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  1. This suggestion opens the door to so many jokes/comments
  2. Big23

    Belgian dealers

  3. Big23

    New website

    You know how some people are, whenever they see different figures from different sources they may start to argue...
  4. Big23

    New website

    @vanderPoot As you are just starting it might be interesting to link your sources. Could save you some discussions in the future?!?
  5. Big23

    Stacking Heraeus silver 1 oz from Singapore

    Why not mixing it up, 200x 1oz, 50x 10oz, 10x 500g and 5x 1kg for example. So you may decide what to sell when you need it
  6. Big23

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    Customer is king but we are the emperors (translated freely from German to English)
  7. Big23

    Goldsilver.be refuse to send my order?

    At least it worked out in a 'OK-way'. I would now poke them by requesting your 'lost' money
  8. Big23

    Market Corrections, Crashes & Silver Prices

    I think this is because large investors and the majority of people 'know' that gold is the save haven. So as long as there is 'only' a financial crises gold will rise and silver may not. But if SHTF like in the 1920s it could be silver that buys you food and stuff you need for everyday life, maybe at least
  9. The M. might be his name in short. But only Mm. I don't know, maybe some kind of OK, I guess?!
  10. None I could think of. What did you message him?
  11. Big23

    taste in music

    As a very good combination I like Metallica and Birdy a lot, besides Die Fantastischen Vier from Germany
  12. Big23

    Maria Theresien Taler

    To be honest I don't know him or much about Thalers. I'm not into numismatics that much...
  13. Big23

    Maria Theresien Taler

    The small shops here in Vienna are normally pretty expensive with bullion and with numismatics 😕 And the larger ones deal with bullion and 'half numismatics'. Only SMH, which is owned by the Austrian Mint, has a little bit more to offer
  14. Big23

    Maria Theresien Taler

    Ah lol, forgot the link http://www.smh.net I don't think they come in rolls but I never bought that many at once