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  1. It's on going so fingers crossed
  2. Unfortunately I'm having to part with this awesome coin already as my card was stolen and my bank cleared. I'm offering it for what I brought it for £65 plus postage. Will upload pics tomorrow
  3. I'll take it if it's still up for grabs
  4. After some cheap coins drop a message here or pm me with details thanks in advance
  5. And I take it there's a high premium on QB's
  6. So I'm asking the age old question of what are the pros and cons of buying sovereigns (halves or wholes) over other gold coins. I've decided to dive into gold a little bit and I have no idea on where to start. Any info and pointers would be very much appreciated
  7. hi all Don't know if this is where i post this stuff but any idea of what kind of price i should be looking at for 2016 pandas??
  8. smithy117


    So I’m thinking about swapping some swans for gold if possible. And what I would like to know is would the 20 swans only be worth the basic silver:gold ratio or would they be worth a higher ratio due to there higher premiums and collectively? Thanks for the replies in advance
  9. Is just under £19 a good price to pay for one?
  10. Anyone interested in it or just me? They look fantastic and im just wondering everyone else’s opinion on them?
  11. It took almost 2 weeks and 4 days to get my order
  12. hi all just wondering what everyone thinks about the 2018 lunar coins by the perth mint? Year of the dog mainly if they would be a good pickup? Also any info on how the other coins have performed would be welcomed
  13. I have a delivery date for tomorrow. The reason it took so long is it came all the way from Europe so be aware it may take a few weeks to receive your item. But I think it’s worth ordering from them
  14. Quick update on the londongoldbullion order. Turns out it’s coming from Europe and they never put the tracking number on for some reason. Been offered a apology and money off next order. @mr-dead they said and acknowledged I received terrible customer service and made up for it.
  15. Still nothing. Not even posted after a week. Very poor customer service so far as they just keep repeating the same email back to me. Even phoned them and got the same answer which was “we’ll notify you when it’s dispatched.” If im honest friend I would look for your item somewhere else as they have given such poor service. But it is completely up to you. I might of just ordered a awkward thing. But I would expect for the amount of money my order is that I’d be given some answers.
  16. have emailed twice so now im just waiting for the office to open up tomorrow so i can ring.If i find out anything ill be sure to post it here for you. its alright bit of a shame its a really nice coin and im so eager to get my hands on it
  17. Brought one of these over a week ago and still not posted. Pretty sure they don’t have it in stock. This has happened before and the refund money after two weeks. Just a heads up guys.
  18. It says in the main post oh sorry that went right over my head im lucky its 2 days after payday i will get the list to you when i can