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  1. Yeah turns out that people got pretty creative about what really counted as usury...: https://art19.com/shows/tides-of-history/episodes/3bd4184d-9233-473e-8c36-c093a97637b3 (if you're impatient, skip forward to about 12:00 minutes in
  2. I can have a rummage in my box when I get home
  3. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ yeah fair point, the Kool Aid comment wasn't my best
  4. Could you give page references for the parts of the Kinesis blueprint that offer this?
  5. Well, this thread is certainly helpful for seeing who's drinking the Kool Aid
  6. See, tyhe thing is, all the amazing returns on Kinesis hinge on there being a huge number of transactions per day. That is, it works great if there's a mass amrket using it for high frequencies of trading. But the product itself is nebulousy hidden amongst dozens of pages of self-agrandizing bumf. If people have to put in that much work to properly understand the product then it's never going to have the mass-market that it needs in order to work.
  7. Hey, I'm not here to fix peoples' moral compasses 😆
  8. Oh I waded through one of the versions of it a while back and... hundred foot isn't a long enough barge pole in my opinion.
  9. This is actually an interesting point. The demographics basically mean that older people have disproportionate representation at the ballot box. There's a reason legislation tends to lag a decade or more behind public opinion. Not to mention that the final round of Tory leadership will be Tory members which is a hugely unrepresentative swipe of the population skewing storngly older and wealthier
  10. Are you saying that only the wise can see its value?
  11. Unsurprisingly technical gremlins a plenty
  12. OK, entries now closed, draw will be a live stream tonight at 19:44 (get it) assuming no technical glitches