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  1. Bad tongues say they needed the place for Th. May
  2. The French, of course
  3. What animals are they gonna show this time?
  4. How would it be possible to separate molten silver and copper?
  5. Yes, only the ones I know for years now. They offer quite a wide variety over time
  6. I know but if you write them an e-mail eBay should not notice it
  7. Whenever I buy on eBay I contact the seller in advance and ask for a better price if we deal without eBay and PayPal. Usually no problem (with dealers I know). Buying here I use Transferwise or Revolut. Cheaper and 'better' than PP.
  8. The UK should team up with the USA and show the other EU members how it could work. So we might get rid of the EU in it's current form... Ordering from US dealers without/with low import duties would open new possibilities
  9. Didn't want to but just read the Numismata in Vienna is cancelled, so maybe