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  1. i find the forum members a great source of information and advice but it does not influence what i buy ,what one member likes and collects another does not. so i say buy what you like and enjoy .
  2. i hope silver is to cheap as i have far more of it than gold !
  3. Did you buy from a bullion dealer ? as i have yet to find one who will ship to the UK
  4. when i started collecting it was all 1oz , now its the heavier weights and better value
  5. Thanks ,most are below fine grade so i guess most likely way to sell is to these E Bay coin companies that sell this type of coin
  6. A friend of mine ,has asked me to catalogue her late Husbands coin collection ,various mix of silver and commemorative crowns ,with a view to selling but the advice i need is on about 60 victorian pennies complete date run and about 55 edward vii to george vi pennies various grade condition .like most members they are not really something i would collect so any advice on how to sell them would be helpful thanks
  7. Agree, i dont watch live tv and i ignore any letter from them so i don't pay the fee, simples !
  8. Got mine christmas eve from the u.s.a. and did a fantastic deal on 1oz pamp lunar bars set at a price that would be impossible in the u.k. even on the forum! at the same time so a great xmas package
  9. Kicking myself went to order Monday evening but because i did not have an account thought i would order on tuesday morning price had risen by 20% so missed out
  10. Should be here soon then, thanks
  11. When is the 2019 silver panda bu being released ?
  12. If you enjoy collecting a certain coin and not just stacking for weight then its not to to much to pay