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  1. Fair point. I can probably stretch to ยฃ10 + postage
  2. I'm working on a project and am trying to source pennies from the year 1950. I can offer ยฃ10 each pus postage. Looking to obtain as many as possible.
  3. I'm in. A silver coin ring (half crown or florin) winner contact me to discuss sizing.
  4. I live by the tomato philosophy. The moment you ripen is the moment you start to decay...
  5. Yeah I've basically given up on most of this forum as beyond hope and not worth my energy. Shame really, I quite enjoyed this hobby.
  6. I have to say checking in on this thread every now and then is hilarious and illuminating. Managing to twist a clear dog-whistle racist remark into a pedantic treatise on nouns is obfuscation of the highest order.
  7. Just out of curiosity, who here would have been in favour of the prime minister having a carte-blanche power to prorogue parliament had Jeremy Corbyn been the prime minister?
  8. Have one or two Franklin's if interested
  9. ยฃspot plus postage. Long story short, unexpected vets bills and the student loans company can form a heck of a tag team.
  10. Hi, I'd like to be put down for my existing two from last year plus one either side if either goes unclaimed (so, two or three depending, I think)
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nZkP2b-4vo
  12. That's frankly bunkum. Inflation is an inevitable by-product of any financial system that permits the extension of credit. Without the ability to extend credit you stymie economic growth. Saying that all inflation is a result of governments printing money simply isn't a reflection of how the financial systems work. Also please don't conflate economic growth with inflation, this is not a zero sum game. Also Venezuela is an unhelpful example. Conflating any inflation with hyperinflation doesn't really serve any purpose than to push an absolutist view that anything other than physical assets are unimportant.