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  1. PansPurse

    Buying from RCM?

    Royal Mint sells basic bullion. But they do have it on a different site to the proofs etc
  2. PansPurse

    Michael Maloney

    I just finished reading RD:PD, some interesting ideas. But also gets infuriatingly vague on how to actually make money. Also my God the author needs to take account of survivorship bias!
  3. PansPurse

    Buying from RCM?

    I'd be very reluctant to buy a basic bullion coin at that kind of premium. Although it says "specimien" but doesn't seem to give a mintage number... I'd be pretty wary. Better off getting generic bullion than paying that much over spot for a coin of dubious numismatic value
  4. I dunno, I mean I've overheard some conversations that are just dynamite... but most are pretty dull though
  5. PansPurse

    JP Morgan & Silver

    Damn @HawkHybrid wish I could super-like that response 😊
  6. PansPurse

    Silver Monitoring Thread £ only.

    Damn, silver looks to be in free-fall today. Bodes well for the last weekend of the group order...
  7. PansPurse

    Royal Mail daylight Robbery

    Ugh! Not to mention the fact that they can literally hold your parcel to ransom
  8. PansPurse

    Bullion suppliers, dealers and trust......

    I use eBay, but mostly for antique coins. I've had a couple of fakes but am satisfied that I can spot them relatively easily, and eBay leans more toward protecting buyer than seller so I've had no issues getting refunds.
  9. Not really. This is the benefit of asymmetric (public/private key) encryption. Anyone can encrypt using one's public key but only the holder of the private key can decrypt. This forms the core of the digital signatures. I'm not aware of any hacks that have been able to directly break this encryption. Instead hacks tend to be directed at other parts of the process, so getting into exchanges where people use the platform for trading (i.e. the platform holds the private keys) rather than transferring to their own offline wallet (where an individual holds the private key(s)). That said I'm keeping out of cryptocurrency for a plethora of other reasons, not least being the reliance on future work by a network, the B*ts**t system of proof of work (literally wasting energy for nothing), the boom has come and gone so there's not the quick route to wealth anymore etc etc
  10. PansPurse

    The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos

    Real life happens Glad you're still with us
  11. PansPurse

    Iron Maiden

    I went to go see them at the O2 and kinda wanted to shout about it 😊 @boon
  12. PansPurse


    I've had a similar issue with the drawer I started putting my bits in. Now a bit full and some of the antique silver is relegated to a tube To clarify I mean a shallow felt lined drawer in a dressing table that I was creating an impromptu display of, not like a dresser drawer crammed with coins
  13. PansPurse

    The Attraction to Silver Unboxing videos

    This is a really interesting question and I've asked it to myself various times. My personal take on it is that it needs to offer something to the people watching, and there's probably some value in getting to see nice coins up close, along with the format providing some kind of suspense/excitement (albeit of the 'mild peril' level). I tend to feel a little self conscious about it which is probably why I end up rambling about the history so much.
  14. PansPurse

    The Booze run to France - for PMs?

    Yes, we must keep the inner secrets from them of the outer court...