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  1. Foolssilver

    Tokelau Leopard Shark Coin from EU Mint

    Nice. Thank you!
  2. Foolssilver

    Tokelau Leopard Shark Coin from EU Mint

    Nice one mate. The price is very attractive and it’s interesting design
  3. Foolssilver

    Tokelau Leopard Shark Coin from EU Mint

    Hi all, I’ve noticed the EU mints cheapest 1oz offering is this Leopard Shark coin which surprised me as it’s not one you typically see competing as the lowest premiums. Has anyone got experience of buying these before? What is the quality like and how many do you need to buy to get a tube? Weighing up buying a tube to get some variety within my lower premium range. Cheers
  4. Foolssilver

    Silver to Go (or where best to buy)

    I've paid STG in £s before. Believe they may have a UK bank account
  5. Foolssilver

    Brexit and selling

    But do they make money from it Pete? Don’t they have to pay the VAT to HMRC?
  6. Foolssilver

    Brexit and selling

    Why do U.K. dealers choose to charge 20% VAT on second hand silver if they do not have to? I would assume this has little benefit from them but pushes business the way to Europe! Trying to get my head around it ....
  7. Foolssilver

    Will silver spot go below £10 before xmas ?

    My instinct is no ..... but then again my instinct may not be worth very much
  8. Foolssilver

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    I didnt get an email either after signing up!
  9. Foolssilver

    Chards Bonanza Week!

    Hope the deals rival the buildup
  10. Foolssilver


    I’ve used the royal mint signature service for platinum. Been impressed so far. I guess it could be practical for silver due to the need not to hold vast amounts if you are investing substantially (not that I do in these amounts)
  11. Foolssilver

    2019 kookaburra.... what have they done to the poor queen

    good question! how quickly did the premiums start to rise after the 2012-2015 varieties?
  12. Foolssilver

    Should I buy a tube of QB Falcon now?

    No mintage limit so no risk of selling out. I would consider looking at the Bull or the unicorn. These will likely be priced very similar, if not identical on some sites (possibly the EU mint), but it’s likely their appreciation will kick in sooner and the prices will rise faster due to the fact they were released earning than the falcon Ive been buying the series for six months and I’m kicking myself that when I started I went for the new releases rather than the likes of the dragon (which back then was only a few % higher than the ones I was buying!). Had I done that I would already be sitting on an appreciating asset. Having said that hopefully they all go that way in time 😊
  13. Foolssilver

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    I haven't. Honest answer is i don't know what im looking for, in the sense of knowing what represents good/poor value. I do understand that angle may be the way to get the best buying using this discount so thanks for pointing me in that direction
  14. Foolssilver

    Here we go again - eBay UK 10% off

    Im actually struggling to find any Half Sovs/Sovs that represent good buying ...... even with the 10%! If anyone has any ideas i would be grateful
  15. Foolssilver

    anyone just buy gold?

    I actually see the silver price as more attractive than gold substantially. Silver is less than 40% of the top price it has been. Gold seems to be about 80% of the max price. Am I wrong for taking this into account?