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  1. Had a piedfordt in my basket but opted against it. Just wanted 1 of the normal proofs to keep. I will pick up a bu one at some point but no real hurry
  2. Hmmm could get the piedfort
  3. I still haven't made it on the site lol
  4. At least they are decent enough to offer free postage
  5. good timing for my pay day. Might need to add a few coins, sneaky ordering whilst at a wedding
  6. So now that's over... What's the next one?
  7. Looks like mine should be delivered today. Now have I missed the bubble for selling one for a silly price...
  8. Annoyingly i remember having a kew gardens one years ago and paying for parking using it.
  9. Mines still on open. If it's anything like my snowman i'll get in April
  10. Same. Must be the snowman affect. People are just hoovering up for a quick profit. Don't get me wrong if they actually start selling for silly money one of mine will end up on eBay. Look at these more as a hand me down though.
  11. Just had a look at fleabay. So many on there. Even coin connection have raised the price to £130 https://www.thecoinconnection.co.uk/product/the-gruffalo-2019-silver-proof-50p-coin-box-coa/ didn't take them long lol
  12. Leap of faith partly why I want to send it for verification. I noticed a couple on a numi video the other day. Curious to knows who they were. Think 1 was real and 1 came back fake.