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    CosmikDebris got a reaction from Seasider in Best Looking Coin   
    $10 Indian head eagle, a definite contender in my opinion...

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    CosmikDebris reacted to JunkBond in 1989 proof Full and Double sovereigns   
    That's about right, more demand for the full.
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    CosmikDebris reacted to MickD in New Stacker   
    The original Edinburgh, Scotland 🥃
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    CosmikDebris reacted to firestacker in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    This is about 2 months of stacking. About 90% bought through this community.
    4x 1kg Umicore bars (first purchase came with the box pictured, had to fill it up ha)
    2x 10oz Scottsdale stacker bars
    4x 5oz Scottsdale buttons
    3x 100g Metalor bars
    3x 100g Scottsdale bars
    4x 2oz  Queen's beasts
    5x 1oz 2018 Perth mint dragon bars
    12x 1oz 2019 Perth mint dragon bars
    5x 2019 1oz Britannia's
    5x 1oz Kruggrànds
    5x 1oz American Eagles
    5x 1oz 2019 Canadian maples
    1oz Platinum red dragon
    1oz Gold 2018 Perth mint dragon bars
    That's going to be it for me for a good amount of time if I have any self control!

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    CosmikDebris got a reaction from MickD in Question about Gold and VAT in England   
    When investing in bullion it is important to consider the VAT implications of your purchase. Currently, investment gold is exempt from VAT , this includes all gold bullion bars and coins purchases in the UK and EU. Conversely, silver bullion is subject to VAT, presently at 20% in the UK.
    Frequently, due to the VAT free status of investment gold, some investors believe that other precious metals are also exempt. Unfortunately this is not the case, however, this doesn’t mean other metals aren’t worth investing in. Instead individuals should consider the different investment opportunities of each specific metal.
    Why is there no VAT on investment gold?
    Since the 1 st January 2000 there has been no VAT payable on investment gold. This fell in line with the EC Council Directive 98/80 EC, harmonising regulations between the UK and the rest of the EU.
    Additional information about gold and VAT can be found here.
    What is investment gold?
    Although investment gold is exempt from VAT this doesn’t apply all forms of the precious metal. As a result, defining what constitutes as investment gold is important. Investment gold is currently;
    (a) Gold bars of a fineness not less than 995 of a weight accepted by the bullion markets.
    (b) A gold coin minted after 1800 that:
    Has a fineness of not less than 900 
    Is, or has been, legal tender in its county, an 
    Is of a description of coin that is normally sold at a price that does not exceed 180% of the open market value of the gold contained in the coin, or
    (c) An investment gold coin as specified in HMRC Notice 701/21A Investment gold coins.
    No, you should not have to pay VAT on the gold, but maybe on the  premium 15%. Add 20% to the premium?
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    CosmikDebris got a reaction from GoodAsGold in Fake sovereigns sold on ebay why people bidding!!!   
    I don't think I would buy from ebay unless it was from one of the established UK dealers with an ebay outlet. I would be too worried
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    CosmikDebris got a reaction from AgCoyote in Full Stack / Full Collection Photos   
    Not the best picture but here it is.....

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    CosmikDebris got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Royal Mail UK Special Delivery   
    Received my two Yale of Beaufort 1/4 oz from Atkinsons on time!
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    CosmikDebris reacted to ChrisSIlver in 2019 St Helena Spade Guinea Shield - Thoughts on!   
    I like this so much that I just bought one to give away in the March 2019 Premium member prize draw  will try to get that put up tomorrow.
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    CosmikDebris reacted to Kookaburracollector in 2019 St Helena Spade Guinea Shield - Thoughts on!   
    Just got a mailshot from Atkinsons for this coin. I might have to dig deep..these look amazing!

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    CosmikDebris reacted to JunkBond in Taste in music   
    60's, 70's jazz and jazz funk.
    Donald Byrd, Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock are favourites.
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    CosmikDebris reacted to RichRock in Silver price about to plummet   
    Although funny, it's actually quite sad. This person obviously had a troubled childhood, suffers a rejection complex, insecurity and paranoid delusions along with an identity crisis. I would suspect there may be a history of attempted suicide also. I agree that they should have been treated for mental health issues.
    IMHO a person like that can be greatly helped with basic talking therapy, but because we live in a "cultural Marxist" world then THEY are RIGHT and YOU are WRONG. If you disagree, you are a HATER and need to be sent for re-education.
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    CosmikDebris reacted to Goldmick in Today I Received.....   
    Not really sovereign.s allready had them but lovely coin box from @MikeSol ps all young head shield.s 

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    CosmikDebris reacted to adamantio999 in Today I Received.....   
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    CosmikDebris reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Love Liz Youngheads. Always seem to be in great nick. 

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    CosmikDebris reacted to danmc82 in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks @Sovsaver for the two halves 🙂
    Great looking coins.

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    CosmikDebris got a reaction from Nick1368 in $2.5 Indian Head 1915 American Gold Eagle   
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    CosmikDebris reacted to Nick1368 in $2.5 Indian Head 1915 American Gold Eagle   
    sold 201
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    CosmikDebris reacted to Gordon in Today I Received.....   
    I got this really nice set of sovereign scales today there in great condition for being nearly 200 years old

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    CosmikDebris reacted to KDave in Observations from a newbie   
    There is a kind of fashion too that drives the premium through supply and demand. What is hot what is not. That is part of the nature of collectables. Some ancient coins are extrodinarily rare and beautiful yet comparatively cheap and low premium over spot compared to modern coins. I struggle with paying so much for any of them as i see the metal content first, and I probably spend more time looking at pictures of coins than actual coins I own. Perhaps if I had more collectable coins that would be different? 
    Ownership as a position in the investment I get, but collectables are notoriously fickle and unpredictable, bullion has measurable and somewhat predictable volatility over time. As a hobby collectables are fair enough. As investment it's a different game, constantly trying to time an apparent sentiment curve in all these little markets, this I'm not very good at so I stay away. 
    There is a sweet spot, paying that little bit for a coin in a series that has good chance to appreciate in premium as much or more than gold price. Then there is paying 3 ounces worth for one ounce of gold with a nice design. Which way to look at it? 
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    CosmikDebris reacted to DarkChameleon in Getting there brit by brit   
    I still need a few but hey, a starts a start, got another four to the set coming, thankfully didn't break the bank on the early ones.
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    CosmikDebris reacted to ZatStackz in Today I Received.....   
    Got the new Captain America coin from the Marvel set.  Here's a couple shots with different lighting.  Filling up the box!

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    CosmikDebris got a reaction from Tn21 in First 6 silver 2oz Queens Beast   
    I might well take them depending on condition, just waiting for pictures!