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  1. Big23

    for sale 1/4 oz Gold Queens beasts boxes

    Received mine a few days ago. Super sweet little box for the little beasts!
  2. Big23

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Open the menu on the top right corner and click on the little letter symbol.
  3. Big23

    End game / why stack / why collect

    For me it's like: IF there is a SHTF situation I should be able to buy things with silver coins. Gold will be wealth conservation for the future economic system. If nothing happens my baby girl will have the 'problem' of getting rid of all the stuff
  4. Big23


    Wouldn't call it a collection yet but managed to acquire some watches, pens and knives in the last months.
  5. Big23

    Which QB 1/4 oz to pick up?

    A view weeks ago I bought at ps-coins.de and they have each for ~292£ incl. delivery (to Austria, but should not be more expensive to the UK). If you buy more than one it's way cheaper as delivery is ~20£... Coins are in good condition as well.
  6. Big23

    Hi from Germany

    Servus Alex
  7. Big23

    How much should you pay for Sovereigns?

    At gold.de you see a few dealers with prices around 230-235£. Some do deliver to UK as well with prices around 15-20€. So if you just buy 1 or 2 it should be cheaper within UK, isn't it?
  8. Big23

    **JUNE 2018** Group order from GoldSilver.be

    Those are some really funny misspellings in German
  9. Big23

    Today I Received

    Is this some kind of automatic translation for me or is it called 'Markenlos........' ?
  10. Big23

    **Updated** Forum Back Up

  11. Big23


    @TheCoinConnection how much would shipping to Austria be?
  12. Big23

    Three 9999 1oz Coins - Which Ones

    My absolute favorites: 2010 Lunar Tiger 2001/2002 Panda Buffalo
  13. Big23

    April 2018 Premium Member Prize Draw

    Oh nice, I won Thank you very much @MickB