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  1. As much as I love winning I've already won my pressie from bullionaire My prize has yet to be won though
  2. Thanks. Actually after a 2019 coin (keep my mini date run going). They seem to be a little more expensive
  3. Anyone know where the cheapest place to get a 2019 half sovereign? Through my searching it's looking like Baird but has anyone seen any cheaper? My gold itch is driving me crazy. Need at least 1 in 2019
  4. Grabbed my Parcel this afternoon. Big thanks to @Bullionaire only gold i've managed to get my hands on in 2019!
  5. Similar to last year I'm away again over Christmas so I can do a Β£25 Amazon voucher if that's sufficient.
  6. Never saw that version on the RM site
  7. I ordered 2 and a BU. Probably end up gifting 1 of them
  8. Might try and grab 1 or 2 silver. Ended up just selling one of my Wallace and gromits to my brother for the price I paid.. free up some money for a snowman hah
  9. Yeah seems that way. Was hoping they'd wait for me to get paid first!
  10. So when do we think? Before Dec?
  11. Wonder if these will sell out. Doesn't look like anything has yet.
  12. I've grabbed 2 for my mini collection.
  13. Did anyone end up buying. Notice they've put some interesting information on the site now. Still out of my price range currently. Never know, this time next we'll be millionaires.