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    dutchman got a reaction from RoughDog in **FEBRUARY 2019** Group Order from The European Mint   
    when i started collecting it was all 1oz , now its the heavier weights and better value
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    dutchman reacted to mrdore in Bullion - Queen's Beasts 1oz Gold Coins   
    I am selling the first 5 coins in the Queen's Beasts 1oz Gold Coin set. I also have the wooden display box.
    I will accept £6000 for the whole set or an individual price for each coin as below:
    2016 Lion of England - £1400
    2017 Griffin of Edward III - £1500
    2017 Red Dragon of Wales - £1250
    2018 The Unicorn of Scotland - £1100
    2018 The Black Bull of Clarence - £1050
    Note: I will only be willing to sell the Unicorn & Bull individually, should the other's sell. 
    I will take £25 for the display box if the coins sell individually

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    dutchman reacted to ChrisSIlver in Deletion or Editing of posts on the forum.   
    Firstly I would like to state that posts being edited or deleted is an extremely, extremely rare occurrence. And the majority of members have never had any of their content edited whatsoever and will be completely unaware of what this topic is referring to.

    In general the forum supports an open place to discuss and debate different points of views amongst a wide range of subjects where freedom of speech is welcomed. For example, we take no bias towards any precious metals dealers.

    However, any posts that seem to be abusive, may be seen as bullying in nature, contain swear words or inappropriate words, racism or simply those that the deemed not in the spirit of the forum community may be edited or deleted. In reality the amount of posts that may be edited is extremely extremely small, at the time of writing there are nearly 230,000 forum posts and only a few of those have ever been removed, most if not all edits are to remove inappropriate words from a members post and to make it clean.

    We have also locked topics in the past when healthy debates spiral out of control and become confrontational and personal fights. The forum is not a platform for this, and we kindly ask for all members to respect each other even if views or opinions may be opposing.

    I would like to thank the members of the community here for supporting the forum, who has shown respect to their other fellow members and for insightful and interesting posts and debates on the forum, as well as helping others by sharing their knowledge about our hobby and sharing useful information about non precious metal related topics unconditionally.

    We are a community here with a shared interest in a common hobby, and we try to help each other. However from time to time a few outliers may appear, those who wish to destroy what we have all worked so hard here together to build.

    Out of nearly 5000 members there have only been less than a few members of the forum that I have had to message about their conduct.

    My goal is the long term survival of the forum as an entity and to protect our community of precious metals collectors and investors. The dream is to create the worlds best and largest platform for precious metals enthusiasts.

    Any topics that I deem to be detrimental to the forum and community’s long term survival and growth, will be removed.

    If you have a genuine issue or concern about the forum, or a forum moderator please private message me. If you have a suggestion on how you believe the forum can be improved, please do not hesitate to send me a private message. I am always open to suggestions on how we can improve the forum and open to improving it for the greater good.

    Lastly I would like to once again thank all contributing members of The Silver Forum and our community here, not just those who support the forum financially with premium membership, but all members of the community here who contribute someway to the forum, whether through posing insightful posts, helping to moderate spam, or simply by being a member here. Though I would like to state that the forum membership does greatly help the forum to maintain itself as it grows and becomes ever more dependant on larger resources, so a big thanks to those who also support with premium membership. We are all a community here.
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    dutchman got a reaction from dicker in Advice needed   
    Thanks ,most are below fine grade so i guess most likely way to sell is to these E Bay coin companies that sell this type of coin
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    dutchman reacted to STONE in Why Newbies Need to do their Research   
    On most of the other forums I am on there is a minimum post count you have to have before you can buy and sell there. 25-50 posts should be a minimum.
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    dutchman reacted to Kookaburracollector in Why Newbies Need to do their Research   
    This was discussed on another thread last week..I suggested that newbies should earn the right to sell/buy by accumulating community reputation points first...Too tired tonight to expend any energy on this one...
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    dutchman reacted to AngelAir in Libertad Photo Thread...   
    2018 Libertads.  About 350 of them. (not all pictured)

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    dutchman reacted to BackyardBullion in BASHING on the forum   
    On topic....
    My opinions are very much that any personal insults, or the like should have zero tolerance.
    It is fine for us to have healthy discussions about issues at hand, threads like the ones we had regarding GS.BE are a prime example of what is a great debate. Opinions on both sides coming out about what and how that dealer should do business.
    However, people are fickle and often resort to name calling or plain old insults and accusations of impropriety and dishonesty.
    In my opinion that is the line. Debate the issues as much as you like, that is good. But start calling names and insults, no thanks. I remember a particular thread about Chards where a certain member called those who supported Chards behaviour a derogatory term. Line was crossed.
    Personally I would like to see small (and increasingly larger bans) implemented when members cross those lines. The current strike system is too lenient and does not go far enough to discourage this kind of behaviour.
    I loathe bullies and trolls. They are a scourge and should be rooted our and shown the door if needed. There is just no need for it. 
    Social media plays a bigger part of out lives day by day and whilst some people might not think calling someone names anonymously online hurts anyone, it actually really does.
    Just my 2¢ and I am sure that some of my biggest "fans" would love to call me out on my opinions. Debate me like an adult all day long, spout accusations and insults my way - not so smart.
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    dutchman got a reaction from Bullionbilly in 2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.   
    Got mine christmas eve from the u.s.a. and did a fantastic deal on 1oz pamp lunar bars set at a price that would be impossible in the u.k. even on the forum! at the same time so a great xmas package
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    dutchman reacted to shortstack68 in Today I Received.....   
    Glad it didn't dent your wallet much
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    dutchman reacted to TheProspector in Today I Received.....   
    Went to the Sharps Pixley showroom yesterday with the view to buy a small bar but then thought what the hell...

