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  1. PansPurse

    Anyone like Chess?

    Actually most polyhedral dice aren't properly weighted. D6s are really tightly controlled by laws because they're used in casinos etc, but polyhedral dice are a wild west
  2. PansPurse

    Silver in danger

    It's partially supply and demand, if silver becomes scarcer/more expensive electornics manufacturers will start scrimping in how they use it or look at alternatives. I know I've said ti a few times but carbon nanomaterials can probably replace gold and silver in about ninety percent of electronics applications.
  3. PansPurse

    Silver in danger

    Pretty sure it'd lead to death by radiation poisoning though...
  4. PansPurse

    Silver in danger

    Global reserves of Francium are eye-wateringly low...
  5. PansPurse

    American silver eagle

    I'm back with what I'm optimistically going to call Season 2 of Pan's Purse
  6. PansPurse

    Anyone like Chess?

    No, but they'll be silver rather than boring old steel, so intrinsically much more interesting
  7. PansPurse

    Anyone like Chess?

    Basically I need to one-up my games-master who has these
  8. PansPurse

    Anyone like Chess?

    Yes, that's the jobby Oh, fantastic.... I might be up for several sets of these
  9. PansPurse

    Anyone like Chess?

    Chess club could definitely be a thing, a piece a month until you have your full set and maybe BYB senior could put together oak chess boards? As an aside I'm in the market for silver percentile dice if that ever comes up (sadly none of the games I play are D20)
  10. I agree with pretty much all of your points but feel like adding the hashtag #NotAllMillenials a lot of us have better things to do with our time than try to smear people who are just trying to add something to a community 👼
  11. I think there's definitely a sense of "locking in" a good grade. Personally I feel awkward holding semi numismatic pieces for fear of somehow damaging them, but something sealed in a capsule feels less risky (I mean there's a reason I tend to go for bullion rather than numismatics).
  12. PansPurse

    completed 1/10th Gold Britannia

    Hello I'm interested
  13. PansPurse

    I think I want to cry...

    Actually they've generally kept president heads off the dollar coins (one exception being the Eisenhower coin in the nineteen seventies). But after the Peace dollars there's no real silver dollars until you get to modern silver eagles (the dollar coin from the seventies onwards is cupro-nickel). Weirdly from the Wikipedia article it looks like they minted so many Morgan and peace Dollars that they were able to meet demand for silver coins for decades without minting new ones. The lower denomination coins do have presidents, although Kennedy replaced Benjamin Franklin on the half dollar (Franklin being a founding father and politician but never actually president)... Yes I've been doing some research (upcoming video nerding out on this )
  14. PansPurse

    I think I want to cry...

    Ooh the pics are lovely. Yes that's a Morgan dollar (I think was the last year of issue for them and my personal favourite of the US silver dollars)