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  1. Foolssilver

    Why no love for Landmarks of Britain?

    Timing is a big factor I think They are released at similar times to QBs but also oriental brits and two dragons coins more recently. Its competitve and I sense this series just hasn’t grabbed attention compared to competitor series
  2. Foolssilver

    2012 & 2005 Sovereigns for Investment

    Hi All, as you will be aware the sovereigns from 2005 and 2012 are a different design. With this in mind I wanted to ask whether you guys thought that in the long run they could be better investments than the average modern year sov? It seems possible to pick them up for a low premium so I’m almost inclined to look at them over “random year” or “best value” coins. Keen to hear eat people’s thoughts. Tom
  3. Foolssilver

    Do you buy new or secondhand gold?

    I started with new coins as I was obsessed with mint condition but now six months in ive moved to bullion sovereign from all sorts of years. I enjoy having all the different types and sometimes you even get lower premiums this way
  4. Foolssilver

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    I certainly want a few! BYB I’ve sent you and DM to add some. Cheers
  5. Foolssilver

    "Random Year" Coins

    Wow I’m surprised that works but glad to hear it did. Fair play to you ..... don’t ask don’t get!
  6. Foolssilver

    "Random Year" Coins

    Indeed. Different dealers seem to use different names for it. Was wondering if there were any gems being received in this fashion. Possibly I’m being unrealistically optimistic 🙂
  7. Foolssilver

    "Random Year" Coins

    Hi All, I was interested to hear about peoples experiences of buying "random year" coins, both Gold and Silver. I've done this a few times both for Half Sovereigns and for SIlver coins and so far have always got the most common years and/or coins in questionable condition. For example, with the Half Sovs 1982 year coins seem very regular when ordering "random year" and when ordering silver it seems ive always received spotted coins etc. My question is does "random year" really mean random or does it means the least valuable coins the dealers have? If it were truly random the odd person would get a gem i guess. So ...... have i just been unlucky or is buying "random years" purely for weight stacking rather than hoping to get nice coins, both in terms of years and condition. Keen to hear everyone's experiences and thoughts?
  8. Foolssilver

    Another Perth Bird

    Has anyone bought some of these yet? I noticed they were on silvertogo and now appear not to be on!
  9. Hi All. Has anyone got any feedback on this service? Any pros/cons? Whilst I do enjoy being able to physically hold the PMs this does seem to be a way of avoiding VAT on silver but more interestingly avoiding the crazy premiums on platinum?
  10. Foolssilver

    Another Another Perth Mint Coin

    I like it. Do you think the Europe dealers will get it same time?
  11. Foolssilver

    Another Perth Bird

    Like the idea. Not sold totally on the design. Any predictions on how much this one will start off at? 🙂
  12. Foolssilver

    wanted Kookaburras

    Yes. Understand there is a premium on previous years
  13. Foolssilver

    wanted Kookaburras

    I’ll DM you 🙂 I’m paying between £15-£16 with the major dealers 🙂 so comparable I guess
  14. Foolssilver

    wanted Kookaburras

    Yes open to 2oz as well
  15. Foolssilver

    wanted Kookaburras

    Hi All, I’m in the market for some kooks. I was going to buy from a dealer but just thought I would check in case anyone wanted to offload some (I tried this technique recently for a half sov which worked nicely so thought I could try again) Im open to all years and would ideally be looking to buying between 5-10 off one person in order to minimise postage costs. Open to a combination of different years or multiples of the same. I would definitely prefer coins that are in a BU unspotted condition and come with the original Perth capsules. I would pay by bank transfer. Please let me know if anyone is looking to shift some. Cheers, Tom