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  1. MoralHazard

    Half ounce brittania worth grading??

    I am sorry to say but for my eyes this coin looks fake. Have you tested its contents?
  2. MoralHazard

    Another Perth Bird

    My order of 8 ounces of gold just arrived. It contained 2 pieces of birds of paradise coins. The bird really looks a lot better than in stock photos. I think that the coin will be a winner.
  3. MoralHazard

    Royal Mint return process waiting time..is this normal?

    That is outrageous! How many times have you contacted them since then? Have they given you any reason why it takes so long? Your situation is totally unacceptable.
  4. Hi I returned some coins back to Royal Mint for replacement as the coins I received looked like somebody at the production line has stomped onto them. My tracking shows that the package was delivered on 18th of April. So it is now almost two weeks and still have not heard back anything regarding the replaced coins. The only information I have got from their customer service that they can confirm the coins have been delivered. The customer service just says that they have not heard back anything from their dispatch team about the status of my replacement request. To me a waiting time of almost two weeks sounds a bit too much. Is this normal? How long for people here have had to wait to get coins replaced?
  5. MoralHazard

    Ooo...So shiny!

    I had one pretty beaten down 10 oz Perth Mint silver bar that really looked quite horrible. It had dings on the surface and some small blops on the surface from imperfect pouring. Well I wanted to try face lifting the bar by using first rougher sand paper to polish out all the imperfections on the surface that you could feel with your finger. Then moving gradually to higher grit sandpapers where the last finish was done with 2000 grit sandpaper. It was actually pretty quick process when I had a Dremel wheel in use. The end result was a bar that looked like a surface of American silver eagle. After sand papering the bar the final polished finish was achieved by using the Dremel with a polishing wheel such as this https://www.ebay.com/itm/10pcs-Polishing-Buffing-Fine-Wool-Ball-Wheel-25mm-for-Dremel-Grinder-Rotary-Tool/191991041372?epid=9005238266&hash=item2cb38ecd5c:g:4cwAAOSwmfhX5hbm together with Mothers metal polishing cream (very nice stuff BTW!) https://www.walmart.com/ip/Mothers-Mag-Aluminum-Metal-Polish-5-oz/20896445 The finalized finish was then finalized with a last touch of polishing with a micro fiber cloth by hand. After the final hand polishing with a good cloth I was able to get the surface to look like in a proof coin. No scratches anywhere! Out of interest I measured how much the bar weighted before I did the surgery. The weight before was 312.7 grams. After all the sanding and polishing the final weight was 311.3 grams just barely over 10 oz so I can safely say the bar is still 10 oz The end result looks like this (do you see what phone I have ???):
  6. MoralHazard

    **February/March 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Sorry to say but to me this is a bit hilariois. So much work and management to save few cents on postage. Somebody even thinking here to first group order to UK and then sending coins back to different country with same or few pennies smaller postage with no insurance cover - just to save half a pound. What is the point? I do not want to sound negative - I appreciate BYB effort to manage all this but from dealers point of view these group orders are still a drop in the ocean in their volumes. The margins for dealers are so thin that even with £10k turnover orders they can be considered small ordes and profit for their business are coffey moneys. If I would be a dealer I would refuse to combine these orders as well if it would require unnecessary amount of extra work for me. Please remember that those guys need to factor some value for their used time as well. Some people seem to forget this small detail here quite often.
  7. MoralHazard

    Today I Received

    Ugh I would not pay even spot for that cr*p. Send it back and demand justice!
  8. MoralHazard

    **January 2018** Group order from European Mint!

    From their website:https://www.europeanmint.com/terms/#shipping ”Please note, that all products are delivered in Estonia. European Mint responsability ends when products are picked up by costumer, Capital Logistics or any other courrier.” So if the courier loses the package you are on your own. Shipping couriers such as UPS or DHL do not pay a dime as precious metals are on their list of prohibited items. I know this very well also in practise. If you order from Germany they bear the shipping risk as they are obliged for it by the law. They are dealing with third party insurance companies that will cover if something goes wrong. Sorry to say but I would steer clear from ordering From Estonia if I would not personally go there to pick the coins up. At least you should know that the customer bears all the risks related to shipping. On a second note they are not even cheaper than buying from Germany. Only exceptions are Pandas. Like all Perth Mint products are lot more expensive there. Please compare prices to Silber Corner or Auragentum. Both offer flat shipping of 29€ for value up to 10k€. And low premium coins few cent difference without any bulk pricing breaks.
  9. MoralHazard

    Royal Mint return policy?

    Why you think so? Do you remember that coin 😁 Are they that dirty that they dump defected quality ouside until they do not hear complaints.
  10. MoralHazard

    Selling bullion gold with some imperfections back to dealer

    No problem. Your answer of ”good luck” sounds as if there is a problem dealing with german dealers. Did you mean this? They steal my coins and never pay me back 😳 ? I have had zero problems on the buy side and the dealer is one of the biggest ones in Germany.
  11. MoralHazard

    Selling bullion gold with some imperfections back to dealer

    I am not from UK myself so selling to Germany is the best alternative for me. They pay in the currency I want to receive the payment.
  12. MoralHazard

    Selling bullion gold with some imperfections back to dealer

    The dealer pays above spot for the lion coin. Their price for other queens beast coins is worse than they pay for lion. They do not state anything about the condition. It is a bullion coin on their website. Would be strange in my opinion if they are picky when buying coins but then when selling argue imperfections as normal for bullion coin.
  13. Hi I was planning to sell back few RM queens beast bullion gold coins back to a German dealer. I picked a dealer that had the best buy back price for the coin that I own (lion). The price was attractive probably because they do not have this coin in stock anymore. I have not before sold any coins back to a dealer. The coins have been in my safe deposit box for as long as I have owned them and encapsulated in RM coin capsules. Some of the coins I noticed have some imperfections on the queens face. One of the coins have very noticeable scratches on the queens cheek looks as it has scrubbed hard against another coin during the minting process. Can a dealer refuse to buy the coin(s) that have imperfections even though it is in the as "new" condition from the mint when we have agreed on the price. At least these same dealers refuse to take back these similar coins if they sell them to to a customer by just saying that they sell them in the condition received from the mint. Nowhere in their terms and condition is it explicitly said that they can back away from the agreed buy price if the coin does not meet their criteria. We already have a binding contract on the price after I have submitted a sell through their website. So is it legal for them being picky when buying back? Or do they even care? I do not want to end up in a situation where the coin is already in their possession and they say "sorry this coin does not meet our quality standard we will instead pay you X for this - sorry". What do you think?
  14. MoralHazard

    2005 kilo Panda - was this a bad deal?

    It is a spectrometer gun that basically can show composition of any alloy. It is rather expensive device but crucial for my work. I need this device as i buy scrap precious metals (especially gold) as my ”side project” to refine them later in the refinery. https://us-tech.co.za/xl2-100-portable-precious-metal-analyzer/
  15. MoralHazard

    2005 kilo Panda - was this a bad deal?

    I do have the wooden box for it as well as the CoA. The box has some small dents but otherwise in ok condition