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  1. mustynewb

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    I'll stick with space dog. Think the reason I like it is that's its almost deliberately bad. Rather than just being bad. Now can I grab one on the next group order lol
  2. mustynewb

    Is there a coin worse than this ?

    I kinda want a spacedog coin now
  3. mustynewb

    Today I Received

    Impressed with my half shieldback from HGM. NGC worthy?
  4. mustynewb

    Today I bought.....

    Managed to snag myself a half sov shieldback from HGM earlier.
  5. mustynewb

    anybody having a bid or two

    Probably all out of what i'm willing to spend
  6. mustynewb

    for sale NGC Graded Gold

    Argh so tempted!
  7. mustynewb

    Lowest mintage ever

    The closest i'm getting to it! 😭
  8. mustynewb

    Lowest mintage ever

    how much of a share does a tenner get me?
  9. mustynewb

    2018 1/10 oz Platinum Britannias Announced

    Might try pick one up in the next group order
  10. mustynewb

    Buying gold in the UK

    Hmm still waiting on Malcolm. Guess he may have lost interest when I said I'd be only after 1 or 2 a month (was looking for the older dates qv). Might give him a gentle reminder otherwise back the usually sources.
  11. mustynewb

    Buying gold in the UK

    Dropped Malcolm Ellis an e-mail last week. Waiting for him to give me some dates/prices for a couple of coins.
  12. Phew... for a second there i thought that was no more group orders 😕
  13. mustynewb

    Today I Received

    Very worn 1895 half sov from baird
  14. mustynewb

    Today I made.....

    Got fed up of looking for coin capsules so dusted off the 3d printer and printed a couple (with lids) One for some half sovs (should fit around 10 plus capsules) One of the 10oz QB (should fit around 3) Need to print the one for one ounce brits. Will likely make them for 10 coins also. Still need a couple of adjustments (mainly to the lids) but will suit my needs!
  15. mustynewb

    Queens Beast Animals In Release Order

    September is going to b an expensive month. I've so far been avoiding the queen's beasts (although I now have 2 of the 10ounce coins) due to the markup and not getting in there quickly enough. Think I'll be pickup up a couple in the next group order