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  1. Bump. Will anyone satisfy my silver needs! 🙃
  2. I have seen the post but i'm not after that much. Although they do look beautiful!
  3. After some silver brits at a reasonable price which I consider to be around the £17 mark
  4. Oooh shiny! Trying to resist 😂
  5. And I take it there's a high premium on QB's
  6. So I'm asking the age old question of what are the pros and cons of buying sovereigns (halves or wholes) over other gold coins. I've decided to dive into gold a little bit and I have no idea on where to start. Any info and pointers would be very much appreciated
  7. hi all Don't know if this is where i post this stuff but any idea of what kind of price i should be looking at for 2016 pandas??
  8. smithy117


    So I’m thinking about swapping some swans for gold if possible. And what I would like to know is would the 20 swans only be worth the basic silver:gold ratio or would they be worth a higher ratio due to there higher premiums and collectively? Thanks for the replies in advance
  9. Is just under £19 a good price to pay for one?
  10. Anyone interested in it or just me? They look fantastic and im just wondering everyone else’s opinion on them?