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  1. Source was a spokesperson from teh World Nuclear Association, not TEPCO, but I've no interest in getting into a discussion on source reliability.
  2. Ars Technica did a pretty good article looking at the state of the cleanup operation earlier this year: https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/05/remediating-fukushima-when-everything-goes-to-hell-you-go-back-to-basics/ In general the half life has a very important impact on radiation exposure, it's the stuff with a very short half life that tends to be particularly nasty because it emits a lot of gamma rays. "the ongoing risk posed by radionuclides (notably, iodine-131 and cesium isotopes 134 and 137) depended on their half-lives. Iodine-131, with a half-life of just eight days, posed virtually no threat at all after just several months. It has been cesium-134, with a two-year half-life, and cesium-137, with a 30-year half-life, that have been the major focus of decontamination efforts. “Radioactive decay means that we’ve seen a reduction in contamination simply through time passing; at the plant, however, my expectation is that the majority of reduction has been due to efforts of TEPCO." Good point, well made. It's also worth highlighting the difference between alpha (helium nucleaus) beta (electron) and gamma radiation. Most importantly, an alpha or beta emitter is essentially harmless if it's outside your body, but once inside it does horrible (Litvinenko) stuff.
  3. Interesting to compare with Fukushima too. A big chunk of the drop in radiation there is just that most of the really nasty stuff has decayed by now.
  4. PansPurse

    silver coin rings

    Ah, excellent stuff I'm afraid I'm not much use for the information you're after, finding post 47 UK coins with actual silver in is beyond my expertise. I wouldn't say perfected but I've certainyl had fun getting to a rookie level. I've taken a little bit of a pause because the summer heatwave made doing anything unbearble, but now that autumn's here I may return to my workshed and see about finishing off my current ring project
  5. PansPurse

    silver coin rings

    Heya, are you describing coin size or finished ring size? Ring size can usually be tailored during making
  6. What they said 😉
  7. Hang on, Germania isn't a country!
  8. PansPurse

    BrewDog Shares?

    I'm looking at putting more of my funds into either PMs or non-UK assets ahead of March. This is a bit of an exception because, well, as you say the safest bets are probably beer, porn and tobacco 😆
  9. So, I just put some money into Brew Dog (the craft beer company). It's probably not the greatest investment in the world (they don;t issue dividends, instead re-investing profits) and it's not a public company so getting my money out will be less straightforward than public shares, but I figured it's worth it for a bit of a punt/portfolio diversification? Anyone else here put money into them? Admittedly the fact that they offer discounts to shareholders also influenced me, although by my calculations I need to buy about £1,500 worth of beer to make my money back... Anyhoo, if anyone else fancies giving it a try, their current funding round is open for another few weeks. Feel free to drop me a line if you want a referral code 🙂
  10. PansPurse

    making bar making my own bars

    @BackyardBullion might be able to liaise with the European Mint, I think that's where he sources most of his silver shot
  11. PansPurse

    New gold delivery

    "You should see the other guy!"
  12. Patience, the ten ouncers seem to be the last format released, the others will come 😉
  13. PansPurse


    Very generous of you 🙂
  14. PansPurse

    Ok so joining youtube

    Actually kinda curious/looking forward to your thoughts on cigars