of QE or stimulus. Best thing now is to start thinking about liquidating assets (apart from physical gold or silver coins), accumulating cash and getting it to safety. NS&I accounts are our best bet in the UK. Also 6 - 12 months survival cash in bank notes. I feel like the clock is now ticking and last weeks stock market scare was just the tip of the iceberg. 9 - 12 months max before the storm hits.
  12. I think gold still looks good for a move up from here. Thought we might have had a bit more of a pullback back to $1,300 but looks like it just wants to make a run.
  13. It's a tricky one but my timeline from here would be something like: Stocks enter a disorganised topping process that could take 6 - 12 months to play out. Interest rates continue to rise. Commodities should do well initially, gold especially to make a run for the all time highs. The housing market rolls over Finally a collapse which takes everything down and make 1929 look like a picnic, banking collapses, ATM withdrawal limits etc. The next crash will be the real stinker we should have had in 2008-2012 and it wont be pretty.
  14. There is very little base money underpinning the hundreds of trillions of debt that is artificially pumping all asset prices. We're now at a point where new debt is required just to pay the interest on the existing debt in the system. This system is primed and ready to unravel. As the everything bubbles collapses, there will a huge deleveraging event that takes place and a scramble back into cash. It will just be a re-run of 2008 on steroids. The hyperinflation will only occur through complete loss of confidence in the government or rapid and blatant expansion of the base moment supply. Both of these will eventually arrive but this will be due crisis response - ie The US congress may decide to mint a huge pile of Trillion Dollar platinum coins to monetise the national debt or some crazy method of flooding the entire system with cash.
  15. I don't think we can have rising sovereign bond rates, a banking meltdown and a stock crash at the same time. My guess is that the last week's drop in stocks was a head fake and we continue higher, rates up, bonds down and commodities to blast off. Ultimately we may see 6 - 12 months of inflation before the whole thing falls apart and the deflationary collapse begins to take everything down.