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  1. If one turns out to be a period forgery does that increase its value in any way?
  2. Reminds me o was going to send my Alexander the Great silver coin off for NGC for authentication.
  3. Hmmm I want... Pretty confident it'll increase in value but can I afford $599......
  4. Exactly my thought lol
  5. Had a piedfordt in my basket but opted against it. Just wanted 1 of the normal proofs to keep. I will pick up a bu one at some point but no real hurry
  6. Hmmm could get the piedfort
  7. I still haven't made it on the site lol
  8. At least they are decent enough to offer free postage
  9. good timing for my pay day. Might need to add a few coins, sneaky ordering whilst at a wedding
  10. So now that's over... What's the next one?
  11. Looks like mine should be delivered today. Now have I missed the bubble for selling one for a silly price...