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  1. Never saw that version on the RM site
  2. I ordered 2 and a BU. Probably end up gifting 1 of them
  3. Might try and grab 1 or 2 silver. Ended up just selling one of my Wallace and gromits to my brother for the price I paid.. free up some money for a snowman hah
  4. Yeah seems that way. Was hoping they'd wait for me to get paid first!
  5. So when do we think? Before Dec?
  6. Wonder if these will sell out. Doesn't look like anything has yet.
  7. I've grabbed 2 for my mini collection.
  8. Any idea when these coins will be released?
  9. Did anyone end up buying. Notice they've put some interesting information on the site now. Still out of my price range currently. Never know, this time next we'll be millionaires.
  10. If one turns out to be a period forgery does that increase its value in any way?
  11. Reminds me o was going to send my Alexander the Great silver coin off for NGC for authentication.
  12. Hmmm I want... Pretty confident it'll increase in value but can I afford $599......
  13. Exactly my thought lol