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  1. I concur the old reverses were lovely and brimming with history 😏
  2. Ack late to the thread, can I go for last year's strategy of either 25 or the last bar that gets made?
  3. I've read it and it was thought provoking. It is limited in its outlook and has some definite issues.
  4. For reference (sadly beyond my current budget) spot value for this as reported would be £592.55 Absolute bargain!
  5. Entirely understandable I wouldn't want to risk falling foul of HMRC, especially not with the thousands involved in each of these orders.
  6. Absolutely gutting, really sorry to hear. Also props to you for your openness on this one. If anything it brings home quite how big an achievement your hundreds of hallmarked silver bars are and the meticulousness of the assay process
  7. Don't want to clog up the "Today I Made" thread do here's some more test pieces. Extra wide crown, 20 Euro Cent (photo doesn't do it justice) and Australian parliament House florin: Close up of the florin because it's turned out gorgeous:
  8. No pouring involved, technically I'm cold forging (I think)
  9. London, basically for the convenience of being able to take a trip into town and deliver by hand. Also they offer laser marking without having to pay for a punch which seems a bit of a bonus for my purposes
  10. Welp, that's it. I've registered a hallmark with the assay office. I guess that means I've got to set up an etsy shop now, right?
  11. Or rather, what are the consequences of this on a pragmatic level?
  12. It's definitely not too difficult but there's also some subtlety that isn't always apparent in the videos. I think I'm basically drawing the line at half crowns in terms of size, bigger coins get harder to work and risk being impractically chunky. I look forward to seeing what you make 🙂
  13. The machine in Sainsburys refused to take my fiver at lunchtime. Maybe it's jsut that machines aren;t quite ready to take over the world?
  14. And how many of those are likely to be affordable by mere mortals?