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  1. Big23

    I am a YouTube Millionaire!!!!!!

    1£ per view would be nice, ha?
  2. Hi @Numistacker what do you think a PF70 Lion like this could go for (after all fees)?
  3. I like the thing with the thumbnails and big pictures! A barcode scanner implementation with NGC and PCGS would be nice
  4. Big23

    Choosing my first 1/10 ouncer

    That really is a good price for our Ducats o.O @FFkook if you take a look here you might find some offers with lower premiums at your neighbors in Germany https://www.gold.de/aufgeldtabelle/
  5. Big23

    I'm a buyer, not normally a seller...

    I don't think that anyone will buy the whole set at once. Many collectors start with single pieces and go on from there. So the most popular will sell well and the more common ones will take longer, I think. Except you offer at a sensational price
  6. Big23

    Sourcing specific non U.K. coins

    I don't know about shipping but heubach-edelmetalle.de have lots of them.
  7. Big23

    Ebay 15% off

    "Doesn't post to Austria" damn
  8. I know from Austria that all gold you sell after at least 1 year after you bought it, it's cgt free. But I don't know how anyone should be able to control that?!?
  9. Big23

    PM's in freefall??

    Challenge accepted!
  10. I have dealt with @kneehow2018 before and it was flawless. He even offered to send a replacement capsule free of charge as the one I received was cracked (as stated in the offer). I also find the price for the Lion incl. delivery and capsule pretty good. Unfortunately insured delivery to me would be too expensive. At German dealers the Lion already costs 1400€ plus delivery (that's >1250£)...
  11. Big23

    Michael Maloney

    That's true for the official inflation rate, the non-official looks a little bit different. And where the most inflation/money went to is stocks and house prices (at least here in Europe). The prices in these assets exploded over the last 10 years...
  12. Big23

    Girlfriend's Austrian gold coins

    Ah ok, these are regular Schilling (currency) coins, as I thought. Nice to collect but unfortunately no numismatic value.
  13. Big23

    Girlfriend's Austrian gold coins

    Hi, the Ducats with 1915 date are restrikes and our bullion coins, together with the Philis. The Nugget is from Australia Could you please post a picture of the other side of the silver coins?
  14. Big23

    Death of Cash

    That is way too easy to play the poorest against the poorest. For 50, 60 or hundreds of years there have been homeless people and nobody cared...
  15. Big23

    Britannia storage

    Don't know the weight and measures but 3 boxes cost ~17£ to ship