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  1. dutchman


    What ever you decide ,the one bit of advice i would give you is move it away from Capita ,they are awful i had my retirement pension with them which i took as a lump sum last year it took months and months of emails and letters ,and sending the same paperwork over and over again ,each call to them i spoke with a different person who did not have a clue, no wonder their nickname is Crapita !
  2. dutchman

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    Pleased i got rid of my 2017 krugs without taking a hit ,bit of a newbie then ,but knew that once they were going to basically issue the same coin this year the big premium on last years would fall very quickly
  3. dutchman

    for sale 1oz 2018 Perth Mint Tiger and Dragon

    3 please Ash plus 2 buffalo rounds if you still have them
  4. dutchman

    Gold Monitoring Thread £ only

    There has been many articles,questioning whether the USA still holds 8000+ tons or if its now much less, no Audit in 50 years and that a lot of the gold no longer meets the LBM good delivery status .imo the feds do not want to know because as long as they maintain the belief that they hold all this gold they will remain as the world trading currency even though fiat money is no longer backed by gold holdings but I think a number of countries no longer trust the usa in respect of the supposed gold they hold
  5. dutchman


    Royal Hampshire pewter military figures 4 to 5 inches tall on a nice plinth
  6. dutchman

    End game / why stack / why collect

    Same here i see lots of really nice silver for sale on the forum but i have a budget which i stick with otherwise to me its no longer a hobby
  7. dutchman

    End game / why stack / why collect

    I think their is many reasons why forum members collect silver ,for me its really a hobby that i enjoy i do not think it will make me lots of money in the future
  8. dutchman

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    Thanks for that info i will check them out as i might be selling a few more soon
  9. dutchman

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    Thanks i watched the price rise as the pound dropped and then sold online to them at the right time price has dropped a bit since then i think
  10. dutchman

    What a pawnbroker offers for gold.

    Sold 2 sovereigns last week to Atkinsons wanted quick sale paid me £451 for them
  11. dutchman

    Hello from Leprechaun

    welcome to the forum
  12. dutchman

    completed 5 oz silver bars

    i will take 1 if available please
  13. dutchman

    Multitude of Fakes! Beware this Ebay seller!

    it always surprises me when i look on ebay at pm's what some people will pay for them very gullible or not well informed
  14. dutchman

    completed 1oz RMC silver bars

    5 please Ash