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  1. mustynewb

    for sale 10oz Queens beast boxs

    Ah man i so want one of these. Dangerous if i need to get the lion also (unless i cant find one for under £200). See how i get on at pay day 😕
  2. Think i'm too poor for this months order 😭
  3. mustynewb

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Going to keep my 2. If the price goes stupid again next year i might sell one. Also i have my free paddingtons
  4. mustynewb

    1937 Proof Grade Opinions

    Terrible coins I'll give you 2% below spot for them
  5. mustynewb

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Got my 2. Looks like my free Paddingtons will be here tomorrow
  6. mustynewb

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    I see the snowman coins are in my closed orders. I see paddington bears (one of each) in open orders, looks like i'll get two then. 1 for each snowman? Not too shabby
  7. mustynewb

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Had a dispatch e-mail earlier. Something should be here tomorrow. Snowman or paddington? Not a clue.
  8. mustynewb

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Think i was told white sleeve with a certificate when i called them
  9. mustynewb

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Had some lovely coins turn up today courtesy of @zittergie
  10. mustynewb

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Just received this today... "Thank you for your order for the 40th Anniversary of The Snowman™ coin packaged in our limited edition white box. We are working really hard to ship these products to you in time for Christmas. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.As a gesture of goodwill we will arrange to send you one of our Paddington Bear coins finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard, displayed in a high quality folder with story snippets of Paddington’s (mis)adventure. " No ETA but better than a poke in the eye. Now will the gesture turn up before the snowman..
  11. mustynewb

    1817 1/2 Sov opinions

    Just had another look at that (now I'm tempted lol). Does the shield side look right? Warn yes but it looks more like it's been embossed?
  12. mustynewb

    Snowman 50p Proof 2018

    Guessing nobody has received any yet? I didn't even get an order number when I phoned up. They certainly took the money quick enough though
  13. mustynewb

    1817 1/2 Sov opinions

    Nice, not entirely sure i'd spend that much on a battered one but certainly tempting.
  14. mustynewb

    1817 1/2 Sov opinions

    Cracking coin. I really do like the older ones. Wonder if coins this age in poor condition end up in the melting pot. I'd certainly buy a battered one.