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  1. Updated now, just the panda left thanks
  2. Hi Mike Sorry someone had beat you to them. Thanks Matt
  3. 1g MS70 panda - 40 plus post 2015 1/20 lib prov sold Just got the panda for sale now. Photos not the best but can take close up pics
  4. Im rationalising my stack and these don't really fit. Bought last year from on here. There is 19 Austrian 50 shillings in total and im looking for £140 plus postage of your choice. There are 3 duplicates but the rest are unique so could be a good start to a date run. Photos are terrible but there in reasonable condition (but sold as bullion). If you want more or any in particular and i will try my best. Paypal F&F or bank transfer. I dont have much selling feedback on here so happy to work something our with established members Thanks
  5. Hi dave can I get the 2 dollars and Brit please thanks
  6. Iv got a 1979 proof sovereign I picked up on here if your interested in putting a swap together? cheers matt
  7. Could i grab one of these too if still available? Thanks Matt
  8. Can i grab one second class please (not signed for) Cheers Matt
  9. How many do you have remaining? thanks
  10. Hi Mick if you’ve got another I’d love to get it, thanks matt
  11. Hi mike, mill add these to the other lot I’m buying if possible, thanks
  12. Hi mike, I’ll grab this if this available