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  1. Congrats on 500 subs jon Youtube im tyneside silver bullion and geordie stacker Metals mafia im tyneside silver bullion also
  2. Many thanks for the replys chaps Time is not on my side with work amd family I have sourced some from usa Postage going to take a while to minamise the postage and customs vat Ill see what i can build for nxt time Dugised as a bbq in the garden lol
  3. Im in the market for 1kilo of silver shot Ive just started pouring myself and only have a small furnes Hench silver shot Drop me a line with prices Many thanks steve..
  4. I have. Two TVs haven't used them in 18 months I disconnected them last month popped them into the spare room lol
  5. Looking for some ezest Or someone in Canada that can ship me a case Many thanks.steve
  6. GeordieStacker


    What's people's thoughts on slabbing/grading 1997 Britannia proof set Only 15k sets made. But how many have been broken up
  7. For the price tag of £50 I'd rather get another 2oz queens beast
  8. Looked at these ones but decided was cheaper to get x2 boxes 2oz and ¼ Oz ones= more cash for PM's
  9. These ones also come to fit 1/2 or 3 trays as required
  10. @Bullionbilly @blackadder Direct link for the cases https://www.powercoin.it/en/numismatic-accessories-supplies/3029-wooden-case-queen-beasts-series-2-oz-display-10-coins-holder-.html
  11. @blackadder I got the box from www.power coin.it If I remember it was around £50 deliveri had it on preorder last November and they shipped to me around 22nd December They have them in stock now
  12. I've recently put the bullion privy Brits into normal slabs and they look so much better then normal capsules Hence why IM thinking on getting them done properly IM just waiting on the 2018 dog privy to arrive before I make the final step
  13. GeordieStacker

    QB box

    Just received my QB box in the post yesterday So I had to compare them against the britianias