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  1. PansPurse

    Sunday night metal chat

    Life goals; be a better dad than Stannis Baratheon...
  2. Sorry, wasn't meant to include you but for some reason my phone wouldn't let me delete the tag
  3. PansPurse

    for sale 1oz gold Brit £963

    Would if I but had the funds 🙄 Been an expensive month
  4. Good point. If I want to flip for best possible profit I tend to list elsewhere but try to offer a good price if posting here 🙂
  5. PansPurse

    Coin Rings

    Last update for now, a 1935 penny I worked yesterday and today:
  6. PansPurse

    Turning fat into Silver

    Pretty sure coco pops, KFC and milkshake bars had more of an influence in my case
  7. PansPurse

    Coin Rings

    Quick couple of pics after antiquing:
  8. PansPurse

    Turning fat into Silver

    If in doubt seek guidance of a qualified medical professional.
  9. PansPurse

    Turning fat into Silver

    That sounds awesome ☺️ 🤔 Although it might be worth bearing in mind down the line that muscle is denser than fat, so weight loss may well taper off even if you're turning hench
  10. PansPurse

    Wedding Rings ???

    Preparation for the zombie apocalypse? Also diamonds lost their appeal for me the day I realised that they burn just as well as any other form of molecular carbon
  11. PansPurse

    Today I made.....

    It is far from perfect but I'm very proud of this first go:
  12. PansPurse

    Coin Rings

    Quick update (video to follow... Eventually) It ain't perfect but for my first go I am extremely proud of this. More pictures once I've antiqued it.
  13. PansPurse

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    The tache is non-negotiable 😉
  14. Bit late getting this one up (IT issues, FML), includes my version of a show and tell with @BackyardBullion
  15. PansPurse

    Worst-looking 1oz gold coins

    I couldn't possibly comment but I've been told that I look pretty good when I go to the effort (it's the shaving the legs that takes forever with me)