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  1. dutchman

    Mega Salaries

    Agree, i dont watch live tv and i ignore any letter from them so i don't pay the fee, simples !
  2. dutchman

    2018 Christmas Draw Results Thread.

    Got mine christmas eve from the u.s.a. and did a fantastic deal on 1oz pamp lunar bars set at a price that would be impossible in the u.k. even on the forum! at the same time so a great xmas package
  3. worst Lada truly awful best Toyota mr2 spyder
  4. Kicking myself went to order Monday evening but because i did not have an account thought i would order on tuesday morning price had risen by 20% so missed out
  5. dutchman

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    Should be here soon then, thanks
  6. dutchman

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    When is the 2019 silver panda bu being released ?
  7. dutchman

    Chinese Silver Pandas

    If you enjoy collecting a certain coin and not just stacking for weight then its not to to much to pay
  8. dutchman

    New member, silver stacker and sovereign collector

    Hi James welcome to the forum enjoy your stacking journey
  9. dutchman

    wanted 1 oz silver bars

    Thanks .PM sent
  10. dutchman

    wanted 1 oz silver bars

    Looking for Asahi . Swiss Gold . UBS .Rand refinery 1 oz silver bars Thanks
  11. dutchman

    Credit Suisse 1 kg Bars

    do the coins have to be purchased as part of the deal?
  12. dutchman

    for sale Various Silver rounds updated

    Can i have the trade guinea if you have any left thanks
  13. dutchman

    🎅 Christmas Prize Draw 🎅

    Great xmas draw, i will give 1x2016 silver kangaroo1 xQE2 silver jubilee crown 1x $10 QE2 birthday crown all in capsules