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  1. You could always setup a wallet on your phone. Mycelium is a decent bitcoin one for android, coinomi seems to becoming popular and supports alot of coins. As soon as yoiu buy from coinbase your btc goes into your private wallet (although owned by coinbase unless you send them elsewhere). Probaby not the cheapest but nice and easy once your setup to do instant buys. Local bitcoins is alright if your happy sending bank transfers to individuals although it is escrowed and ive never had a problem with it. Coinbase i just feel is easier for new people.
  2. Theres no mathematical formulas you need to learn. Easiest way for new people imo is sign up to coinbase and buy either eth,ltc or btc directly from them. You can store those on coinbase but its always a better idea to store anything u own on your own private wallet rather than an exchange. If for instance coinbase got hacked and you crypto was on that exchange then you lose your money which is why private wallets are reccomended. Once youve bought from coinbase if you wish to delve into different alts then you can send your eth/ltc/btc from coinbase to another exchange such as bittrex,binance polo etc. You would sell your current cryptos and buy one or the alts of your choice.
  3. I doubt I will be checking the purity as its from a reputable company. If it was from Joe Bloggs then I probably would. Thanks, ill wait and see how you get on with your delivery and if everything goes ok ill probably put in a small order as-well , Thats if the bottom doesnt drop out of the crypto market
  4. bitgold offer the option to pay using dash,ltc,dgb and a few others which are all cheaper than bitcoin but id rather use a site that i know can be trusted.
  5. Have you tried any of the others that accept alts? And will you be testing your sovereigns when they arrive to confirm that they are pure? Its a bit disappointing that they are taking so long to get it sent out since payment was sent last week. For something like that id be expecting it next day =p
  6. Thanks for adding me to the crypto group. I just had a look at that site and it looks promising but ive noticed hes only accepting bitcoin through bitpay. I dont mind using bitcoin to pay for it but the fees will be pretty bad to get it confirmed quickly enough, And if it doesnt get confirmed in time im not sure if bitpay would return the gbp amount or the btc amount(not the websites fault i know). Ill take a look around, like i say my main concern is either fake gold or none at all. Are these sites generally pretty safe to use? ive recovered some gold from processors and ram etc so i know how to test them but if its plated without drilling into it i dont think you could know for sure without the assay machine. Sorry for the paranoia but better to be safe
  7. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post "my first post". Ive noticed a few others have cryptos and have used them to buy gold but im wondering where is the best place? The only two i have found are gold silver bull and bitgild. Bitgild i read a review saying not to bother because after paying you'll never hear from them again so it doesnt sound too promising. The other thing is since this would be my first time buying gold im wary of being sold fake coins or simply not getting anything at all. Thanks to anyone who can help.