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  1. PansPurse

    Today I Received

    Huh, I hadn't realised these were silver
  2. PansPurse

    What to do.

    I actually disagree on this one (my opinion, but not based on nothing). Silver is one of those industrial materials that is preferable, but not absolutely necessary. Like gold, which is better than copper for use in electronic circuitry, but the high cost mean it's only used a small number of components where its better performance justifies the cost. There was a point a few years back where China supplied almost all industrial rare earth materials. The country tried to leverage its position but to little effect because companies switched to alternative materials. In particular, advances in carbon nanomaterials could be disruptive to silver's use in industry (a recent study looking at the available literature concluded that carbon nanomaterials could potentially fill the role of pretty much all rare earth materials, apart from the jewelry sector). In industrial terms I actually think platinum has much more growth potential because it's so useful as a catalyst for lots of applications beyond just catalytic converters on cars. Just my thoughts, feel free to disagree 🙂
  3. PansPurse

    What to do.

    Possibly, I guess you're also working with a much bigger budget than me, do I just pick up a teeny tiny fractional every few months, which isn't too daunting
  4. PansPurse

    What to do.

    I'm pretty bad at keeping to a ratio. I buy silver until I feel gold is under represented then buy a little gold. I'm probably at about a 50:1 kinda figure, maybe higher (talking weight rather than price)
  5. In the office, is this link safe for work?
  6. PansPurse

    Today I Received

    Not precious but got something interesting in my change today: Then bartered this one from a colleague:
  7. PansPurse

    RM 2018 Paddington Bear 50p Spotted

    Ah, I remember when I was young and an Intercity 125 was the height of transportation technology. Don't they still use that rolling stock on the Caledonian sleeper service?
  8. PansPurse

    Today I made.....

    Short answer; I don't know. I longer answer is it's better to be safe than sorry. I've probably been annealing more frequently than I need to. If I was working with an ounce of gold I'd be taking every precaution I could to try to prevent unwanted damage. In terms of material, both 900 gold and 925 silver are alloyed to make them stronger so both probably also need more frequent annealing than 999 or 999.9 silver or gold.
  9. PansPurse

    Today I made.....

    There's some great YouTube videos illustrating the process (working on one currently). Here's one of my favourites from a chap over in the US Although I used a much more bare bones technique that's basically a lot of filing and hammering
  10. PansPurse

    Sunday night metal chat

    Life goals; be a better dad than Stannis Baratheon...
  11. Sorry, wasn't meant to include you but for some reason my phone wouldn't let me delete the tag
  12. PansPurse

    for sale 1oz gold Brit £963

    Would if I but had the funds 🙄 Been an expensive month
  13. Good point. If I want to flip for best possible profit I tend to list elsewhere but try to offer a good price if posting here 🙂
  14. PansPurse

    Coin Rings

    Last update for now, a 1935 penny I worked yesterday and today:
  15. PansPurse

    Turning fat into Silver

    Pretty sure coco pops, KFC and milkshake bars had more of an influence in my case