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    Big23 reacted to mr1030 in Today I bought.....   
    LCS pick ups today.  I'm trying to complete a nice type set of U.S. gold coins $1 to $20.  About half way done.   I bought a nice lucite holder to display the whole set, which will look fantastic when completely filled.

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    Big23 reacted to MHoppy in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks @brixtonh24 I've wanted my own zombucks ever since I watched BigLorry's youtube videos of these beauties.

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    Big23 reacted to blackadder in Today I Received.....   
    Nice little 2005 half 👍

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    Big23 reacted to Abyss in Today I Received.....   
    Thanks @SilverStan completed the Cryptozoology series by intaglio mint bought some other interesting 2 oz rounds from the same mint.

    Monarch10 oz Fine Silver - Dragon vs Vikings Ultra High Relief
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    Big23 reacted to GrahamDiamond in Today I Received.....   
    Four of These Dutch Soldiers Arrived, with Lions Coinsters !!!

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    Big23 reacted to Wolves in Today I Received.....   
    In the post today I had the Britannia 2005 and 2010 four coin silver proof sets.

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    Big23 reacted to Numistacker in Today I Received.....   
    1980 Proof Sovereign today

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    Big23 reacted to h103efa in Today I Received.....   
    Got Three of these 🦁🦁🦁 -> to go on my shirt.
    Leeuwendaalder Lion Dollar 2019 Silver proof 1 Oz from the Royal Dutch mint - i really like the design for this year!

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    Big23 reacted to ilovesilverireallydo in Today I Received.....   
    Received a stack of hammered coin reproductions that wee done custom for me in 999 silver. The guy does these the old school way with dies hammered onto the blanks. 
    List of what’s on there: 
    Penny sized coins:
    Baldwin Prince of Antioch
    Henry II of England
    Viking York
    Viking Hedeby “Ship” Penny
    Tomb of the Holy Sepulcher Denier
    Harold of Wessex
    William the Conquer 
    Elizabeth I 
    Robert the Bruce
    Eric Blood Axe
    Louis XI Denier
    Venice Grosso
    Almoravid Half Dirham 
    Philip II Half Reale
    Groat sized coins:
    French Gros
    Milan Gros
    German Groschen
    Knights of Rhodes
    Mary Queen of Scots
    Louis XI Blanc
    James V Place
    Edward I-III Groat
    Omayyad Dirham
    Edward VI 6 pence
    Basil II Nomismata
    Byzantine Miliaresion
    Elizabeth I Crown
    May Queen of Scots Bawbee
    Philip the Good Double Mite
    Philip II of Spain 2 Escudo

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    Big23 reacted to CoinStruck in Today I Received.....   
    Just picked this one up from Australian eBay. It's the 1918 Canadian sovereign (mintage 106,570) and the third in my Canadian sovereign collection. 

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    Big23 reacted to matrawr in Today I Received.....   
    Today at the car boot! Quick little magnet test and appears good! £25 for all 4 hopefully got a good price! All look in fairly good condition.

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    Big23 reacted to Oystonousted in Today I Received.....   
    2019 1/10oz gold Somali elephant. 4th year design. Absolutely stunning design for this size of coin

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    Big23 reacted to Silvergun in Today I Received.....   
    Received these Thursday from The European Mint .

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    Big23 reacted to richatthecroft in Today I Received.....   
    Libertads from eBay- these arrived with damaged capsules but the Libs look to have faired ok.  Thanks @Sovereign for the Scottsdale Terracotta- nice 5oz lump of Silver. 

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    Big23 reacted to sovereignsteve in Today I Received.....   
    A bit of an indulgence. I wanted a few of the 2oz S1 proofs as they are stunning coins, but didn't want to start on the slippery road to collecting the boxed set, as some of them are impossibly difficult to get and expensive. Sourced these from Aus for roughly the price of the single 2 ouncers, and still being mid-table rarities.

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    Big23 reacted to DaveWheat89 in Today I Received.....   
    Beautiful little piece today, the 2014 brittania lunar horse "mule" obverse error unrecognised by NGC, early release so guessing before the error was discovered, kind of an error in an error

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    Big23 reacted to Wolves in Today I Received.....   
    In todays post I had my first silver graded coin. ☺️

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    Big23 reacted to lightjaw in Today I Received.....   
    A little something from Singapore. Thought @Pampfan might like it.

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    Big23 reacted to JaggyThistle in Today I Received.....   
    Today ( and recently ) I received 
    1oz Geiger bar
    1/2 oz year of the Pig
    1/4 oz bar

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    Big23 got a reaction from augur in World War I Coins   
    Did I miss something?
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    Big23 reacted to augur in World War I Coins   
    Portugal tried to remain neutral at the outbreak of World War I despite the German incursions in Africa, since their colonies were bordering each other. But the greatest source of conflict was the German U-Boot blockade of Great Britain, the largest export market for the Portugal economy. Portugal eventually seized German merchant ships on British request and Germany in turn declared war on Portugal in March 1916. While only committing 12,000 troops to the Western Front the largest commitments were in Africa to get the revolting colonies back under control. 

    Portugal 1916 Escudo (MS 63+)
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    Big23 reacted to tallthinkev in Today I Received.....   
    Got this today, brought from the very nice member MikeSol

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    Big23 reacted to Captdeano in Today I Received.....   
    Yesterday this beauty arrived to go in the collection

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    Big23 reacted to augur in World War I Coins   
    Bulgaria entered as the final ally of the Central Powers World War I on the 11/10/1915. This might be peculiar since, as a Sachsen-Coburg, he was related to King of England and Belgium and by marriage to the King of France. But Czar Ferdinand Ist wanted to build up Bulgaria as a dominant power on the Balkan and recover territories lost to its neighbours during the 2nd Balkan War; entering on the side of the Central Powers seemed like a perfect opportunity to recover those territorial losses. With the defeat and surrender of AustroHungary and Germany this gamble didn't play off. 

    Bulgaria 1913 (MS62+) – last issue before entering the war
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    Big23 reacted to Jamesd in Today I bought.....   
    Just ordered these 😁2015-2019 date run