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  1. Big23

    2018 South Africa 1 oz Silver Krugerrand (BU)

    EMK normally has pretty good information on mintages: https://www.emk.com/en-us/
  2. Big23

    Next queens beast?

    Gold.de states 'Reihenfolge unklar' which means the order of the upcoming designs is not clear at the moment
  3. Big23

    Some Musings on Gold

    @sixgun what you describe is the part of investment that is placed in shares/funds/etc. and not the part of PM. As you stated correctly some people seem to misunderstand that... 😕
  4. Big23

    Some Musings on Gold

    What I don't understand is why would anybody buy something like that? Having between 200 and 100,000£ I would always buy physical PM. Above that you should also be able to find the right storage solution for your stack...
  5. Big23

    completed Jubilee Head Full Sovereigns.

    Thanks for the mention, have to save a little while at the moment
  6. Big23

    Silver Deals.....

    If it would be in mint box and package I'd buy some but I think they are in capsules only They also have a Sovereign invasion, crazy...
  7. Big23

    Today I Received

    They look good for sure, prooflike I would say... But they are bullion so no historical value. The 1914 @augur pictured is very tempting but expensive, I think...
  8. Big23

    Today I Received

    Best Austrian gold https://www.muenzeoesterreich.at/eng/invest/gold/ducats-gulden-crowns
  9. Big23

    Today I Received

    Many people know and recognize a Dukaten here. The grand parents buy them for the little ones so the last 3 generations know and 'stack' them. I think that's one of the main reasons why the mint restrikes them...
  10. Big23

    Today I Received

    They state that all 1915 are restrikes http://www.geldmarie.at/gold/golddukaten.html
  11. Big23

    Today I Received

    Very nice! But it's dated 1914, I think the 1915 are all restrikes, right?
  12. Big23

    Today I Received

    https://en.numista.com/catalogue/pieces26247.html 1915 ones are the restrikes, but nice little bullion
  13. Big23

    What should I buy?

    I can recommend the wooden boxes from @Alun . They are gorgeous
  14. Big23

    Today I Received

    https://www.geiger-edelmetalle.de/online-shop/alle-produkte/silber/silberbarren/silberbarren-geiger-original-1-oz.999-quadratisch-in-kapsel-2496.html here they sell them, but expensive I think...
  15. Big23

    Deutsche Bank - all time low

    That's no problem, all other Euro countries have to guarantee for it. Otherwise they would have to leave the Euro Zone and would go bankrupt immediately...