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    dutchman reacted to BleyerBullion in about goldsilver.be   
    Hello fellow lady! ♀️ 👍  we need more uteruses on the forum to balance out the numbers! 😂
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    dutchman got a reaction from Xander in Mega Salaries   
    Agree, i dont watch live tv and i ignore any letter from them so i don't pay the fee, simples !
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    dutchman got a reaction from Bullionbilly in 2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.   
    Got mine christmas eve from the u.s.a. and did a fantastic deal on 1oz pamp lunar bars set at a price that would be impossible in the u.k. even on the forum! at the same time so a great xmas package
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    dutchman reacted to flim in Today I Received.....   
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    dutchman reacted to Bullionbilly in Lets talk watches!   
    That is VERY nice ! May i ask how much ? 
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    dutchman reacted to StackSellRepeat in PAMP SUISSE 10 OZ BOXED & CASED XMAS STOCKERS PRICED TO SELL   
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    dutchman reacted to Pampfan in Today I Received.....   
    The pigs are in the collection - pamp suisse silver pigs - 10 gram, one ounce, and 100 gram. Collection is complete now to date.

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    dutchman reacted to Bullionbilly in 2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.   
    DAY 17.
    DRAW 1.
    WINNER IS 64 @dutchman
    PRIZE FROM @Pampfan
    DRAW 2.
    WINNER IS 6. @mr-dead
    PRIZE FROM @creative
    DRAW 3.
    WINNER IS 67 @Spanishsilver
    PRIZE FROM @Stats
    Please PM eachother with postage info etc.
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    dutchman reacted to sovereignsteve in buying gold on forum   
    Ah but can you absolutely trust BYB?
    He has said in the past he would be willing to sell his wife, at the right price.
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    dutchman got a reaction from Bullionbilly in Anyone notice Sharps Pixley silver prices today?   
    Kicking myself went to order Monday evening but because i did not have an account thought i would order on tuesday morning price had risen by 20% so missed out
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    dutchman reacted to 999magnum in Chinese Silver Pandas   
    I thought I saw a couple of people already showing them on youtube
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    dutchman reacted to greendragon in When will gold hit £1000   
    unless she has a cunning plan..

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    dutchman reacted to lmwstamps in Best General Tips for Stacking   
    Having watched a few youtube videos over the past week, I've come away with one conclusion.  There are a lot of people making a lot of "factual" assertions on how to stack and what to stack based on their purpose for stacking and predictions about silver in the future.  For example, I heard quite a few people make the assertion that the foundation of a stack should be the bullion coin of the country they live in (if one is produced).  They cite a few of reasons for this, 1) it's more recognizable, 2) it's less likely to be counterfeited because it's "government issued", 3) it's easier to sell/barter with, and so on and so forth.  The basis for their statements seem to be rooted in the belief of SHTF environments.  Another example I've seen quite often is a rank ordering of best places to buy silver, more often than not with online dealers ranked first followed by local shops followed by eBay, etc.  The reality of my stacking experience contradicts the factual assertions such as the ones above.  I have encountered a few good generalized tips, but wished that their would be more general tips that could help all stackers with their goals regardless of their purpose in stacking.  Here are some of the better ones I have heard.  Feel free to add or dismiss any of them:
    1) Before you purchase anything, learn the basic terminology of collecting/stacking and have a general idea of factors which may affect them (ie. spot price, physical vs. paper PM, premiums, bullion,           numismatic coins, etc)
    2) Understand your reason and motivation for stacking before you make any substantial purchases
    3) Find an experienced stacker/collector that has a similar reason, motivation, and purpose for stacking and learn from them
    4) The silver market tends to be location specific.  Understand what options you have available to you, both for buying and selling.  Understand the factors which affect your options (ie. VAT, online                 sales, legal restrictions, etc)
    5) Before you buy, have an idea of the outcome of the purchase, whether keeping it forever, or disposing of it at some point in the future.  If it's the later, as best as possible, think through the best means       you have for disposing of the item and how desirable your purchase will be to the eventual buyer.
    6) If you are selling, know the value of what you have.  If you are selling in person, no matter how much you may need to make the sale, don't come across as desperate.
    7) It's your collection/stack, based on your beliefs and motivations, using your resources, so do what you feel you need to do, not what anyone else thinks you need to do
    😎 You will make mistakes, hopefully the aren't too big of a setback, learn from them and try not to repeat them
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    dutchman reacted to Roy in Sold all my gold, got stung   
    Sure, it was your avatar that confused me! 😉
    I ask because I'm in my 6th decade of life and I don't know what is around the corner. 
    I always read 'for the long term' or 'for my kids' yet it's alien to me. I haven't had that option.
    Wait. What? Gold has been available for ever so why are people stacking 'for the long term' now when there wasn't that option before?
    It seems that silver and gold have become the greatest asset class available. Well, since 2011 that is.
    Don't give your kids gold. They know less what to do with it than you do. Should they leave it to their kids?
    Use your gold. Buy bricks and mortar and land when everyone else has to sell. Spend it when it's most wanted.
    As for inheritance, don't die a rich man. 😉